West Yorkshire Winter League External Results
9 Jan 11
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Ben Mounsey SENMStainland/Calder Valley22.1 
10NT   David Almond SENMDewsbury/West Yorkshire Police10.0 
100NT   David Lonsdale V40MBaildon22.8 
101NT   Martin Burnside V45MIdle36.0 
102NT   Colin Davidson V60MBaildon36.0 
103NT   John Cawley V55MBaildon17.6 
104NT   Clive Boothman V60MBaildon36.0 
105NT   Arthur Wood V60MPudsey Pacers29.8 
106NT   David Swarbrick V55MStainland24.5 
11NT   Dean Williams V40MBaildon36.0 
12NT   Paul Gaile V40MPudsey Pacers8.6 
13NT   Tristan Sheard V35MStainland20.1 
14NT   Nigel Armitage V35MPudsey Pacers4.5 
15NT   Mark Pigford V40MStainland9.0 
16NT   Rogan Ashton V40MOtley/Pudsey Pacers6.0 
17NT   Kevin Oates V45MDewsbury32.8 
18NT   Robert Dunn U23MLeeds & Bradford TC36.0 
19NT   John Calvert V40MDewsbury6.4 
2NT   Gavin Mulholland V35MStainland/Calder Valley0.5 
20NT   Andrew Meskimmon V45MDewsbury6.3 
21NT   Jonathan Prideaux V40MWakefield/Northern Masters/Pudsey Pacers18.1 
22NT   Jonathan Collins SENMStainland6.2 
23NT   Russell Stead V45MPudsey Pacers36.0 
24NT   Philip Freeman Bentley SENMLondon Heathside/Pudsey Pacers4.7 
25NT   Andrew Cottier V40MDewsbury11.7 
26NT   Steve Pickard V50MBaildon25.6 
27NT   Laurence Doddy V40MIdle32.7 
28NT   Leon A Winder SENMIdle9.3 
29NT   Phil Tucker SENMStainland34.7 
3NT   Karl Gray V40MStainland/Calder Valley16.8 
30NT   Robert Samuels V50MPudsey Pacers5.4 
31NT   Ed Batty SENMPudsey Pacers32.9 
32NT   James Morris V35MDewsbury3.0 
33NT   David Webb V40MStainland32.1 
34NT   Zaheir Bashir V35MPudsey Pacers31.7 
35NT   Keith Long V45MDewsbury7.7 
36NT   David Hutchings V40MStainland13.8 
37NT   Danny Seal SENMStainland  
38NT   David Lighten SENMPudsey Pacers35.4 
39NT   Paul Rawlinson SENMStainland36.0 
4NT   Quentin Lewis V35MBaildon12.5 
40NT   Nathan HesslewoodSENMLbt  
41NT   David Woodhead V35MPudsey Pacers4.6 
42NT   Peter Hilliard V45MIdle11.8 
43NT   Ian Sutcliffe U23MDewsbury  
44NT   Philip Dutton SENMPudsey Pacers36.0 
45NT   Gavin Dodd V35MStainland14.4 
46NT   David Geraint Lewis V50MIdle12.4 
47NT   David Binns V45MDewsbury36.0 
48NT   Andrew Meskell V35MLeeds & Bradford TC8.1 
49NT   Gareth Hey V45MBaildon36.0 
5NT   Darren Burnley V45MPudsey Pacers24.3 
50NT   Colin Hughes V55MStainland31.7 
51NT   Derek Ives V50MSkipton20.3 
52NT   Richard Aiston V45MDewsbury8.8 
53NT   Robert Ambler V60MStainland36.0 
54NT   Jim Wheldon V55MPudsey Pacers9.7 
55NT   Richard Annable V50MSkipton7.1 
56NT   Stephen Hall V50MSkipton19.6 
57NT   Simon Beverley V35MPudsey Pacers34.1 
58NT   Dave Butler V40MPudsey Pacers9.1 
59NT   Robert Evans V40MStainland34.7 
6NT   James Clark SENMPudsey Pacers2.2 
60NT   Mark Pawson V35MPudsey Pacers16.6 
61NT   Anthony Audsley V55MDewsbury/Wakefield16.8 
62NT   James Penson V35MStainland14.4 
63NT   Damien Pearson SENMBaildon7.7 
64NT   Stephen Pattison V50MPudsey Pacers11.3 
65NT   Tony Brayshaw V45MIdle22.4 
66NT   Matt FieldV40MLbt  
67NT   Mark Preston V45MStainland11.5 
68NT   John Buddle V45MBaildon6.7 
69NT   John PopV50MPudsey  
7NT   Adam Breaks SENMStainland/Calder Valley17.5 
70NT   Don Johnson V55MBaildon12.6 
71NT   David HeelsV45MLbt  
72NT   Joe Morgan U20MSkipton36.0 
73NT   Francis Riley V60MLeeds & Bradford TC30.1 
74NT   Chris Smith V45MPudsey Pacers19.5 
75NT   John Ingles V40MStainland10.2 
76NT   Richard Kirwan V40MBaildon36.0 
77NT   David P Cooper V35MPudsey Pacers15.0 
