Gwent Leisure Centre League Parc Bryn Bach 5.25 External Results
Parc Bryn Bach
21 Jun 22
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:00Phil Matthews V40MParc Bryn Bach-1.0 
227:35Daniel Bodman SENMParc Bryn Bach-2.7 
328:20Jamie Parry V35MParc Bryn Bach-2.0 
428:31Sam Jones V35MParc Bryn Bach-1.4 
528:41Lee Drew SENMLliswerry0.8 
628:43Jon Like V35MParc Bryn Bach/Mynydd Du-2.1 
728:48Huw Evans V50MParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters-0.5 
828:54Jonathan Astley V35MParc Bryn Bach0.9 
929:04Lee Aherne V55MParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters0.0 
1029:12Nick Tulp SENMLliswerry-0.6 
1129:34Martin Norton SENMLliswerry0.8 
1230:01Martin Thomas SENMParc Bryn Bach4.0 
1330:27Dominic Davies SENMParc Bryn Bach5.7 
1430:35Paul White V45MPont-Y-Pwl1.7 
1530:48Des Devlin V35MParc Bryn Bach3.9 
1630:59Tim Batchelor V35MChepstow H0.3 
1731:01Daniel Farmer V35MLliswerry10.5 
1831:04Thomas Henry V35MLliswerry3.2 
1931:09Lizzie Dimond V35WLliswerry2.1 
2031:17Jon Belcher V45MLliswerry1.8 
2131:19Jonathan Ford SENMFairwater7.3 
2231:24CJ De Mooi V50MLliswerry7.7 
2331:27Paul Bruton V45MLliswerry4.1 
2431:45Andrew Lee V45MPont-Y-Pwl2.2 
2531:48Lewis MunrowSENMIslwyn  
2632:00Dafydd LambethV45MIslwyn  
2732:06Lloyd Cottrell SENMLliswerry0.1 
2832:10Gavin PatersonV35MParc Bryn Bach  
2932:10Matt Turner V50MCaerleon3.4 
3032:13Douglas Briggs V50MChepstow H4.6 
3132:16Chris Norman V35MLliswerry14.8 
3232:19Sandra Chipper V50WLliswerry4.5 
3332:19Dan Reilly V35MLliswerry5.0 
3432:22Tom Webb U20MParc Bryn Bach8.8 
3532:24Jonathan Carter V50MChepstow H3.9 
3632:26John Keeble SENMPont-Y-Pwl3.6 
3732:39Paul Dodd V60MChepstow H/Forest of Dean AC5.8 
3832:45David Richardson V35MPont-Y-Pwl3.7 
3932:49Craig Collins V35MLliswerry2.5 
4032:50Mark Davies SENMParc Bryn Bach9.1 
4132:51Ross Howells SENMChepstow H4.5 
4232:52Shaun Styles SENMGriffithstown6.4 
4332:59Lee Mills V45MIslwyn6.1 
4433:03Nicky Collin SENWLliswerry5.9 
4533:04Patrick Jarvis SENMParc Bryn Bach1.2 
4633:05Emma Wookey SENWLliswerry4.7 
4733:10Craig Cheedy V35MGriffithstown3.7 
4833:12Antoinette Dumayne SENWLliswerry/Swansea Uni2.6 
4933:12Clare Patterson V40WGriffithstown4.5 
5033:14Kyle Harvey SENMFairwater2.1 
5133:25Michael Abell SENMLliswerry5.0 
5233:27Matthew Mulcahy V50MCaerleon10.6 
5333:42Victor Garrick V35MLliswerry4.4 
5433:43Cherry Fowler V50WChepstow H7.0 
5533:45Karl Coughlin V40MParc Bryn Bach6.7 
5633:48Niki Morgan V55WChepstow H5.4 
5734:00Lloyd Hughes V35MCaerleon2.9 
5834:06Phillip Lee V45MLliswerry5.2 
5934:07Jamie Goddard V50MChepstow H9.3 
6034:10Brian Jones V45MGriffithstown7.4 
6134:11Ethan Sayce U23MParc Bryn Bach4.7 
6234:18Ricci Watts V35MPont-Y-Pwl1.3 
