Mid-Essex League External Results
9 Jan 11
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMalcolm Muir V35MIlford0.8 
10NTSteven Read V40MBraintree/Grange Farm & Dunmow/Enfield & Haringey6.3 
100NTDavid West V65MLeigh on Sea35.7 
101NTJohn Hoskyn V55MSpringfield26.5 
102NTPete Deadman V65MOrion31.0 
103NTRichard Percy V60MGrange Farm & Dunmow43.5 
104NTKevin Cockell V45MBraintree  
105NTMalcolm Potter V55MSpringfield46.0 
106NTNeil Bradley V50MSpringfield16.8 
11NTDean OvellSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
12NTChris Pearce V40MSpringfield50.9 
13NTStephen Moore V45MSpringfield26.7 
14NTSimon Le Mare V45MSouthend/Leigh on Sea5.7 
15NTAlan Ashton SENMSpringfield45.3 
16NTSimon Rawlings V40MGrange Farm & Dunmow/East Essex TC16.2 
17NTLindsay Broadbridge V50MSpringfield  
18NTStuart Raven V35MSpringfield4.5 
19NTDavid Spencer V45MGrange Farm & Dunmow37.7 
2NTShay Joyce SENMOrion40.1 
20NTAndy Ritchings V45MLittle Baddow Ridge9.7 
21NTCraig McBain SENMLeigh on Sea54.0 
22NTJeremy Bethell V40MLeigh on Sea5.1 
23NTRob Mills SENMSpringfield4.7 
24NTMark Waine V40MSouthend/Springfield1.5 
25NTDavid Norman V50MSpringfield  
26NTColin Barnes V40MLeigh on Sea41.5 
27NTAndrew Mason V45MSpringfield22.9 
28NTMarc SchofieldSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
29NTPaul Jeggo V50MSpringfield6.4 
3NTMark Newton SENMSpringfield/Ilford-1.5 
30NTCraig Hooke V40MGrange Farm & Dunmow52.5 
31NTJon Byford V35MSpringfield4.8 
32NTDaniel Reynolds U23MGrange Farm & Dunmow3.7 
33NTPaul Crosby SENMLittle Baddow Ridge8.9 
34NTJon Legge V45MSpringfield17.3 
35NTPhilip Watts V40MSpringfield19.9 
36NTAlex BulmanSENMLittle Baddow Ridge Runners  
37NTGary Joslin V40MSpringfield10.7 
38NTChris Bulman SENMLittle Baddow Ridge  
39NTDave Spain V45MBenfleet12.0 
4NTJames Smith SENMGade Valley0.2 
40NTIan Cardy V45MSpringfield4.9 
41NTRob Haigh SENMLeigh on Sea/East Essex TC16.4 
42NTLee Cousins V35MBraintree11.2 
43NTMike TullSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
44NTBob Flack V50MLeigh on Sea25.1 
45NTRichard Mangham V50MLeigh on Sea8.5 
46NTRoss Boyer V45MBraintree11.7 
47NTDavid Reaves V65MBraintree14.1 
48NTHoward Jardine V55MGrange Farm & Dunmow43.6 
49NTSimon Mennell V45MBraintree28.4 
5NTPaul Anderson SENMSpringfield4.5 
50NTMyles Coulson V35MBraintree12.3 
51NTPaul Wheeldon V35MSpringfield53.2 
52NTJohn Smith V45MGrange Farm & Dunmow15.9 
53NTBen Wheeler SENMLeigh on Sea  
54NTRichard Fall V40MSpringfield35.9 
55NTMike KeebleSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
56NTJulian Holder V45MPitsea RC25.8 
57NTEric Britton V50MLeigh on Sea45.6 
58NTAnthony Moon SENMMid Essex31.2 
59NTAlec Coleman V45MSpringfield  
6NTMax KnightSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
60NTRob Marek SENMLeigh on Sea21.0 
61NTBrian Butcher V60MMid Essex17.9 
62NTNeil Rumbold V40MGrange Farm & Dunmow10.7 
63NTRobert Rodie V55MSpringfield21.4 
64NTLuke Burkett V35MLeigh on Sea17.8 
65NTIan Lawson V50MGrange Farm & Dunmow14.1 
66NTSimon King V50MGrange Farm & Dunmow14.7 
67NTMatthew Faires SENMBraintree  
68NTTrevor Sibley V45MBraintree22.7 
69NTPaul Chlopas V35MLeigh on Sea54.0 
7NTJason Fitchew V40MLeigh on Sea51.3 
70NTAndrew Wilkinson SENMLittle Baddow Ridge54.0 
71NTSteve Downing V35MGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
72NTSharon Bulman V35WNew Marske8.9 
73NTRyan Askew SENMBraintree53.1 
74NTChris HathowSENMGrange Farm and Dunmow Runners  
75NTIan Baines V35MGrange Farm & Dunmow46.6 
76NTBing Crosby SENMLittle Baddow Ridge36.0 
77NTJohn Hardy V65MGrange Farm & Dunmow25.6 
78NTJohn Clarke V50MMid Essex/Springfield13.1 
79NTJon Bolton V45MMid Essex  
8NTMike Mansfield V35MLeigh on Sea4.2 