78NT   Peter Yates V60MLeeds & Bradford TC/Rothwell36.0 
79NT   Tim Whitcombe V50MIdle16.4 
8NT   Chris Burke V40MBaildon8.4 
80NT   Martin O'Brien V50MStainland12.2 
81NT   James Alan Goddard V45MBaildon28.9 
82NT   Trevor Hooley V55MIdle36.0 
83NT   Glenn Sykes V40MDewsbury36.0 
84NT   Jonathan Taylor V35MStainland18.7 
85NT   Dominic Egan V40MPudsey Pacers23.6 
86NT   Steven Little V50MIdle30.8 
87NT   Sandy Gee V50MStainland19.7 
88NT   John Crabtree V55MBaildon31.3 
89NT   Neil Fairburn V45MBaildon11.5 
9NT   Steve Watkins V40MBaildon2.5 
90NT   Graham Walton V55MBaildon36.0 
91NT   Alan Gibson V45MStainland25.6 
92NT   Rob Wakerell U23MDewsbury32.6 
93NT   Mark Halliday V35MStainland31.0 
94NT   John Wilson V50MPudsey Pacers36.0 
95NT   Colin Watson V65MDewsbury35.0 
96NT   John Woodhead V55MPudsey Pacers20.1 
97NT   Geoff Perigo V50MBaildon19.6 
98NT   Paul Norman V50MSkipton26.3 
99NT   Brian Conroy V60MStainland22.8 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Karen Pickles V35WPudsey Pacers10.6 
10NT   Flora Skidmore V50WDewsbury10.3 
11NT   Nicola Bradford V40WPudsey Pacers31.0 
12NT   Maria Harron V35WStainland10.5 
13NT   Diana Campbell SENWBaildon36.0 
14NT   Helen Hudson V40WStainland17.2 
15NT   Maxine Hamilton V40WDewsbury15.0 
16NT   Sharon Hague V40WPudsey Pacers23.0 
17NT   Chrysothemi Spiliopoulou SENWLeeds & Bradford TC24.1 
18NT   Jane Whitelaw V45WDewsbury36.0 
19NT   Lorraine Naylor V40WStainland9.9 
2NT   Jessica Riley SENWStainland/Sale Harriers Manchester36.0 
20NT   Sarah Stott V35WLeeds & Bradford TC33.6 
21NT   Denise Johnson V50WBaildon15.9 
22NT   Clare Sweeney V40WIdle35.8 
23NT   Naomi Armitage SENWIdle10.2 
24NT   Susan Manning V40WStainland32.8 
25NT   Mandy Bannister V45WPudsey Pacers20.2 
26NT   Liz Caven V40WBaildon23.9 
27NT   Claire McConnell SENWIdle/Unattached36.0 
28NT   Alice Elizabeth Buttle SENWBaildon9.8 
29NT   Anna Smith V45WQueensbury/Baildon16.2 
3NT   Donna Edmondson-Booker V35WIdle13.1 
30NT   Julie Hollingdrake V40WStainland33.8 
31NT   Mandy TaylorV45WStainland  
32NT   Jo-Anne Langley V45WStainland  
33NT   Patricia Cutts V50WPudsey Pacers36.0 
34NT   Julie HeysV40WIdle Ac  
35NT   Emma Lacey V40WSkipton18.2 
36NT   Rachel Phillips V35WIdle34.5 
37NT   Jan Smith V45WSkipton18.6 
38NT   Heidi Siddle SENWLeeds & Bradford TC10.4 
39NT   Elizabeth Helen Smith-calvert V40WDewsbury30.5 
4NT   Angela Markley SENWStainland/Macclesfield7.3 
40NT   Janet Carter V55WStainland27.8 
41NT   Michaela GrahamSENWDewsbury  
42NT   Barbara Robinson V60WSkipton21.5 
43NT   Jean Entwistle V45WDewsbury28.0 
44NT   Catherine Lee U23WDewsbury  
45NT   Liz Boothman V60WBaildon36.0 
46NT   Jenny CooperSENWPudsey  
47NT   Debra Brown V35WHyde Park Harriers/Leeds & Bradford TC27.4 
48NT   Janice Davidson V55WBaildon36.0 
49NT   Leigh Gill V45WPudsey Pacers36.0 
5NT   Leanne Farmery-Hague V35WKippax25.1 
50NT   Amanda Speight V45WStainland36.0 
51NT   Heather Mitchell V55WDewsbury/Police19.2 
52NT   Jackie Walters V60WBaildon29.4 
53NT   Carol Parkinson V35WPudsey Pacers23.3 
54NT   Nicola McMillan V40WPudsey Pacers36.0 
55NT   Jackie Barker V55WStainland26.5 
56NT   Rachel Whiteley SENWStainland36.0 
57NT   Andrea WoodsideV35WDewsbury  
58NT   Clair Awty V35WDewsbury36.0 
59NT   Anna LincolnV55WIdle Ac  
6NT   Amanda Zito V40WStainland13.8 
60NT   Susan Sykes V40WDewsbury36.0 
7NT   Julie Field V35WStainland10.7 
8NT   Deborah Stockley V35WLeeds & Bradford TC36.0 
9NT   Aileen Baldwin V55WStainland12.1