6334:20AN Other      
6434:22Kani Hinshelwood SENWParc Bryn Bach5.2 
6534:27Paul Mason V40MGriffithstown5.6 
6634:29Steven Duggan V35MParc Bryn Bach4.7 
6734:32Sarah Bell V45WChepstow H6.4 
6834:41Matthew Tooby V35MCaerleon6.4 
6934:42Steve Davies V60MGriffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl6.4 
7034:43Nicola Jukes V50WParc Bryn Bach5.4 
7134:45Charlie Bendall V35MChepstow H4.8 
7234:46Adrian Murkin V55MPont-Y-Pwl6.8 
7334:50Alan Jordon V55MGriffithstown11.7 
7434:50Ewelina Ciesielska V35WParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters/Poland3.6 
7535:08Jack Rowland SENMLliswerry2.3 
7635:11Mark Griffiths V60MParc Bryn Bach12.4 
7735:19Christopher Potter V55MLliswerry7.4 
7835:23Peter Edwards SENMFairwater7.8 
7935:25Robert Hook V55MChepstow H7.5 
8035:27Steven Matthew Lane V45MIslwyn4.8 
8135:35Jason Dixon V50MIslwyn9.7 
8235:37Gareth Davies V40MPont-Y-Pwl10.2 
8335:38Adam Grey U23MPont-Y-Pwl4.5 
8435:42Simon Gill V40MLliswerry6.8 
8535:43Paul Harris V55MLliswerry14.8 
8635:44Stephen Williams V60MParc Bryn Bach8.9 
8735:47Lisa Erickson V40WPont-Y-Pwl11.6 
8835:47Ian Kent V35MParc Bryn Bach10.3 
8935:53Andrew S Ost V40MChepstow H6.4 
9035:55Richard John Lloyd V40MFairwater11.5 
9135:58Nick Osman V50MParc Bryn Bach7.8 
9235:58Gareth Purkis SENMCaerleon7.1 
9336:00Randal Jones V60MLliswerry7.1 
9436:03Keith Brewer V65MParc Bryn Bach8.9 
9536:09Justin Shepherd V35MLliswerry10.9 
9636:11James Mcloughlin V50MLliswerry10.3 
9736:20Andrew Wright V50MCaerleon8.7 
9836:23Ross WalkerV40MChepstow  
10036:25Lewis Doolan SENMGriffithstown11.1 
9936:25Lee Andrew Phillips V50MParc Bryn Bach10.5 
10136:28Natalie Burchell V35WGriffithstown8.8 
10236:32Steve Owen V65MChepstow H11.6 
10336:41Daniel Mutlow V40MPont-Y-Pwl9.1 
10436:44Emma Maloney SENWLliswerry9.9 
10536:46Sam Skelton U23MLliswerry9.0 
10636:48Jamie Howells V40MParc Bryn Bach10.8 
10736:49Tabitha Collins SENWChepstow H13.8 
10836:50Steffan Jeremiah SENMParc Bryn Bach14.5 
10936:52Suzanne Tew V50WParc Bryn Bach11.8 
11036:54Ian Line V50MParc Bryn Bach8.6 
11136:55Jason Pritchard V45MCaerleon10.6 
11236:58Lee Turner V45MGriffithstown9.7 
11336:59Harri Like V35WParc Bryn Bach6.4 
11437:01Clifford Burton V50MIslwyn10.3 
11537:03Rob Beves V55MChepstow H6.0 
11637:04Toby Wales V50MPont-Y-Pwl8.9 
11737:07Iuean KingstonV40MFairwater  
11837:13Ryan Lambeth U23MIslwyn7.3 
11937:15Si├ón JonesSENWParc Bryn Bach  
12037:22Sean Taylor V45MGriffithstown3.5 
12137:29Adrian Paul Smith V45MGriffithstown8.5 
12237:29Carly Stone V35WGriffithstown13.6 
12337:30Brian Evans V50MSpirit of Monmouth9.4 
12437:39Olivia Farrington SENWSpirit of Monmouth15.5 
12537:45Lucy MacDonald SENWSpirit of Monmouth10.2 