80NTWill BorlandSENMGrange Farm and Dunmow Runners  
81NTJoe McEwan V55MBraintree27.9 
82NTPaul HaskellSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
83NTSimon BayesSENMLeigh-on-Sea Striders  
84NTMark Fribbens V40MBraintree54.0 
85NTLee Prowse V45MGrange Farm & Dunmow11.6 
86NTDavid Milton V55MSpringfield51.3 
87NTAndy Stevenson V45MGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
88NTDave Carr V40MLeigh on Sea  
89NTPaul R Tawn V45MMid Essex15.3 
9NTNick Laughton V40MGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
90NTDavid Turk V50MSpringfield34.5 
91NTNicholas Mccullagh V55MCastle Point Joggers23.4 
92NTNick Westwood V50MSpringfield54.0 
93NTGavin Foster V45MGrange Farm & Dunmow34.4 
94NTRoger DuffieldSENMMid Essex Casuals  
95NTKevin EllisSENMLittle Baddow Ridge Runners  
96NTJohn Pettifer V60MPitsea RC25.1 
97NTNick Richards SENMLittle Baddow Ridge36.1 
98NTBruce Hogarth-jones V50MMid Essex28.9 
99NTDavid Hyde V45MLeigh on Sea54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTTracey Woodyard V40WSpringfield40.2 
10NTJosephine Sheffield V45WBraintree23.4 
11NTJane Smith V40WGrange Farm & Dunmow36.0 
12NTLauren Ashton SENWSpringfield54.0 
13NTHayley Dawn Smith V45WGrange Farm & Dunmow16.3 
14NTJo Bisset-Smith V35WGrange Farm & Dunmow16.7 
15NTPrunella Hayhow V40WGrange Farm & Dunmow21.0 
16NTKatherine L Birks V40WGrange Farm & Dunmow38.4 
17NTClaire Gordon V35WWitham (Essex)23.2 
18NTSarah Hammond V35WSpringfield15.3 
19NTRachel Flannigan V35WPitsea RC10.4 
2NTNikki Woodyard SENWSpringfield3.6 
20NTSarah Mclagan V45WGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
21NTJules Reeves V40WGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
22NTKerry Marsh SENWSpringfield16.5 
23NTShelley Wray SENWBraintree  
24NTJacqueline Adams V45WGrange Farm & Dunmow21.4 
25NTKaren Chapman SENWSpringfield32.6 
26NTGail Alexander V45WLeigh on Sea16.6 
27NTMichelle Bell SENWLeigh on Sea43.6 
28NTCharlotte King SENWGrange Farm & Dunmow16.2 
29NTLisa Ward V40WLeigh on Sea54.0 
3NTAnita Cox V35WGrange Farm & Dunmow/Braintree40.4 
30NTLorna Pettifer V45WPitsea RC20.1 
31NTDebra Mangham V45WLeigh on Sea14.7 
32NTDorinda Fribbens V45WBraintree54.0 
33NTClaire CockellSENWBraintree  
34NTHelen Kidgell V35WLeigh on Sea20.5 
35NTSandra Smith V50WGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
36NTLaura McHugh SENWLeigh on Sea18.7 
37NTDenise EllisSENWLittle Baddow Ridge Runners  
38NTAmanda Finch V50WLeigh on Sea26.1 
39NTNina Richardson SENWLeigh on Sea54.0 
4NTSarah Colbert V40WSpringfield14.3 
40NTCarol Drake V45WLeigh on Sea17.4 
41NTTeresa Flannigan V55WPitsea RC24.1 
42NTKaren Carr V50WGrange Farm & Dunmow  
43NTLisa Foot SENWLeigh on Sea54.0 
44NTLaura Sanders V35WLeigh on Sea54.0 
45NTVicky Staunton V35WLeigh on Sea54.0 
46NTSue Harrington V45WGrange Farm & Dunmow54.0 
47NTAlison Hall V40WLeigh on Sea18.0 
48NTJacqueline Edwards SENWSpringfield40.0 
49NTNicole Smith V35WSpringfield19.2 
5NTElisabet Barnes SENWLeigh on Sea/Sweden33.9 
50NTLinda Hutson V40WLeigh on Sea  
51NTNicola Woolham V35WLeigh on Sea54.0 
52NTNatalie Schofield SENWLeigh on Sea  
53NTAmelie MollinhofSENWSpringfield Striders  
54NTJane Forrester V45WSpringfield45.9 
55NTMarney Lamb SENWSpringfield47.1 
56NTEllen McPhillips V45WLeigh on Sea28.8 
57NTLynn Rivers V45WLeigh on Sea26.4 
58NTEleanor Carmichael SENWLeigh on Sea18.9 
59NTSarah Goodwin V45WSpringfield/Witham (Essex)20.3 
6NTTracey Alexandrou V45WSpringfield/Brentwood RC49.1 
60NTAlyson Hyde V45WLeigh on Sea54.0 
61NTValerie Mccullagh V55WCastle Point Joggers29.8 
62NTAngela Bulman SENWLittle Baddow Ridge  
7NTClaire Dumontier V35WLeigh on Sea  
8NTWendy Staines V40WUnattached42.6 
9NTPippa CrosbySENWLittle Baddow Ridge Runners