South of England AA Relay Championships External Results
Crystal Palace
24 Sep 22
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3.1KL U15M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:17Ronan BreenU15MSt Mary's Richmond AC  
210:25Roman Gambling U15MSt. Edmund Pacers1.2 
310:30Mpaji Rose-Brown U15MCity of Norwich1.8 
410:33Rafferty Haigh U15MSutton & District-0.9 
510:35Archy Atkinson U15MHerne Hill1.7 
610:46Ewan Sone U15MSouth London1.3 
711:12Jon Goldston U15MHerne Hill2.8 
811:13Toby Cloves U15MSutton & District3.2 
911:41Finlay Haynes U15MCity of Norwich3.6 
1012:28Vincent Peake U15MHerne Hill6.6 
1112:37Thomas Southwood U15MSt. Edmund Pacers8.2 
3.1KL U15M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:17Ethan Newell U15MSutton & District0.0 
210:36Samuel Blackwell U15MSt. Edmund Pacers2.3 
310:58Fred Hake U15MHerne Hill1.6 
411:03Jude Linstead U15MCity of Norwich3.2 
511:35Jack Mclennan U15MHerne Hill3.6 
611:38Micah Vilawoe Doe U15MSutton & District6.7 
711:52Ray PowellU15MSt Mary's Richmond AC  
812:05Finn Maguire U15MHerne Hill11.3 
912:25Tom Englefield U15MSouth London8.9 
1012:50Jack Browne U15MCity of Norwich6.6 
3.1KL U15M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:24Elliott Manning U15MSutton & District0.6 
210:53Warren Wilson U15MHerne Hill1.5 
310:58Henry Ashton U15MCity of Norwich3.2 
411:12Max Jeffery U15MSt. Edmund Pacers3.9 
511:26Christopher Cull U15MSutton & District2.3 
611:54Dylan Gillies U15MHerne Hill5.2 
712:01Joseph Ely-Johnston U15MSouth London6.0 
812:05Mark GoddardU15MSt Mary's Richmond AC  
913:13Luca Reindorp U15MHerne Hill10.1 
1014:19Jasper Makins-Kitt U15MCity of Norwich16.6 
3.1KL U15M L4
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:49Alex Lennon U15MSutton & District-1.7 
210:25William Percival U15MCity of Norwich1.2 
310:31Runner 48DU15MSt Mary's Richmond AC  
410:35Sebastian Melero U15MSt. Edmund Pacers1.8 
510:40Alexander Wilson U15MHerne Hill0.8 
611:21William Weyham U15MSouth London3.7 
712:28Alfie Bryan U15MHerne Hill6.0 
812:59Ruben Xuereb U15MCity of Norwich/North Norfolk Harriers7.9 
916:21Max Evans-Allder U15MHerne Hill18.6 
3.1KL U13M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:56Dylan Lewis U13MHillingdon4.0 
211:02Finley Winship U13MCity of Norwich2.7 
311:51Aaron Morrell U13MSouth London5.7 
412:06Harry Ambrose U13MSt. Edmund Pacers6.3 
512:20Lucas Stickland U13MKent8.7 
612:25Herbert Clark U13MHerne Hill6.9 
715:02Louis Harvie U13MHerne Hill15.2 
3.1KL U13M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:36Patryk Potrawski U13MCity of Norwich5.8 
211:43Finley Shaughnessy U13MSouth London5.4 
312:04Thomas Clerkin U13MHerne Hill4.7 
412:41Daniel Cendrzak U13MHerne Hill11.1 
513:12Adam Strinic U13MHillingdon7.0 
613:37Elliot Yaxley U13MSt. Edmund Pacers11.4 
713:41Mikey Crabtree U13MKent13.5 
3.1KL U13M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:33Wilfred Hughes U13MSouth London5.0 
211:59George Searle U13MKent7.0 
312:09Zacchaeus Kelman U13MHerne Hill5.3 
412:37James Ashton U13MCity of Norwich8.1 
512:55Will Perry U13MHerne Hill9.2 
612:59Lewis WakeU13MHillingdon AC  
713:44Oliver Lambert U13MSt. Edmund Pacers9.7 
3.1KL U13M L4
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:26Caspian Holmes U13MHerne Hill1.5 
211:14Fynn Jenkin U13MSouth London3.8 
312:28Zac Cunningham U13MKent9.4 
412:38Nathaniel Meek U13MHerne Hill10.2 
512:42Eli Dafforn U13MCity of Norwich7.8 
612:51Joshua Hounsell U13MHillingdon10.2 
3.1KL U17W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:13Gabrielle Holland U17WSouth London5.5 
211:30Georgia Pegg U17WCity of Norwich5.0 
311:37Hattie Munday U17WLondon Heathside4.5 
412:24Anna Forster U15WHerne Hill10.0 
512:32Vivi Marshall U17WHerne Hill7.2 
614:24Florence West U17WSt. Edmund Pacers12.5 
