Ancholme Valley Way parkrun # 8 External Results
Ancholme Valley Way
2 Apr 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:36Andy Parker  V45MBolton16:4816:480.3 
217:41Sean Willis  S30MScunthorpe & District RC17:2317:23-0.2 
319:36Cortez Reilly  U18MBarton & District AC19:1818:056.4 
419:42Mark Davis  V40MRedhill RR/Andover18:4618:065.2 
519:44David George PBV35MBarton & District AC19:4419:449.4 
620:17Arron Crookes SBV50MScunthorpe & District RC20:1719:287.6 
720:53Dave Boot  V55MLong Eaton20:1318:457.4 
821:22John Gray SBV55MBillingham19:5418:167.3 
921:41Robert Crump SBV45MCaistor RC21:4117:575.0 
1022:11Jane Charlesworth  V50WLincoln Wellington20:5720:329.4 
1122:15Josh Goodyear S25MUnattached    
1222:53Mark Nind  V60MHurricane Striders22:3622:3612.0 
1323:03Phil Jackson V50MUnattached    
1423:14Chris Wilkinson  V40MCaistor RC23:0820:1314.7 
1523:18Richard Streatfield V50MUnattached    
1623:22Chase Wickens U15MUnattached    
1723:29Chris Brown V35MUnattached    
1823:39Andy Davey SBV55MFitmums & Friends23:3922:1514.4 
1923:44Eleanor Parker-Hyde SBV35WMorley23:1421:5714.2 
2023:47Simon Dockerill V45MUnattached    
2124:00Chris Turner V55MSheffield Tri    
2224:04Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2324:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2424:13Martin Hickey V50MUnattached    
2524:14Steven Eyre  V50MCaistor RC22:5522:2513.1 
2624:16Jason Windley V50MUnattached    
2724:17Paul Jepson  V65MGrantham RC23:5722:5515.1 
2824:24Grazia Crosskill SBV65WBarton & District AC24:0222:3616.4 
2924:35Charles Auty V40MUnattached    
3024:46Julie Osgerby V50WUnattached    
3124:48Ian Davis V55MUnattached    
3224:50Mark Rogers SBV55MBillingham24:5022:2616.7 
3324:56Alex Smith  V50MBarton & District AC24:4422:3516.9 
3425:08Darren Scutt  V50MLincsquad21:5021:4411.0 
3525:20Owen Griffiths  V40MBarton & District AC17:4217:422.8 
3625:24Lynsey Freear V35WUnattached    
3725:26Katie Scutt  S25WLincsquad24:1920:5515.8 
3825:27Ryan Coates V35MUnattached    
3925:31Ruth Horwood V45WUnattached    
4025:35Kathryn Kay V55WUnattached    
4125:54Freddie Gibbs U15MOff That Couch Fitness    
4226:09Tim Bartlett SBV60MCaistor RC26:0923:5626.4 
4326:16Fiona Fisk SBV55WScunthorpe Harriers AC26:1622:2821.9 
4426:22Ewan Lince U15MUnattached    
4526:41Chris Wright V40MUnattached    
4626:59David Baker V45MUnattached    
4727:10Martin Parish  V45MUnattached26:3221:3319.7 
4827:16Catherine Warren  V55WAckworth24:0824:0815.7 
4927:18Ben Stittle  V35MSteel City19:0719:076.1 
5027:32Kate Davey SBV55WFitmums & Friends27:2026:1919.8 
5127:39Emma Jones  V35WBarnsley H23:2423:1715.9 
5227:39Paul McWhirter  V40MSheffield RC21:4221:0312.2 
5327:42John Kirsop V35MUnattached    
5427:45Emma Creese S30WUnattached    
5527:52Anne Findlay  V60WCaistor RC27:3327:3321.5 
5628:00Andrew Ferguson V45MScunthorpe & District AC    
5728:06Anastasija Turner V35WSheffield Tri    
5828:07Garry Hobson  V55MScunthorpe & District RC26:2122:5720.6 
5928:08Siobhan Webb  S30WBarton & District AC26:4225:1717.5 
