Forest of Dean parkrun # 555 External Results
Forest of Dean
12 Feb 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:44Marcus Bennetto  S25MForest of Dean AC16:2516:25-0.4 
220:00Steve Rooke  V50MLedbury18:3418:342.9 
320:24Julian Michael Boon  V50MForest of Dean AC19:1618:275.2 
420:54Andy Crawshaw PBV55MLedbury20:5420:547.7 
521:03Neil Grinnell SBV45MLedbury19:3219:325.4 
621:08Mark Mathews  V45MForest of Dean AC20:5019:256.1 
721:33Craig Brain S25MUnattached    
821:43Kathy Griffin S30WUnattached    
922:52Jeff Hall  V50MForest of Dean AC22:3822:3510.6 
1023:01Sarah Heath PBV60WShaftesbury Barnet/Alchester/Southern Counties Vets23:0123:0121.0 
1123:06Stuart Baird V40MUnattached    
1223:11Mark Williamson V45MUnattached    
1323:20Rose Goodwin-jones  SENWUnattached22:2020:4413.7 
1423:43Paul Norris  V45MChepstow H22:3322:1410.1 
1523:44Natalie Norris U15WUnattached    
1624:20Dave Colcomb V35MUnattached    
1724:29Guy Maskall SBV45MUnattached24:2922:1813.6 
1825:28James Wilden V45MUnattached    
1925:40Mike Carter V45MUnattached    
2025:56Valerie Hamilton  V55WForest of Dean AC23:4623:1015.2 
2125:57Andrew Fulcher SBV35MPershore Plum Plodders25:5722:1315.7 
2226:01Iain Garfield V45MUnattached    
2326:07Robert Brooks V40MForest of Dean AC    
2426:27Joni Tingle V35WUnattached    
2526:41Lee Osborne  V50MUnattached25:4321:3115.5 
2626:47Mark Evans V50MUnattached    
2726:59Simon Kewin V55MUnattached    
2827:07Peter Covington-Jones SBV65MForest of Dean AC25:4023:0017.4 
2927:16Graham James  S25MUnattached25:4522:4515.7 
3027:25Martyn Thomas V35MUnattached    
3127:38Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3227:47David Jenkins  V45MForest of Dean AC26:2723:0316.1 
3327:52Vanessa Diovisalvi V40WUnattached    
3427:52Davide Diovisalvi V40MUnattached    
3528:08Nicola Oxborough  V45WUnattached26:3824:5619.6 
3628:13Steve Reason  V55MSpirit of Monmouth26:0626:0618.3 
3728:32Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3828:39Sarah Warren V55WUnattached    
3928:51Hazel Carter S20WUnattached    
4029:08Sarah Teague V55WUnattached    
4129:25Caroline Rickards SBV40WLonely Goat RC27:5327:2719.9 
4229:35Miriam Paris  V55WForest of Dean AC28:5327:4421.4 
4329:45Jade Feavyour S25WUnattached    
4429:48Sian Evans  V50WSparkhill24:3319:4715.2 
4529:49Kern Hankins  V55MRhedwyr Hebog22:0921:4912.0 
4630:04Tina Griffin V55WUnattached    
4730:21Callum Garfield U18MUnattached    
4830:27Rebecca Williamson V45WUnattached    
4930:51Richard Dennant  V55MUnattached24:2820:2914.5 
5030:54Tegan Cleaver Powell S25WUnattached    
5130:54Martin Bottomley S30MUnattached    
5231:33Sasha Heriot  V40WUnattached30:2827:4025.6 
5331:34Steve Moreby V50MUnattached    
5431:37Lee Collings V50MUnattached    
5531:38Jean Griffin V60WUnattached    
5631:39Patrick Rennison  V60MForest of Dean AC28:5321:2019.8 
5731:43Carol Bathurst V55WUnattached    
5831:47Graham Bennetto SBV60MForest of Dean AC/Fire Service28:4424:1521.1 
5932:11Kimberley Pilkington S30WUnattached    
6032:23Nicola Phillips  V55WSole Sisters30:4526:5125.1 
6133:17Nick Smith V45MUnattached    
6233:39David Sifford V35MUnattached    
6334:11Tim Watkins  SENMUnattached24:3119:0914.9 
6434:25Angela Bowkett  V55WForest of Dean AC30:4626:3523.6 
6534:26Gerry O'Brien  V45MSouth Derbyshire22:0018:0010.1 
6634:26Mark Williamson  V60MForest of Dean AC/Sheffield Uni21:5720:4610.1 
6734:29Kaye Bottomley SBS30WPershore Plum Plodders34:2931:4629.0 
6835:02Jackie Thomas  V60WUnattached34:0428:4529.0 
6936:39Joanne Sanderson  V50WSole Sisters33:5932:5929.7 
7037:04Paul Davies V40MUnattached    
7137:16Kirsty Mcgowan  S30WLes Croupiers29:5926:1524.6 
7238:08Tony Hardy V55MMonmouth Rock up and Run    
7340:17Lewis Fitzjohn U11MUnattached    
7440:18Tom Fitzjohn  SENMUnattached23:2920:1615.1 
7540:20Brian Fitzjohn V60MUnattached    
7641:08Peter Compton  V50MForest of Dean AC37:4831:2231.4 
7741:09Charlie Compton U11MForest of Dean AC    
7841:31Lucinda Wynne  S25WHarold Wood RC36:1333:0230.9 
7943:35Vanessa Sifford V35WUnattached    
8047:00Helen Moreby V50WUnattached    
8147:04Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8247:04Emma Warman V40WUnattached    
8357:57Sophia Plowright V40Wparkrun for people living with asthma    
8457:57Karen Moisley V55WUnattached    
8557:58Owen Moisley V60MUnattached