12637:53Jason Edwards V45MPont-Y-Pwl15.2 
12737:57Matthew Styles SENMSpirit of Monmouth13.6 
12838:00Leonie Roberts V45WFairwater11.1 
12938:04Rachel Bowen V40WLliswerry/Clwb Run Wales8.6 
13038:04Rob Symons V55MFairwater9.3 
13138:04Andrew Thompson V65MGriffithstown18.6 
13238:09Carl Urquhart V55MPont-Y-Pwl8.6 
13338:09Reg King V50MGriffithstown13.3 
13438:10Paul Watkins V55MGriffithstown10.2 
13538:11Marc Cross V35MGriffithstown13.5 
13638:14Victoria Hobbs V35WLliswerry12.1 
13738:15Richard Parnell V45MIslwyn15.7 
13838:20Russell Wareham V50MIslwyn13.1 
13938:25Cyril Williams V65MParc Bryn Bach13.2 
14038:30Jonathan Davies SENMSpirit of Monmouth16.1 
14138:31Huw Steadman V50MParc Bryn Bach8.2 
14238:32Emma King V40WLliswerry11.2 
14338:34Christopher Jones V60MLliswerry10.4 
14438:34Ade White V55MIslwyn13.1 
14538:34James Lynch V45MIslwyn10.1 
14638:36Alan Williams V40MParc Bryn Bach15.4 
14738:39Emily Harrison V35WSpirit of Monmouth9.6 
14838:40Andrew Oliver V55MChepstow H9.6 
14938:44Jacqueline Underwood V55WLliswerry15.5 
15038:49Adam RowbothamV45MCaerleon  
15138:50Christian Ford SENMCaerleon11.9 
15238:52Andy Millard V55MPont-Y-Pwl10.7 
15338:54Melissa Morgan V35WIslwyn11.3 
15438:54Andrew Smith V40MPont-Y-Pwl9.6 
15538:59Michael Skyrme V50MFairwater11.9 
15639:02Mike Pobjoy V50MLliswerry9.3 
15739:06Dallyn Shaw V35WGriffithstown15.4 
15839:08Michael Barnes V35MFairwater16.7 
15939:09Shane Baker V40MPont-Y-Pwl8.2 
16039:10Charlotte Moran V45WCaerleon11.0 
16139:11Lloyd Hambridge SENMIslwyn8.3 
16239:13Stephen Price V55MParc Bryn Bach9.2 
16339:14Richard Weber V50MLliswerry10.4 
16439:19Andrew Spencer V55MGriffithstown10.7 
16539:22Sarah Jeremiah V45WParc Bryn Bach10.7 
16639:26Avisa Talemi V40WCaerleon10.8 
16739:27Richard Costello V50MLliswerry6.8 
16839:28Ryan Davies V45MCaerleon17.2 
16939:30Alex Pepper V35MPont-Y-Pwl12.3 
17039:33Tracy Baker V50WPont-Y-Pwl11.7 
17139:36Anna Harding V40WLliswerry21.3 
17239:37Alex Evans V45WParc Bryn Bach13.5 
17339:45Ian SullyV55MParc Bryn Bach  
17439:48Craig Ward V35MIslwyn14.3 
17539:48Carl Johnson V45MIslwyn13.4 
17639:49Andrew Barry V60MLliswerry13.8 
17740:00Phillip Allsopp V60MFairwater11.7 
17840:01Gareth Williams V55MParc Bryn Bach11.9 
17940:04Stephen Dallow V65MParc Bryn Bach11.9 
18040:11Lyndsay Poulsom V35WPont-Y-Pwl13.3 
18140:13Alicia Jones SENWLliswerry11.0 
18240:15Raouf Mansouri V35MParc Bryn Bach11.9 
18340:17Robert Nelson Nelson V45MSpirit of Monmouth17.4 
18440:19Jane Roscoe V55WChepstow H11.0 
18540:21Richard Jones SENMLliswerry14.1 
18640:22Julia Bajjada V50WChepstow H12.1 
18740:24Daley Witcombe V40MPont-Y-Pwl18.8 
18840:25Russell Dobbs V45MIslwyn18.5 
18940:27Louise Muteham V35WLliswerry12.2 
