Brentwood parkrun # 278 External Results
29 Jan 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:08Daniel Jaycock SBV45MBrentwood RC19:4419:442.9 
220:49Phil Price  V40MBrentwood RC18:0918:093.2 
321:12Ethan Skipp U18MUnattached    
421:15Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
521:30Sam Carey U18MUnattached    
621:32Freya Bundy U18WUnattached    
721:42Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
821:44Stuart Crowther V60MWeald Park Warriors    
921:45Henry Morrison V45MUnattached    
1021:49Adam Bakler-Kugler PBU15MBasildon21:4921:494.0 
1122:03Simon Seager V40MUnattached    
1222:08Jonathan Cox V35MUnattached    
1322:29Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1422:48David McAnn V35MUnattached    
1522:54Andrew Whitcombe SBS20MBrentwood RC22:5419:5621.9 
1623:12Glen King V45MUnattached    
1723:19Sara Beedell V35WUnattached    
1823:30Stuart Hawker V50MUnattached    
1923:36Kreesha Frazer V50WUnattached    
2023:39Owen King U15MUnattached    
2123:43Ben Holland U15MUnattached    
2223:43Neil Holland  V45MUnattached20:4220:338.3 
2323:49Elsie King SBU18WBasildon21:0321:039.8 
2423:53Max Barton U15MUnattached    
2523:54Benjamin Corcoran U15MUnattached    
2623:55Gabor Bakler-Kugler V45MUnattached    
2723:55Darryn Ashford  V40MMaidstone20:4720:479.2 
2823:57Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2924:01Ian Brett  V45MHavering '90 Joggers20:2519:188.3 
3024:42Gareth Stananought V45MUnattached    
3124:49Robert Adams S30MUnattached    
3224:58Billy Johnstone S30MUnattached    
3325:01Craig Gibson V45MUnattached    
3425:10Callum Goodey U18MUnattached    
3525:18Gary McKechnie V55MUnattached    
3625:26Graham Masters V55MUnattached    
3725:29Stephen Smith V50MWeald Park Warriors    
3825:30Katalin Bakler-Kugler V40WUnattached    
3925:33Marc Delea V55MWeald Park Warriors    
4025:46Rob Hawker U20MUnattached    
4125:50Neil Farquhar V50MUnattached    
4225:54Jasper Jaycock U15MUnattached    
4325:58Callum Etchells U15MUnattached    
4425:59Paul Brown V45MUnattached    
4526:06Toby Brennan U18MUnattached    
4626:08Frank Danino V55MUnattached    
4726:13Bruce Shrimplin S30MUnattached    
4826:28Lisa James  V45WBrentwood RC24:0224:0214.0 
4926:31David Lambert V45MUnattached    
5026:31Stephen Cook S25MBluebells Running Club    
5126:51Lorna Judd V40WUnattached    
5227:04Linda Baxter V55WUnattached    
5327:18James Metcalfe V45MUnattached    
5427:24Philippa Danino V55WUnattached    
5527:25Mike Roast V55MUnattached    
5627:29Andrew Barton V45MUnattached    
5727:39Mike Ward V55MWeald Park Warriors    
5827:48Madeleine Knight SBV45WBrentwood RC26:4023:1516.3 
5927:51Tam├ís Somogyi V45MUnattached    
6027:56Evie Knight U18WUnattached    
6128:02Gregory Whittaker S30MUnattached    
6228:35Nick Teale S30MUnattached    
6328:46Declan O'Mahony V50MUnattached    
6428:46Simon Swallow V60MUnattached    
6528:50Sarah Routledge V60WUnattached    
6629:33Ken Ireland V50MUnattached    
6729:38Chad Higgins V40MUnattached    
6829:40Ian Teale V60MUnattached    
6929:42Abbie Lawrence S25WUnattached    
7030:11Robert Mclean  V50MWeald Park Warriors26:3324:1620.1 
7130:35Laura Judd V45WUnattached    
7230:50Dave O'Carroll V60MUnattached    
7331:34Denise Venmore-Hardman V35WUnattached    
7432:24Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7532:38Tom Bundy V45MUnattached    
7632:49Deb Mclean  V50WWeald Park Warriors28:0528:0524.5 
7733:07Kelly Rayner  V40WBrentwood RC27:4827:4821.1 
7833:12Sarah Knapton V45WUnattached    
7934:12Liza Scott V45WUnattached    
8034:12Emma Delea  V45WWeald Park Warriors28:0128:0121.5 
8134:32Billy Attwood S30MUnattached    
8235:02John Cash V65MUnattached    
8335:08Gill Cash V65WUnattached    
8435:21Josephine Pickard S25WUnattached    
8535:37Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8635:48Natalie Widdows V50WUnattached    
8735:56George Acton U15MUnattached    
8836:00Olivia Knight U15WUnattached    
8936:11Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9036:22Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9136:55Ann Cardus V50WWeald Park Warriors    
9237:12Georgia Widdows S20WUnattached    
9337:16Mark West  V55MDagenham 8832:2430:2729.2 
9437:32Lisle Pugh V45WUnattached    
9537:52Sonia Patten V50WUnattached    
9638:06Karen Holland V50WUnattached    
9738:08Gayle Palmer V45WUnattached    
9838:24Michelle Smith V50WWeald Park Warriors    
9938:37Hannah Perrin  V40WUnattached34:2730:1529.7 
10038:48Tracey Rusz V50WWeald Park Warriors    
10139:17Julie Horton V50WUnattached    
10239:31Sophie Knapton V35WUnattached    
10339:32Seraphine Colley V40WUnattached    
10439:49Liz Bundy V40WUnattached    
10540:00Ganesh Ramalingam V45MUnattached    
10640:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10741:07Jennie Ohalloran V60WWeald Park Warriors    
10841:12Melvyn Cooper  V60MBrentwood RC37:5723:2928.6 
10942:09Gill Saunders V70WUnattached    
11042:48Susan Bannocks  V60WPhoenix Striders40:2731:0231.6 
11143:39Katerina Cooper V60WUnattached    
11244:16David Skipp V50MWeald Park Warriors    
11344:21Aoife Hales Green U15WWeald Park Warriors    
11444:43Ted Hales Green U11MWeald Park Warriors    
11544:44Vashti Green V45WWeald Park Warriors