North Essex & South Suffolk League External Results
Great Bentley
12 Dec 21
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTAngus Holford SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Colchester H-2.2 
10NTChris Sellens V35MColchester H0.6 
100NTNicholas KrickaSENMHadleigh  
101NTChris Stevenson V60MColchester H8.3 
102NTDavid Weldon V45MSpringfield7.0 
103NTStephen Metson V35MHalstead6.0 
104NTSean Duffett V45MColchester H7.3 
105NTRichard Newman V55MHarwich8.7 
106NTRob Frost V40MWitham (Essex)7.2 
107NTMichael Knowles U20MHarwich6.4 
108NTRob Page V40MIpswich Jaffa9.9 
109NTIan Rattray V45MColchester H10.3 
11NTDan Widdowson V40MColchester H0.8 
110NTSimon FergusonV50MMid Essex  
111NTPaul Neville V45MColchester H8.3 
112NTDaniel Meecham V40MColchester H7.9 
113NTWilliam RoxbyClarke SENMHarwich10.2 
114NTRob Dyer V40MGreat Bentley8.6 
115NTMatthew Pumfrey V35MHarwich9.9 
116NTAndrew Watson V55MWitham (Essex)10.5 
117NTJames Plant SENMColchester H6.6 
118NTAndrew Williamson V50MHarwich11.9 
119NTSam Yell SENMTiptree11.8 
12NTRichard Heath V45MGreat Bentley1.3 
120NTSam Wolton V40MHalstead10.2 
121NTJohn Day V35MColchester H8.2 
122NTJohn Booty V50MGreat Bentley7.9 
123NTStephen Bugden V60MSpringfield9.0 
124NTDarren Powell V50MHalstead11.0 
125NTBob Langley V65MHalstead9.8 
126NTDean Whittaker V40MWitham (Essex)9.6 
127NTBryn Gibbons V45MTiptree11.8 
128NTKim Pretty V65MHarwich9.0 
129NTPhil Sanderson V55MHarwich11.5 
13NTKeith Tilley V50MIpswich Jaffa1.0 
130NTDavid Cahill V55MColchester & Tendring12.5 
131NTPhil Presland V50MGreat Bentley12.8 
132NTJoshua OgilivieSENMHarwich  
133NTGerry Greenwold V55MWitham (Essex)10.3 
134NTGraham Eyre V65MWitham (Essex)20.1 
135NTJames Attenborough V35MWitham (Essex)13.2 
136NTSteve Manley V55MHarwich13.6 
137NTAndrew Raynor V55MColchester H5.9 
138NTIain Rhodes V60MTiptree12.9 
139NTTim Brockington V65MSpringfield12.8 
14NTLuke Fitz-John SENMSpringfield0.2 
140NTPaul R Tawn V60MMid Essex16.7 
141NTDanny Connor V35MWitham (Essex)20.6 
142NTNigel EdenV60MColchester Harriers  
143NTAndrew Carter V60MHalstead14.3 
144NTGeoffrey Reddin V55MWitham (Essex)12.2 
145NTRobert KingV65MMid Essex  
146NTDavid Jobling V65MWitham (Essex)15.6 
147NTDean Pepper SENMGreat Bentley12.6 
148NTDavid Balfour V55MGreat Bentley13.0 
149NTPhilip Jeffries V40MHalstead9.1 
15NTDoug McGillivray V40MColchester H/Great Bentley1.6 
150NTLee Kerrison V50MTiptree13.2 
151NTIain Catchpool V50MIpswich Jaffa18.4 
152NTArthur Whiston V70MColchester H11.6 
153NTAsh-Lee Osborne U23MTiptree12.7 
154NTDavid Kelly V65MSpringfield18.6 
155NTNick Looby V50MWitham (Essex)19.3 
156NTSteve Hunt V60MHadleigh Hares15.3 
157NTColin Farmer V55MGreat Bentley12.2 
158NTIan Lucas V60MWitham (Essex)14.8 
159NTSimon GarnerV45MHarwich  
16NTGerald Buck V35MColchester & Tendring0.6 
160NTDavid Reaves V75MBraintree/Mid Essex14.8 
161NTNick Archer V60MTiptree18.1 
162NTDavid Leeds SENMMid Essex20.5 
163NTJamie Bennett V40MIpswich Jaffa/Ipswich16.3 
