Millennium Country parkrun # 101 External Results
Millennium Country
30 Jul 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:22Henry Bambrick  S25MBedford & County16:4816:480.4 
218:29James Smith  V45MAmpthill & Flitwick18:1318:133.5 
318:54Adam Hills  V45MBedford H17:5017:501.2 
419:21Stuart McCaw S25MUnattached    
519:38Peter Kouwenberg V45MUnattached    
620:16Carmelo Mastrandrea V35MLonely Goat RC    
720:37Philip Horan SBV50MAmpthill & Flitwick20:3718:3510.7 
820:47Joshua Shaw S20MProvidence parkrunners    
920:48Jeremy Pestell  V40MUnattached20:2920:298.6 
1020:54Neil Morgan V50MUnattached    
1121:13Oliver Wyncoll V50MProvidence parkrunners    
1222:19Michael Hutchins V50MFor Cod's Sake    
1322:24James Deane V45MUnattached    
1422:26Hung Nguyen SBV40MUnattached22:2621:2413.6 
1522:30Jason Squires S25MUnattached    
1622:34Sam Heath V40MCSSC Sports & Leisure    
1723:01Tom Deane  U15MLuton21:5421:5413.1 
1823:02Andrew Noble  V50MBedford & County21:4321:4311.3 
1923:10Rob Norrington V35MUnattached    
2023:12Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2123:17Roz McDonald V40WRun Redbourn!    
2223:20Jon Hall V40MUnattached    
2323:30Eleanor Smith  U15WBedford & County22:1222:128.9 
2423:34Robert Notton  V60MDacorum22:0222:0210.7 
2523:57Simon Billsberry V45MUnattached    
2623:59Jeremy Bell  V55MAmpthill & Flitwick21:5219:3912.3 
2724:19Olivia Griffith S25WUnattached    
2824:20Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2924:22George Odell S20MUnattached    
3024:23Stephen Mullens V55MAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers RC    
3124:25Paul Hill V55MUnattached    
3224:31Stephen Small V55MFor Cod's Sake    
3324:35John Clegg V35MUnattached    
3424:42Ben Clarke S25MUnattached    
3524:44Jim Hartley V40MUnattached    
3624:45Nick Sandle  V55MStopsley23:0521:3713.3 
3724:48Vaughan Hughes U15MUnattached    
3824:55Liam Mannion V60MMarston Moretaine Runners    
3925:07Ishmail Saccoh V35MUnattached    
4025:09Ben Friman V65MUnattached    
4125:09Martyn Fisher  V55MAlmost Athletes23:5922:4616.5 
4225:13Emily Potts S20WFlitwick Tri    
4325:21Chris Baxter V45MUnattached    
4425:31Noel De Freitas V50MUnattached    
4525:36Neil Robertson V45MUnattached    
4625:38Oren Hughes U15MUnattached    
4725:47Jamie Hughes V45MFor Cod's Sake    
4825:48Ben McDonald SBV45MKPMG24:3919:0717.2 
4925:51William McDonald U15MRun Redbourn!    
