Houghton Hall parkrun # 165 External Results
Houghton Hall
9 Jul 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:12Simon Stebbings  V50MOxford City18:0316:5612.3 
219:52Alfred Fox S25MUnattached    
321:42Chris Doggett S30MUnattached    
421:49Matt Crossley S25MUnattached    
521:53Mariusz Czupryna V45MUnattached    
621:55Jaime Mason  V40MCharnwood/Unattached21:2119:2810.6 
721:58Nick Roberts V45MUnattached    
821:59Tom Deane  U15MLuton21:5421:5413.1 
922:01Michael Harkin U15MUnattached    
1022:08Aidan Dye V55MUnattached    
1122:12Paul Cossey V40MLeighton Fun Runners    
1222:20James Deane V45MUnattached    
1322:35Graeme Bradley V55MUnattached    
1422:37Sean Byrne V50MC.Wiles R.C    
1522:41Lynda Hembury  V65WTring RC21:2420:498.7 
1622:45Shane Franklin V40Mkinetic movements bootcamp    
1722:50Jessica Buchanan S25WUnattached    
1822:52Martin Johnson V60MUnattached    
1923:06David Abreu V35MUnattached    
2023:15Simon Leek S30MUnattached    
2123:43Kevin Minnis S30MUnattached    
2223:56Ian Early SBV50MDunstable Lions23:4120:5914.1 
2323:58Michael J Jack SBV60MSt. Albans Striders23:5822:2216.3 
2424:02Finnlay Beau Laird U11MUnattached    
2524:15Stephen Small V55MFor Cod's Sake    
2624:28Craig Shrago V50MHoughton Hall Casual Joggers    
2724:40Craig Soper S25MUnattached    
2824:42Dan Pope V40MDunstable Lions Running Club    
2924:45Tim Howick V50MUnattached    
3024:46Ashley Pead V35MUnattached    
3124:47Niall Harman S25MUnattached    
3224:48Halil Ahmet  S30MBiggleswade24:2822:1116.8 
3324:49Emma Stevens S30WUnattached    
3424:53Paul Brunning V50MUnattached    
3524:57Stewart Howard V60MUnattached    
3625:04Amy Bradley V45WLeighton Buzzard Triathlon Club    
3725:13Jason Ward V50MHoughton Hall Casual Joggers    
3825:31Daniel Bright V40MUnattached    
3925:34Dave Morgan  V55MDunstable23:3719:0414.6 
4025:36Simon Wagstaff V50MUnattached    
4125:46Gladstone Thompson  V55MSt. Albans Striders25:1821:2318.3 
4225:59Jamie Hughes V45MFor Cod's Sake    
4326:01Duncan Kerr SBV60MKeswick24:4620:2316.6 
4426:03Oliver Davis V35MUnattached    
4526:06Gerry Langton  V70MWatford Joggers24:5524:5517.4 
4626:12Philip Black V45MUnattached    
4726:19Steve Molyneaux V50MLeighton Fun Runners    
4826:21Tom Winchester V35MUnattached    
4926:22Uncle Tony V60MHoughton Hall Casual Joggers    
5026:28Jane Julians V50WUnattached    
5126:30Zofia Fuller V40WUnattached    
5226:39Julian Punch V35MUnattached    
5326:51Alex Rayment S30MUnattached    
5427:07John Renton SBV45MWatford26:3519:4520.8 
5527:16Helen Tullie  V45WTring RC23:4621:5514.2 
5627:23Bella Laird U15WUnattached    
5727:24Elle Laird  V35WLeighton Fun Runners23:0223:0015.6 
5827:26Kevin Moore  V60MUnattached24:5223:0518.7 
5927:26Karen Puddefoot V50WUnattached    
6028:00Jane Fensome V45WUnattached    
6128:25Keith Farmborough V65MUnattached    
6228:26Keith Stonestreet  V55MTring RC26:3822:2620.8 
6328:34Christopher Sindole V60MUnattached    
6428:38Gavin Morden V45MUnattached    
6528:49Carole Jack SBV55WSt. Albans Striders28:4924:0323.3 
6628:58Eileen Patricia Sindole SBV65WSt. Albans Striders28:4625:1722.6 
6728:59Jonathan Shaw  V35MHorsforth Harriers27:0824:2320.5 
6829:06Denise Tinant SBV60WSt. Albans Striders27:4727:0021.3 
6929:23Gary Smylie V60MUnattached    
7029:25Mitchell Burgess U18MDunstable RRC    
7129:27Steve Crossley V65MDunstable RRC    
7229:28Patrick Hicks V65MUnattached    
7329:30Dave Stanley SBV70MAmpthill & Flitwick29:0321:4124.0 
7429:34Gary Beale V35MUnattached    