164NTStuart Hunt SENMHadleigh Hares21.8 
165NTJames Montgomery V55MWitham (Essex)27.2 
166NTPaul Graves V65MTiptree19.4 
167NTPatrick Marsh V55MColchester H17.1 
168NTBrian Butcher V70MMid Essex/Castle Point Joggers19.5 
169NTCraig Vernon V55MTiptree20.3 
17NTHeydon Mizon V45MWitham (Essex)1.3 
170NTRoland Knott V70MHarwich23.6 
171NTChris Harding V35MTiptree17.4 
172NTDuncan Cox V50MHadleigh Hares30.2 
173NTMon Lee V60MIpswich Jaffa18.4 
174NTJulian Cordwell V65MHarwich25.3 
175NTJeffrey Fairfull V70MTiptree28.5 
176NTPaul Jiggins V50MWitham (Essex)29.3 
18NTPaul Wain U23MIpswich Jaffa1.3 
19NTAdam HemsworthSENMMid Essex  
2NTSam Clayton SENMColchester & Tendring-1.8 
20NTAaron Graves SENMTiptree1.2 
21NTJack Noble SENMBure Valley1.2 
22NTMatthew Friend SENMHarwich1.1 
23NTMark Clements V40MIpswich Jaffa3.5 
24NTGraeme Knott V40MHarwich3.5 
25NTAntony Goodall V45MSpringfield0.5 
26NTTim Ballard V45MColchester H4.0 
27NTGeraint White SENMIpswich Jaffa2.3 
28NTMark Jasper V45MGreat Bentley0.8 
29NTMark Allen V55MIpswich Jaffa1.6 
3NTJordan Middlemist SENMColchester H-2.2 
30NTTim Ballard V35MGreat Bentley2.8 
31NTLuke Orrin U20MColchester H7.2 
32NTAndrew Lovelock V35MColchester H2.5 
33NTOliver Watson SENMIpswich Jaffa4.1 
34NTMatthew Shaw SENMColchester H6.1 
35NTNicholas Clarke V40MIpswich Jaffa3.3 
36NTThomas Palmer U20MColchester H1.1 
37NTGavin Laws V35MWitham (Essex)5.2 
38NTWill Ferguson SENMMid Essex7.0 
39NTSean Darney V35MWitham (Essex)3.5 
4NTScott Williams SENMStowmarket-0.2 
40NTHarry Swinbourne U23MGreat Bentley3.2 
41NTAlex Archer SENMIpswich Jaffa4.9 
42NTRamadan Osman SENMColchester H/Eritrea-1.5 
43NTPeter Riley V50MWitham (Essex)3.8 
44NTNick Lawrie V40MHarwich2.7 
45NTCharlie Keitch V40MGreat Bentley3.9 
46NTDeclan Evans V35MGrange Farm & Dunmow2.1 
47NTMatt Plummer V40MColchester & Tendring5.1 
48NTLeo Cole V50MWitham (Essex)5.1 
49NTChris Barker SENMHarwich2.9 
5NTCraig Fiddaman V35MIpswich Jaffa2.1 
50NTAdam Wade V40MIpswich Jaffa2.0 
51NTTom Hancock V50MHarwich3.1 
52NTChristopher Warren V45MGreat Bentley5.4 
53NTJohn Fryer V40MColchester H7.2 
54NTJonathan Mann V40MGreat Bentley5.1 
55NTMark Lloyd V50MHarwich5.0 
56NTRobin Brookes V50MHarwich5.6 
57NTPeter Chubb V50MSpringfield4.4 
58NTCharlie Walder U20MColchester H4.2 
59NTSteve May V40MHalstead5.9 
6NTRyan Day SENMGreat Bentley-0.1 
60NTPeter West V55MColchester H5.3 
61NTOwen Dare V55MWitham (Essex)7.1 
62NTGavin Davies V40MIpswich Jaffa5.5 
63NTJohn Jousiffe SENMHadleigh Hares-0.2 
64NTAndrew Smith SENMWitham (Essex)3.6 
65NTGavin Ripton V35MHalstead9.3 
66NTJoshua Melville-jackson SENMGreat Bentley7.2 
67NTPaul Jeggo V60MSpringfield6.4 
68NTRobin Oakley V35MGreat Bentley6.3 
69NTRussell Goodridge V50MColchester H5.7 
7NTJames MorleySENMColchester Harriers  
70NTGlynn Thomas V55MIpswich Jaffa5.3 
71NTDavid Allen V55MGreat Bentley7.7 
72NTSimon Day V45MHarwich5.3 
73NTAndrew Doig V45MMid Essex4.2 
74NTAndrew Notley V35MWitham (Essex)23.1 
75NTChris SeymourV50MMid Essex  
