Street parkrun # 143 External Results
25 Jun 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:24Charlie Court  U15MMendip16:3616:363.9 
218:13Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
318:20Edward Brown  S25MUnattached18:0217:201.9 
418:39Laurence Badman  S20MWells City18:1418:143.4 
519:48Stuart Nash  V40MStreet Striders18:2718:113.7 
619:52Oliver Whitehead V35MUnattached    
720:54Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
821:02James Maxfield  U20MUnattached19:4419:446.8 
921:05Amelie Cook  U15WYeovil20:5320:537.8 
1021:36Isobel Stacey  U15WYeovil/Wells City20:4920:499.8 
1121:37Lee Carroll V45MUnattached    
1221:46Neil Billing V35MUnattached    
1321:54Joshua Hopson  S30MAxe Valley21:2819:198.5 
1422:07Jeremy Linter  V35MWells City19:1818:343.8 
1522:09Ioan Wyn Davies V40MUnattached    
1622:28Matthew Wigley V40MMendip AC    
1722:32Arthur Perry U18MUnattached    
1822:51Ben Quinn U18MUnattached    
1923:04Marc Stillwell  V40MMendip21:4119:528.9 
2023:06Ollie Ganfield S25MUnattached    
2123:12Jack Barker  U15MWells City20:5720:569.4 
2223:23Shaun Rigby S25MStreet Striders    
2323:51Emma Powell S25WStreet Striders    
2424:16Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2524:18Sally Culliford V45WUnattached    
2624:20Dominic Cook PBU15MWells City23:1021:3010.5 
2724:23Alison Badman V50WUnattached    
2824:24Michael Coombs  V60MWells City24:1324:1317.7 
2924:27Paul Mingo-west  V55MLonely Goat RC22:1921:4411.5 
3024:29Vic Millard V70MUnattached    
3124:39Matthew Chiffers  V50MUnattached23:5523:0418.4 
3224:49Jon Nicholls V40MUnattached    
3325:02Graham Porter V60MStreet Striders    
3425:07Charles Hunt V55MUnattached    
3525:28Richard Briar V45MUnattached    
3625:29James Parr V35MUnattached    
3725:33Paul Cook V50MUnattached    
3825:46David Trevis V60MUnattached    
3925:54Steve Willcox V50MUnattached    
4025:57Alfie Price U15MUnattached    
4126:00Laura Costigan V35WBHAM! Runners    
4226:21Pa Daly V50MUnattached    
4326:24Sarah Stillwell  V40WMendip24:5822:5914.7 
4426:35Paul Mcdonald  V55MUnattached21:4021:4011.7 
4526:36Simon Briscomb V45MUnattached    
4626:37Darren Perry  V40MBlack Pear Joggers24:1924:1917.9 
4726:44Hayley Cook  V40WUnattached26:2925:0216.2 
4826:57Jeni Edge V40WUnattached    
4927:58Marc Forward V35MUnattached    
5028:32David Harvey V60MUnattached    
5128:42John Beveridge V65MUnattached    
5228:46David Hall V55MUnattached    
5328:47Wayne Vowles V55MStreet Striders    
5428:54Kevin Lawrence V60MUnattached    
5529:04Marcus Philpott V55MUnattached    
5629:14Sam Wood V35MUnattached    
5729:18Mary Ross V50WUnattached    
5829:27Peter Grace V55MUnattached    
5929:43Julia Stickels V55WUnattached    
6030:08Sheila Leonard V65WUnattached    
6131:02Keith Fox V65MUnattached    
6231:13Kathryn Ward  V50WThornton Cleveleys RC27:4826:3225.6 
6331:39David Duckworth V55MUnattached    
6431:54Graham Watts  V60MYeovil Town28:2528:2525.3 
6531:58Sally Matthews V60WUnattached    
6632:25Julie Perry V45WUnattached    
6732:31Will Garforth S25MUnattached    
6832:41Georgina Hainsby  V55WBurnham on Sea Harriers29:4629:1527.1 
6933:27Evie Garforth S25WUnattached    
7033:37Lindsay Taylor V65MUnattached    
7133:55Edward Perry U15MUnattached    
7234:06Jacqueline Price V50WUnattached    
7334:31Amanda Carroll V45WUnattached    
7435:01Roxane Pratt  V55WLangport31:5223:0127.7 
7536:21Nina Byrne V40WUnattached    
7636:22Julie Stapleton V60WUnattached    
7737:46Philip Di Campo V60MUnattached    
7838:06Chris Fox V35MUnattached    
7938:07Tessa Fox V65WUnattached    
8039:50Stephanie Hall V55WUnattached    
8155:05Alasdair McWilliam  V45MSlinn Allstars37:4625:2634.4 
8255:27Lindsay Mundy V40WUnattached    
8355:29Jenny Adams V75WUnattached