Brentwood parkrun # 292 External Results
14 May 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:24Kurt Brooks S30MUnattached    
219:49Daniel Jaycock PBV45MBrentwood RC19:4419:442.9 
320:12Freya Bundy U18WUnattached    
420:17Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
521:20Stuart Crowther V60MWeald Park Warriors    
621:43Jonathan Cox V35MUnattached    
721:54Glen King V45MUnattached    
822:15Kirsty Osborn S25WUnattached    
922:40Anthony Moore  V50MBillericay18:2717:413.5 
1022:54Steve Danby  V55MWeald Park Warriors21:2620:049.0 
1122:56Adam Bakler-Kugler  U15MBasildon21:4921:494.0 
1223:02Liam Farrelly S25MUnattached    
1323:07Andrew Squire V55MUnattached    
1423:08Mark Cooper V35MUnattached    
1523:12Stephen Rebel  V40MBrentwood RC23:1121:1710.0 
1623:14Scott Reeve V55MWeald Park Warriors    
1723:36Keith Thornton  V55MBrentwood RC22:0419:189.1 
1823:51Jasper Jaycock U18MUnattached    
1923:55Philip Tierney V40MUnattached    
2024:01Graham Masters V55MUnattached    
2124:03Stephen Smith V50MWeald Park Warriors    
2224:06Rob Byrom S25MUnattached    
2324:12Sam Campbell S20MUnattached    
2424:16Stuart Matthews V50MUnattached    
2524:18Guy Campbell V55MUnattached    
2624:23Michael Cornish V60MUnattached    
2724:44Timothy Sellers V35MUnattached    
2824:54Jake Wright S20MUnattached    
2924:57David Skipp V50MWeald Park Warriors    
3024:58Steve Hillis  SENMRayleigh RAT Runners22:5422:5413.3 
3125:05Lisa James SBV45WBrentwood RC24:0224:0214.0 
3225:09Paul Whitmore  SENMRayleigh RAT Runners24:0124:0114.7 
3325:11Matthew Delea U15MWeald Park Warriors    
3425:28Mike Roast V55MUnattached    
3525:40Jonathan West  V45MOrion22:4521:5011.9 
3625:44Adam Davis V55MUnattached    
3725:53Karen West  V40WOrion23:0223:0212.9 
3825:55Gregory Whittaker S30MUnattached    
3925:56Andrew Turk V50MUnattached    
4026:04Stuart Bailey  V40MHarold Wood RC25:0024:1415.5 
4126:07Katalin Bakler-Kugler V40WUnattached    
4226:19Bruce Shrimplin S30MUnattached    
4326:43Paul Fisk V35MUnattached    
4426:46John Chapple V55MUnattached    
4526:49Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4626:52Chad Higgins V40MUnattached    
4727:03Stewart Watson V45MUnattached    
4827:10Claudio Domingues V40MUnattached    
4927:10Darrell Etchells V45MUnattached    
5027:18Dave O'Carroll V60MUnattached    
5127:20Declan O'Mahony V50MUnattached    
5227:32Ashleigh Jackson S20WUnattached    
5327:43Gergana Danby V45WWeald Park Warriors    
5427:50Ronald Barnes V75MUnattached    
5527:52Lauren Chesney S25WUnattached    
5628:10Tam├ís Somogyi V45MUnattached    
5728:14Leanne Gwynn V40WRayleigh RAT Runners    
5828:23Virginija Janavicius V50WWeald Park Warriors    
5928:28Andrew Fox S25MUnattached    
6028:30Olivia Barker U15WUnattached    
6128:57Ted Hales Green U11MWeald Park Warriors    
6228:58Tara Warren  V40WWeald Park Warriors26:2826:2816.7 
6328:59Paul Bradley SBV50MUnattached26:3726:3720.2 
6429:02Lorna Judd V40WUnattached    
6529:12Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6629:15Phil Hales V50MWeald Park Warriors    
6729:22Saravanan Subramanian V45MUnattached    
6829:27Tom Wilson V35MUnattached    
6929:39Oliver Rowe V50MUnattached    
7029:44Amy Wright SBSENWUnattached29:4424:1833.3 
7129:50Juliet Milne  V40WUnattached24:5224:1716.3 
7230:01Steve Harlow V60MUnattached    
7330:10George Acton U15MUnattached    
7430:41Kelly Rayner  V40WBrentwood RC27:4827:4821.1 
7530:46Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7630:58Sara Du Plessis V40WUnattached    
7731:08Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7831:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7931:35Emma Delea  V45WWeald Park Warriors28:0128:0121.5 
8031:47Sarah Sharpe S25WUnattached    
8132:07Tony Sobers V55MUnattached    
8232:22Caroline Preston V50WUnattached    
8332:31Brogan Wheeler S20WUnattached    
8432:35Tomas Williams U15MUnattached    
8532:36Toni Williams V45WUnattached    
8632:36Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8732:46Nicholle Kingsley V45WUnattached    
8833:13John Cash V65MUnattached    
8933:14Elizabeth Jerrard  V55WUnattached31:1129:2523.7 
9033:27Erin Delea U15WTri Sport Epping    
9133:28Emily Latham U18WUnattached    
9233:31Louise Parsons V40WUnattached    
9333:36Henry Stananought U15MUnattached    
9433:37Gareth Stananought V45MUnattached    
9533:51Susan Edwards  V55WEton Manor28:3522:3123.1 
9633:56Clare A Bates V55WUnattached    
9734:13Karen Connell V40WUnattached    
9834:39Laura Fisk V35WUnattached    
9934:42Ann Cardus V50WWeald Park Warriors    
10034:46Eva Szabo V55WWeald Park Warriors    
10136:13Dawn Jaycock V45WUnattached    
10238:10Joanne Harding  V50WRochford RC35:4225:5628.1 
10338:16Karen Holland V50WUnattached    
10439:07Jade Parsons S30WBedford Harriers AC    
10539:11Colin White-Mccarthy V35MMuddy Race Team    
10639:31Liz Bundy V45WUnattached    
10739:34Chris Mann V50WUnattached    
10839:54Melvyn Cooper  V60MBrentwood RC37:5723:2928.6 
10940:45Charlotte Rebel U18WUnattached    
11040:48Amy Stananought U15WUnattached    
11141:34Katerina Cooper V65WUnattached    
11247:27Michelle Jackson V50WUnattached    
11347:28Robert Bass V55MUnattached    
11450:11Gill Saunders V70WUnattached    
11550:31Sally Piggott  V55WPhoenix Striders28:5528:5220.8