Forest of Dean parkrun # 553 External Results
Forest of Dean
29 Jan 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:36Marcus Bennetto  S25MForest of Dean AC16:2516:25-0.4 
218:40Martin Colwill SBV55MBideford17:3617:210.9 
320:53Mark Mathews SBV45MForest of Dean AC20:5019:256.1 
421:06Richard Pegler  V45MForest of Dean AC19:3818:306.0 
521:17Jack Fleet SBS20MForest of Dean AC21:1718:0511.7 
621:19Leyton Fleet  V50MForest of Dean AC19:0818:084.1 
721:39Kathy Griffin S30WUnattached    
822:00Gerry O'Brien SBV45MSouth Derbyshire22:0018:0010.1 
922:05Stuart Allen S25MSpa Striders RC    
1022:16Nigel George Tillott  V55MTewkesbury RC22:0019:118.4 
1122:28Mark Blake SBV50MForest of Dean AC21:2919:537.6 
1222:49Melanie Eaton V50WUnattached    
1323:25Jim Storrar  V60MForest of Dean AC22:0520:509.2 
1423:31Sarah Heath PBV60WShaftesbury Barnet/Alchester/Southern Counties Vets23:0123:0121.0 
1523:33Jeff Hall  V50MForest of Dean AC22:3822:3510.6 
1623:34Natalie Norris U15WUnattached    
1723:37Ian Moran SBV60MEastleigh RC21:2119:2010.5 
1823:41Paul Norris SBV45MChepstow H22:3322:1410.1 
1923:59Adam Ainsworth V45MUnattached    
2024:08Paul McAfee SBV55MSpirit of Monmouth23:4123:1212.5 
2124:22Jemma Rose S25WUnattached    
2224:28Richard Dennant SBV55MUnattached24:2820:2914.5 
2324:35Guy Maskall SBV45MUnattached24:2922:1813.6 
2424:37William Compton SBU20MForest of Dean AC24:3722:3413.5 
2524:39Mike Thurgood  V50MCaerleon23:5620:1913.7 
2624:44Jane Creed SBV45WForest of Dean AC24:4423:1715.1 
2724:48Brian Francis SBV60MForest of Dean AC23:5020:5413.9 
2825:01Ray Collins V65MWalton Chasers Orienteering Club    
2925:08Domonique Burge S30WUnattached    
3025:09Sherryl Hall SBV55WForest of Dean AC22:5521:5712.2 
3125:19Owen Moisley V60MUnattached    
3225:26Helen Colwill  V50WBideford22:1421:4811.7 
3325:32James Wilden V45MUnattached    
3425:34Archie Cowton U15MUnattached    
3525:35Dan Cowton V50MUnattached    
3625:37Shayne Hembrow V50MUnattached    
3725:45Ken Green V65MUnattached    
3826:06Neil Grant  V70MChepstow H23:0119:4112.9 
3926:13Lee Osborne  V50MUnattached25:4321:3115.5 
4026:26Peaches Jefferies V45WUnattached    
4126:27Glen Meek SBV45MChepstow H21:5119:219.3 
4226:30Robert Freeman SBV45MForest of Dean AC23:0319:5914.0 
4326:32Joni Tingle V35WUnattached    
4426:58Simon Kewin V55MUnattached    
4527:09Sean Harris V35MUnattached    
4627:12Stefanie Francis  V55WForest of Dean AC25:4024:1617.0 
4727:13Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4827:16Emily Gwilliam V40WUnattached    
4927:20Izzy Worgan U18WUnattached    
5027:29Vicki Hewlett SBV55WForest of Dean AC26:3824:0718.0 
5127:49Peter Covington-Jones  V65MForest of Dean AC25:4023:0017.4 
5227:52Dennis Coombs V55MUnattached    
5328:04Dave Walsh V60MUnattached    
5428:09Dave Andrews  V70MChepstow H26:0523:4819.2 
5528:12Luke Dinsdale V40MUnattached    
5628:34Thomas Hewitt S30MUnattached    
5728:41Emma Parsons  V45WUnattached27:1123:5418.7 
5828:48Hannah Carter S25WUnattached    
5929:59Mandy Knott SBV45WUnattached27:4826:4720.2 
6030:00Robert Sedgeman V45MUnattached    
6130:22Anna Marie Freeman SBV50WForest of Dean AC28:5024:3822.2 
6230:36Michael Molloy V60MUnattached    
6330:38Claire Morgan  V60WForest of Dean AC28:1325:4421.5 
6430:46Izzy Babij SBU18WForest of Dean AC29:5323:0019.5 
6530:50Rosemary Hall U15WUnattached    
6630:50Jane Hall V45WUnattached    
6731:07Nick Smith V45MUnattached    
6831:23Vanessa Pegler  V50WForest of Dean AC27:4525:3122.2 
6931:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7032:05Julie Wilks V50WUnattached    
7132:15Kelly Worgan V40WUnattached    
7232:17Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7332:26Haley Turner V50WUnattached    
7432:40Colin Laver SBV70MForest of Dean AC31:1725:1424.7 
7532:46Sarah Sterry V50WUnattached    
7632:53Kimberley Pilkington S30WUnattached    
7733:18Huw Waldron V40MUnattached    
7833:21Michele Purcell  V35WUnattached31:0625:4726.3 
7933:26Julia Cowton V50WUnattached    
8033:30Tim Watkins  SENMUnattached24:3119:0914.9 
8134:17Michelle Pearson V50WNorth Bristol Running Group    
8234:19Andrea Coffin V50WCSSC Sports & Leisure    
8334:26Jo Babij SBV50WForest of Dean AC33:0026:0726.5 
8435:01Sharla Fleet  V45WForest of Dean AC30:5627:4925.0 
8535:16Angela Bowkett  V55WForest of Dean AC30:4626:3523.6 
8636:01Alison Hoult V45WNomads Musical Theatre Runners    
8736:50Jane Tranter V55WUnattached    
8836:51Chris Smith V60MUnattached    
8936:53Charlie Compton U11MForest of Dean AC    
9040:16Peter Compton SBV50MForest of Dean AC37:4831:2231.4 
9142:31Andrew William Philip Knott  V40MForest of Dean AC30:5722:3126.1 
9251:22Catherine Hitchin V50WNorth Bristol Running Group    
9351:23Elaine Barnes  V55WSole Sisters33:1130:0928.8 
9453:06Sydney Wheeler  V80MChepstow H43:4125:4736.4 
9553:07David Jenkins  V45MForest of Dean AC26:2723:0316.1 
9653:10Clare Elizabeth Grant  V65WUnattached46:2229:5834.1 
9753:10Michael Flannery V65MForest of Dean AC    
9855:40Sophia Plowright V40Wparkrun for people living with asthma    
9956:13Alan Robertson  V65MForest of Dean AC/Scottish Vets H24:2120:4913.3