19040:28Aidan Davies SENMIslwyn22.8 
19140:29Paige Matthews SENWTeam Bath9.3 
19240:31Luke Styles SENMGriffithstown15.6 
19340:34Keith Roberts V65MLliswerry15.0 
19440:35Dimitri VorresV55MPont-Y-Pwl  
19540:38Sarah Lauder V40WLliswerry12.1 
19640:41Jen Watkins SENWPont-Y-Pwl17.2 
19740:43Jan Morris V50WChepstow H10.8 
19840:46Jessica Powell SENWParc Bryn Bach19.3 
19940:50John Dally V55MLliswerry13.4 
20040:50David Mather V55MSpirit of Monmouth13.3 
20140:51Gareth Richards V40MParc Bryn Bach12.7 
20240:56Helen Duffield V45WChepstow H19.4 
20340:56Terry White V65MGriffithstown12.9 
20440:58Robert Franklin V50MIslwyn19.2 
20540:59Marina Wright V40WSpirit of Monmouth15.4 
20641:01Rachel Waters SENWSpirit of Monmouth15.2 
20741:05Elizabeth Richards V55WCaerleon13.3 
20841:13Holly Jenkins V35WParc Bryn Bach13.1 
20941:20Julie Gould V50WIslwyn14.1 
21041:27Amelia Davies U20WPont-Y-Pwl11.1 
21141:28Vicky Roberts SENWSpirit of Monmouth9.8 
21241:30Hollie Harmer V35WIslwyn15.6 
21341:31Peter Welbirg V70MGriffithstown13.3 
21441:31Gareth Hart V50MCaerleon12.5 
21541:32James Ashley V45MParc Bryn Bach10.2 
21641:36Mark Burchell V40MGriffithstown9.9 
21741:38Chris Baber V35MSpirit of Monmouth19.5 
21841:39Stuart Fowler V40MFairwater16.1 
21941:40Andy Clifton V45MSpirit of Monmouth15.1 
22041:40Gavin Jones V50MGriffithstown13.1 
22141:44Kim Carwardine V35WChepstow H12.8 
22241:47Mark Breese V50MLliswerry12.9 
22341:52Stuart Howison V40MLliswerry15.8 
22441:56Julian Taylor V55MLliswerry14.7 
22541:57Jeremy Creasey V55MSpirit of Monmouth10.5 
22641:58Phil Cummings V45MCaerleon19.5 
22742:00Sharon Carrafa V45WIslwyn18.9 
22842:01Matthew Lloyd V40MFairwater14.9 
22942:02Andrew Meaney V55MGriffithstown14.9 
23042:04Rhiannon Jenkins V35WParc Bryn Bach21.9 
23142:10Hannah Pretty SENWLliswerry20.3 
23242:11Lowri Williams SENWIslwyn16.9 
23342:18Beth Jones U23WParc Bryn Bach9.8 
23442:21Becky Fullerton V35WChepstow H18.3 
23542:25Karen Southgate V50WPont-Y-Pwl12.8 
23642:28Daniel Lane V45MGriffithstown7.1 
23742:33Louise Crockett V55WChepstow H14.5 
23842:37Thomas David V35MGriffithstown15.0 
23942:37Stephen Mcmenemy V60MSpirit of Monmouth16.4 
24042:44Julie Lees V45WFairwater17.0 
24142:46Martyn Powell V45MParc Bryn Bach10.2 
24242:46Shane Matthews V50MGriffithstown14.3 
24342:47Gareth NorvillSENMCaerleon  
24442:59Andrew Hillis V55MSpirit of Monmouth14.7 
24542:59Roger Freeman V40MParc Bryn Bach7.0 
24643:01Tony Lewis V55MParc Bryn Bach14.5 
24743:01Oliver Marcus Hughes V40MLliswerry15.7 
24843:02Gareth Powell V50MIslwyn18.8 
24943:02Nicola Brunnock V55WPont-Y-Pwl20.2 
25043:16Tomas Forsey SENMLliswerry16.2 
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