Cardiff Bannister Anniversary Miles External Results
6 May 22
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1M 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
18:53Angharad Parry-Jones PBV45WLes Croupiers8:538:5325.4 
29:08Jon Martin SBV45MLes Croupiers9:087:5028.4 
39:11Ian Barrett SBV35MLes Croupiers9:117:5930.7 
49:17Kirsty Mcgowan SBSENWLes Croupiers9:177:4825.3 
59:28Geoff Wright SBV70MLes Croupiers9:288:3327.8 
69:38Karen Chadwell SBV50WLes Croupiers9:387:5025.2 
710:38Clare Johnson SBV75WLes Croupiers10:388:3529.2 
1M 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:27Royston Vincent PBV35MPontypridd (Roadents)6:276:2711.9 
27:10Darpan Singh PBV45MPontyclun RR7:107:1016.6 
37:26Tim O'Sullivan SBV60MLes Croupiers7:266:5819.2 
47:33Graeme Donnan SBV65MLes Croupiers7:336:4420.0 
57:35Kelly Crofts PBV40WLes Croupiers7:357:3521.7 
67:35Eve Gallop-Evans SBV55WLes Croupiers7:357:1919.3 
77:43Gerard Crispie PBV60MLes Croupiers/Striders of Croydon/Ireland7:437:4317.7 
87:49Nye Donovan U11MCardiff Amateur Ac    
98:26Liz Denton SBV60WLes Croupiers8:267:5422.6 
1M 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:42Bella Thie PBU11WBridgend6:426:4214.2 
26:51Tim Petrides PBV55MLes Croupiers6:516:5113.8 
37:02Michael H Davies SBV70MLes Croupiers7:026:2815.1 
47:07Jenny Martin SBV40WLes Croupiers7:076:3217.6 
57:11Martin Green PBV50MPontypridd (Roadents)7:117:1116.1 
67:15Claire Marie Jarrom SBV35WLes Croupiers7:156:3817.0 
77:20Stephen Lewis V60MLes Croupiers Rc    
87:27Julie Scholey  V60WLes Croupiers7:226:4117.2 
97:48Steve Nicholls PBV60MPontyclun RR7:487:4824.2 
1M 4
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:15Jon Hussey PBV40MUnattached6:156:1512.1 
26:22Kay Chapman PBV55WLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters6:226:2210.5 
36:25Eva Martin PBU11WCardiff6:256:2511.5 
46:25Hayley Morgan PBV55WPontyclun RR6:256:2512.3 
56:25Andrew Martin V50M     
66:29Ruth Donovan PBV35WSan Domenico6:296:2911.8 
76:30Steve Chadwell PBV50MLes Croupiers6:306:308.7 
86:32Carole Goddard PBV45WLes Croupiers6:326:3210.0 
96:34Gwyn Jones SBV55MLes Croupiers6:346:0413.9 
106:35Howard Kent SBV65MLes Croupiers6:355:5411.9 
116:37Rachel Walsh PBV40WLes Croupiers/South Wales Police6:376:3714.5 
126:44Stephen Locke PBV50MPontypridd (Roadents)6:446:4414.9 
136:49Gary John SBV65MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters6:496:2517.0 
1M 5
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:36Philip Hodge PBV55MLes Croupiers5:365:365.6 
25:48David Shewring PBV35MPontyclun RR5:485:489.5 
35:53Andrew Jones SENM     
45:57Brian Dias  V35MCardiff/Welsh Masters/Ogmore Phoenix5:455:188.0 
56:05Joe Turner SBSENMPenarth & Dinas6:055:5210.4 
66:06Bethan Butler-Madden PBSENWPontypridd (Roadents)6:066:068.9 
76:09Ceri Davies PBV45MSan Domenico6:096:099.3 
86:12Brian Lovett SBV50MSan Domenico6:126:029.7 
96:16David Walker PBV65MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters6:166:168.6 
106:18Mike Murphy SBV65MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters6:185:4611.8 
1M 6
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:11Dave Thomas PBSENMLes Croupiers5:115:115.6 
25:18Laurence Pole SBV45MPontypridd (Roadents)5:185:055.5 
35:18Chloe Dooley PBU23WPontypridd (Roadents)/Cardiff Uni5:185:182.5 
45:22Owen Davies PBV35MLes Croupiers5:225:225.2 
55:25Peter Tully PBSENMLes Croupiers5:255:257.2 
65:27Gareth Logan PBV35MLes Croupiers5:275:275.2 
75:29Gareth Morgan PBV45MLes Croupiers5:295:298.1 
85:29Ross Flanigan PBV50MPenarth & Dinas5:295:295.2 
95:31Amy Griffiths PBSENWLes Croupiers5:315:315.5 
105:33Helen Oliver PBSENWLes Croupiers/Winchester5:335:334.4 
1M 7
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:39James Thie SBV40MCardiff/Welsh Masters4:393:57.0-1.0 
24:46Henry Evans PBU17MNewport H4:464:46-0.9 
34:56Huw Evans SBV50MParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters4:564:40-0.7 
44:58Ben Kennedy PBSENMLes Croupiers4:584:580.1 
55:00Michael Morgan PBV35MPenarth & Dinas5:005:002.8 
65:00Edward Donovan SBV40MLes Croupiers5:004:480.5 
75:02Adrian Lewis  V50MAberdare Valley/Welsh Masters5:015:012.1 
85:03Rhys Phillips PBU17MNewport H5:035:031.7 
95:15Paul Francis PBV45MLes Croupiers5:155:152.9