7529:53Richard Harris V50MUnattached    
7630:01Stefanie Cuff V35WUnattached    
7730:06Heather White S30WUnattached    
7830:11Helen Ingram V40WRedway Runners    
7930:18Rosie Ansell V40WUnattached    
8030:21Stephen Fraser  V55MDunstable28:2928:2924.1 
8130:24Paul Worrall  V60MLonely Goat RC27:1625:3122.9 
8230:31Alan Crawford V50MUnattached    
8330:37Helen McNary V35WUnattached    
8430:37Helen Law V35WUnattached    
8530:44James O'Connor V60MUnattached    
8630:54Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8730:55Jools Gudgeon V40WHarold Wood Running Club    
8830:57Wiola Gosk V40WUnattached    
8931:00Matt Line-Hayward V40MUnattached    
9031:16Katie Dobson S20WUnattached    
9131:19Cheryl Dobson V55WRUN Harpenden    
9231:50Paul Clayton V40MUnattached    
9332:01Terry Cuff V60WUnattached    
9432:06Hayley Howard V55WUnattached    
9532:20Adam Balderstone V45MUnattached    
9632:24Grzegorz Pszczola V40MUnattached    
9732:28Beata Czupryna V40WUnattached    
9832:32Thomas Tullie U18MDofE    
9932:47Katie Chilton  V55WSt. Albans Striders31:3524:2326.5 
10032:49Maz Kelly V55WUnattached    
10132:49Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10232:50Claire Molin V50WHoughton Park Flyers    
10332:58Layla Brown U15WUnattached    
10433:08Larry Ryan V70MUnattached    
10533:30Jim Gavigan V45MUnattached    
10633:38Linda Small V60WUnattached    
10733:57Hannah Brown V35WUnattached    
10834:34Rebecca Page V50WHoughton Hall Casual Joggers    
10934:48Tracey Robson V50WUnattached    
11035:01Gary Hamilton V55MUnattached    
11135:05Clare Reynolds V40WUnattached    
11235:11Christina Harris V55WUnattached    
11335:34Claire Hillman V35WUnattached    
11435:40Sarah Blackburn V45WHoughton Hall Casual Joggers    
11535:50Maureen Steed SBV70WGarden City Runners35:5028:5932.2 
11635:57Tracey Soper V60WUnattached    
11736:10Victoria Goudie V40WUnattached    
11836:10Alyson Northedge V45WHarpenden Arrows Running Club    
11936:11Diana Dean V45WUnattached    
12036:15Samantha Hinton V40WDunstable RRC    
12136:17Susannah Deane V45WUnattached    
12236:25John Breed V65MUnattached    
12336:28Mary Foster S30WUnattached    
12436:30Malcolm Croft  V85MUnattached31:0831:0829.7 
12536:32Alba Collatin V45WUnattached    
12637:44Ruth Banton V50WUnattached    
12738:18Kerry Lathwell V40WWith Me Now    
12838:19Dawn Howe V60WDunstable RRC    
12938:34Jenny Baines V40WUnattached    
13038:55Jim Mahon V55MUnattached    
13138:58Fran Stafford V50WUnattached    
13238:59Sylvia Thomas V60WStopsley Striders Jogging Club    
13339:44Tracy Mahon V55WUnattached    
13439:54Paula Cousins V55WLeighton Fun Runners    
13540:14Angela Wood V40WUnattached    
13640:33Finlay Clayton U15MUnattached    
13740:57John Fitzgerald S20MDunstable RRC    
13841:07Darcie Thomas U11WDunstable RRC    
13941:18Claire Thomas  V40WDunstable25:2924:2818.2 
14042:20Louise Neale V40WDunstable RRC    
14143:32Nicola Hume S30WUnattached    
14243:46Howard Chandler V65MUnattached    
14344:32Harry Dean U15MUnattached    
14444:35Lesley Cashell V50WUnattached    
14544:36Colette Holt V40WUnattached    
14645:10Sharon Roberts V50WUnattached    
14746:21Craig Paddington V40MUnattached    
14846:22Hannah Mooney S30WUnattached    
14949:04Damon Ansell U18MUnattached    
15054:47Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
15154:56Ciara Gavigan U18WUnattached    
15254:57Paula Kearney  V50WDunstable35:4430:0233.4 
15354:59Caroline Gavigan V45WUnattached    
15455:08Finbar Willis  V60MStopsley35:3426:1931.1