5025:57Alison Jones V40WBedford Run Club    
5126:01Tanya West V45WUnattached    
5226:02Andy Hutchins V50MFor Cod's Sake    
5326:08Lauren Dinham S30WUnattached    
5426:26Cathryn De Freitas V45WUnattached    
5526:43Philip Cunningham  V45MUnattached24:4824:4815.9 
5626:57Sarah Heath V40WUnattached    
5726:58Deborah Smith V40WUnattached    
5826:59Pamela Fossey V35WMarston Moretaine Runners    
5927:02Ceri Parry V40WUnattached    
6027:04Charlene Halpin  V35WAmpthill & Flitwick24:5122:3217.7 
6127:06Susanna Pestell V35WUnattached    
6227:09Peter Webb  V60MUnattached26:3122:2720.3 
6327:12Jake Scanes S30MUnattached    
6427:23Rachel Parker S30WUnattached    
6527:24Geoff Parker V65MUnattached    
6627:32Rhys Booth U15MUnattached    
6727:39Paul Barton V55MUnattached    
6827:48Darren Kerins V45MUnattached    
6927:52Christopher Sindole V60MUnattached    
7028:06Malcolm Austin V75MAmpthill & Flitwick Flyers RC    
7128:17Michelle Sorley V50WBedford Run Club    
7228:20Ray Ellis SBV60MUnattached27:4424:0823.3 
7328:22Colin Smith V55MBedford Run Club    
7428:33Lisa Swannell V45WUnattached    
7528:42Simon Lewis V55MUnattached    
7628:51Kieran Martin S30MUnattached    
7729:01Martin Parry V70MUnattached    
7829:09Samantha Ball S25WUnattached    
7929:13Andrew Clegg  V40MFarnham Runners28:2323:3320.2 
8029:21Lottie Burtenshaw S20WUnattached    
8129:21Ed Bell S20MUnattached    
8229:37Eileen Patricia Sindole  V65WSt. Albans Striders28:4625:1722.6 
8329:45Matthew Jones U11MUnattached    
8429:45Gareth Jones V40MUnattached    
8529:50Paul Stevenette V55MUnattached    
8630:01Andrew Hogg  V50MLonely Goat RC29:1528:1424.6 
8730:06Dean Patient V50MUnattached    
8830:44Lee Darnell S30MUnattached    
8931:25Annette Taylor V55WStewartby Striders    
9031:39Hannah Booth U11WUnattached    
9131:40James Booth V40MLeighton Fun Runners    
9231:48Holly Ochiltree  V35WUKRunChat27:5325:2024.0 
9331:49Louise Croton  V35WRugeley Power Station/Rugeley27:3226:0524.0 
9431:50Helen Marriott  V60WDacorum30:1926:3423.9 
9531:52Miles McDonald U11MRun Redbourn!    
9631:54Elizabeth Shippen V40WUnattached    
9732:10Richard Bell V65MUnattached    
9832:19Helen Burgess V55WUnattached    
9932:41Valerie MacKenzie V50WMarston Moretaine Runners    
10032:52Carol Ryan V45WUnattached    
10133:00Linda Small V60WUnattached    
10233:07Hayley O'Dell V55WUnattached    
10333:09Claire Tobin S30WUnattached    
10433:34Anneli Morgan V45WUnattached    
10533:52Natalie Brine V45WUnattached    
10634:00Alec Colson V55MUnattached    
10734:08Corrine Law  V40WWare Joggers32:2728:5927.7 
10834:27Beverley Carey V55WUnattached    
10934:33Shani Giddings  V60WBiggleswade32:2831:2729.7 
11035:04James Hughes V40MUnattached    
11137:35Samuel Hutchins U15MFor Cod's Sake    
11238:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11340:21Bethan Jones U15WUnattached    
11441:27Megan Popham S20WUnattached    
11541:29Helen Parker V60WRedway Runners    
11641:53Geoff Courtney V75MUnattached    
11742:18Lily French U11WUnattached    
11842:19Lisa French  V45WStopsley29:2027:0731.1 
11943:27Devon Hood U11WUnattached    
12043:28Andrew Hood V40MMarston Moretaine Runners    
12146:57Hudson Kemp U11MUnattached    
12246:58Brendon Kemp V40MUnattached    
12346:59Ashley Sutcliffe U11MUnattached    
12447:00Matt Sutcliffe V45MUnattached    
12548:24Joyce Boddey V70WUnattached    
12654:38Helen Gardner  V65WBedford H47:1336:3841.2 
12755:48Lauren Booth U11WUnattached    
12855:50Samantha Booth V40WLeighton Fun Runners    
12958:36Theresa Delahunt V60WUnattached    
13058:38Lana Donnison V35WUnattached    
13159:12Marjorie Austin V75WUnattached