6028:09Daniel Johnson  V35MBarton & District AC20:1920:196.1 
6128:25Rachel Eyre  V50WCaistor RC28:2427:1123.0 
6228:37Sally Walker  V45WScunthorpe & District RC27:1327:1321.8 
6329:01Chris Hebb V35MUnattached    
6429:17Aimee Muller  U18WBarton & District AC25:0725:0718.4 
6529:17Rachel Muller SBV35WBarton & District AC28:1825:1421.6 
6629:23Philip Kirkham  V55MBarton & District AC24:1823:5615.6 
6729:32Caroline Sanderson V40WUnattached    
6829:43Stephen Simpson V45MUnattached    
6929:48Sue Oldfield  V65WBarton & District AC28:0326:1921.8 
7029:59Liz Drury V45WUnattached    
7130:18Joanna Parkin  V40WScunthorpe & District RC28:4227:5624.0 
7230:24Iryna Dunbar V40WUnattached    
7330:39Sam Martin V35MUnattached    
7430:42Ruth George  V35WBarton & District AC29:4628:0626.6 
7530:56Samantha Swain  V40WUnattached28:4022:4120.7 
7631:05Phil Bradley V60MUnattached    
7731:07Alison Nettleton  V50WBarton & District AC29:5429:3425.3 
7831:19Lisa Lince  V45WCaistor RC30:1930:1925.5 
7931:22David Appleyard  V65MUnattached27:1922:4121.0 
8031:26Donna Hartley V45WUnattached    
8131:33Kathryn Brown S25WUnattached    
8231:33Anna Marshall S30WUnattached    
8331:44Hayley Bowers V45WUnattached    
8431:47Heather Smith S30WUnattached    
8532:13Rebecca Manchester SBU20WBarton & District AC30:5925:3023.1 
8632:39Mark Grace SBV55MBillingham32:3925:2227.7 
8732:42Ken Coggin  V50MLonely Goat RC31:4731:4726.6 
8832:48Vikki Woodford V35WUnattached    
8933:20Gill Bridger  V60WCaistor RC32:3832:3829.7 
9033:57Anna Ellis V65WUnattached    
9134:04Susan Ancliffe SBV55WCaistor RC32:5230:2228.9 
9234:05Dean Argent SBV60MUnattached33:4424:2827.0 
9334:08Michelle Boot V50WUnattached    
9434:11Tracey Lince SBV50WBarton & District AC31:2026:4929.5 
9534:11Helen Cawkwell SBV45WBarton & District AC31:1927:3829.6 
9634:20Austin Pettifer U11MUnattached    
9734:21Rachel Pettifer V35WUnattached    
9835:16Matthew Teal S25MUnattached    
9935:54Donna Senior V45WUnattached    
10035:57Emma Fowler V40WUnattached    
10136:32Joanne Ramsay V50WCaistor Running Club    
10236:33Laura Sutherland  S30WCaistor RC33:5331:1830.5 
10337:51Helen Munn V60WUnattached    
10437:51Becky Lennox V35WUnattached    
10539:26Martin Manchester  V50MBarton & District AC25:1421:1218.5 
10640:33Elizabeth Trubshaw SBV60WBarton & District AC40:3331:5835.9 
10740:58Lesley Bradley V60WUnattached    
10841:15Dave Russell Smith  V70MLincoln Wellington24:4623:5718.2 
10942:29Lorna Manchester  V50WBarton & District AC40:2229:2534.2 
11042:30Katie Anderton V40WUnattached    
11142:57Allie Addey V50WUnattached    
11246:43Jude Faulkner SBV55WUnattached45:3930:4040.1 
11347:33Peter J Oleary V70MUnattached    
11447:35Chris Mather SBV45MCaistor RC46:0829:1837.9 
11547:44Susan Sole V45WKingston upon Hull AC    
11647:44Steve Sole  V50MKingston upon Hull20:3020:309.2 
11753:02Kathleen Jepson V65WUnattached    
11855:36Jessie Meakin U20WUnattached    
11955:36Lynda Rhodes V65WUnattached    
12055:37Sue Tock V55WUnattached    
12155:38Sally Smith  V50WBarton & District AC28:5528:5523.5