3.1KL U17W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:33Grace O'Hanlon U17WHerne Hill7.5 
212:47Ruby Walls U17WLondon Heathside8.1 
313:06Hannah Colby U17WCity of Norwich11.8 
413:12Laila Morrell U17WSouth London9.4 
514:16Amelie Taylor U17WSt. Edmund Pacers11.5 
614:22Rosalie Laban U17WHerne Hill7.4 
3.1KL U17W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:25Issy Watkins U17WLondon Heathside3.3 
212:07Annice Kemp U17WSouth London5.3 
312:28Millie Adams U17WCity of Norwich7.4 
412:42Eva O'Hanlon U17WHerne Hill6.0 
515:36Hannah Gargett U17WSt. Edmund Pacers20.7 
3.1KL U15W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:34Georgia Shirley U15WCity of Norwich5.9 
211:41Isabel Moore U15WSt. Edmund Pacers4.8 
311:55Orla Carroll U15WHerne Hill4.9 
412:04Monika Panoutsou U15WVictoria Park & Tower Hamlets6.1 
512:07Lucy Wright U15WHerne Hill3.0 
512:07Jessica Booth U15WSouth London6.9 
512:07Ella Stewart U15WSt. Edmund Pacers6.4 
812:39Molly Andrews U15WSt. Mary's Richmond9.4 
913:06Lettice Gundry U15WLondon Heathside9.5 
1013:23Lily Ambrose U15WSt. Edmund Pacers11.0 
1113:36Indigo Wildgroose Bulloch U15WHerne Hill11.3 
1213:46Isla McGovern U15WHillingdon10.5 
1313:53Ava Clark U15WSouth London9.8 
3.1KL U15W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:36Sophie Jack U15WHerne Hill5.4 
212:08Maya Rungusumy U15WSouth London6.2 
312:11Lily-Rose Brown U15WHerne Hill6.4 
412:14Lottie Hitchcock U15WIpswich8.0 
512:17Amy Kirk U15WLondon Heathside6.4 
612:27Lily Kitto U15WHerne Hill7.0 
712:44Alice Winstanley U15WSt. Edmund Pacers8.4 
813:19Minna Williams U15WSt. Mary's Richmond/Ealing Eagles11.4 
913:26Sam Moon U15WSouth London10.6 
1013:32Emily Gould U15WVictoria Park & Tower Hamlets10.0 
1113:33Eleanor Cox U15WSt. Edmund Pacers9.9 
1213:36Erin Hernon U15WCity of Norwich9.3 
1313:38Zoe Knight U15WHillingdon10.4 
3.1KL U15W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:29Orla Wright U15WHerne Hill5.5 
211:32Bella Taylor U15WSt. Edmund Pacers2.9 
311:49Lyra Macdonald U15WVictoria Park & Tower Hamlets4.1 
411:51India Blakey U15WHerne Hill5.6 
512:10Connie Easter U15WCity of Norwich4.9 
512:10Kiara Corkin U15WLondon Heathside7.5 
712:14Amae Van Zyl U15WHillingdon7.3 
812:19Rachel Riedlinger U15WSt. Mary's Richmond7.2 
912:24Martha Brennan U15WHerne Hill7.7 
1012:38Maia Morrell U15WSouth London6.8 
1113:24Eva Torfinn U15WSt. Edmund Pacers11.2 
1213:49Madeleine Butcher U15WWest Suffolk/St. Edmund Pacers13.2 
3.1KL U13W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:05Darcey-Mae Booth U13WSouth London7.0 
212:14Florence Mills U13WHerne Hill6.5 
312:28Lexie Heather U13WCity of Norwich8.3 
412:43India Kaur U13WSutton & District6.8 
513:06Saya Murase U13WKingston & Poly9.2 
613:16Rose Williamson U13WSt. Mary's Richmond9.5 
713:24Isla Whiting U13WSt. Edmund Pacers10.3 
813:32Nesreen Medjaoud U13WSouth London10.9 
914:18Poppy Moore U13WSt. Edmund Pacers13.5 
3.1KL U13W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:04Grace Sone U13WSouth London9.2 
213:12Orla Taylor U13WSt. Edmund Pacers10.9 
313:15Mabel McCarthy U13WSt. Mary's Richmond10.1 
313:15Iris Osikoya U13WKingston & Poly11.0 
513:20Maignan InesU13WSouth London Harriers  
613:40Sophie Wright U13WHerne Hill8.1 
714:19Marnie Crompton U13WSutton & District13.6 
814:33Elliott Amos U13WCity of Norwich15.5 
914:44Bethan Southwood U15WSt. Edmund Pacers12.0 
3.1KL U13W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:34Ellina Ponkratieva U13WSt. Mary's Richmond7.6 
112:34Aaliyah Tharmakulasingam U13WSutton & District7.1 
312:42Maya Watson U13WSouth London8.1 
413:03Erin Stewart U13WSt. Edmund Pacers9.3 
513:08Elizabeth Holyday U13WKingston & Poly9.6 
613:14Sofia Mendes U13WHerne Hill9.7 
713:21Emilie Cherel U13WSouth London10.1 
813:50Jasmin Benson U13WCity of Norwich12.9 
915:39Layla Clancy U13WSt. Edmund Pacers16.7