76NTPaul Davison V45MGreat Bentley6.0 
77NTBenjamin Leeds V35MMid Essex8.1 
78NTDanny Draper SENMGreat Bentley7.6 
79NTScott MacSephney V50MIpswich Jaffa5.3 
8NTCameron Humphries SENMColchester H0.7 
80NTMark Austin V60MWitham (Essex)6.5 
81NTRob Milburn V45MColchester & Tendring5.8 
82NTKeith Williams V50MIpswich Jaffa9.8 
83NTAndrew Goodson V40MTiptree16.7 
84NTScott Darney V40MWitham (Essex)/Ravens City of London5.1 
85NTCraig Mitchell V45MGreat Bentley3.6 
86NTAdam Salkeld V35MWitham (Essex)  
87NTSimon Scott V55MWitham (Essex)9.1 
88NTMarcus Catlin V45MIpswich Jaffa6.0 
89NTChris Servant V55MIpswich Jaffa9.1 
9NTNate Filer V35MColchester H0.2 
90NTJames Blackshaw V40MWitham (Essex)5.9 
91NTSimon Leggett SENMFulham/Great Bentley7.1 
92NTJohn Henington V45MColchester & Tendring8.5 
93NTCharlie McCarthy V45MHarwich8.4 
94NTAndre Besant V50MHarwich11.9 
95NTChristopher Payne V40MHarwich9.3 
96NTMichael Simmons V55MGreat Bentley10.7 
97NTMark Lawes V50MTiptree9.0 
98NTMyles Coulson SENMMid Essex7.5 
99NTDavid Carey V50MWitham (Essex)8.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTSam Plummer U15MColchester & Tendring-1.4 
10NTBen Howlett U15MIpswich5.4 
11NTMax Stapleton U17MHarwich9.1 
12NTAlexander Cronk U13MColchester & Tendring8.5 
13NTAdam Hart U11MColchester & Tendring5.8 
14NTFinley Greenleaf U15MColchester H6.3 
15NTToby Ketterer U11MColchester H10.2 
16NTJake Phillips U15MColchester H6.6 
17NTBen MartinU15MHastead R R  
18NTThomas RichardsonU15MHarwich Runners  
19NTLeo Bloor U13MIpswich Jaffa10.8 
2NTArthur Ballard U15MColchester & Tendring-0.6 
20NTEthan Wade U13MIpswich Jaffa10.0 
21NTFreddie Dolman U15MColchester & Tendring9.1 
22NTJames BlackerU13MGreat Bentley  
23NTHayden Preston U11MColchester H9.2 
24NTTristan de BellignyU11MTiptree  
25NTAlex Widdowson U11MColchester H17.2 
26NTHarry Jeffery U11MColchester H12.3 
27NTJacob GillandersU11MColchester & Tendring AC  
28NTDaniel Cooper U13MHadleigh Hares24.2 
29NTAlex Walder U15MColchester H13.2 
3NTTheo Gardiner U17MColchester H1.7 
30NTMichael StaceyU11MGreat Bentley  
31NTCharlie SharpU13MGreat Bentley  
32NTGautham Vijayakumar U15MColchester & Tendring11.6 
33NTGeorge Nixon U15MIpswich Jaffa15.6 
34NTJoel FarmerU11MHadleigh Hares  
35NTFelix CloverU11MHadleigh Hares  
36NTHarry BootyU15MGreat Bentley  
37NTToby MetsonU11MHastead R R  
38NTThomas Bowen U11MIpswich Jaffa27.1 
39NTJoshua HardingU11MTiptree  
4NTSidney Tilley U15MIpswich Jaffa1.8 
40NTSamuel MayU11MHastead R R  
41NTHarry TyrellU13MHarwich Runners  
42NTIsaac MillerU11MHadleigh Hares  
43NTRaphael de BellignyU11MTiptree  
44NTBrody WakelingU11MGreat Bentley  
45NTJack Manley U13MHarwich28.4 
46NTJacob RootU11MHastead R R  
47NTIsaac ToveyU11MHarwich Runners  
48NTOliver MillerU11MHadleigh Hares  
49NTFin MasseyU11MHarwich Runners  
5NTStanley Hobbs U15MColchester & Tendring/Colchester H-0.1 
50NTLliam PerosU11MHarwich Runners  
6NTLeo Morley-Robertson U15MColchester & Tendring2.3 
7NTHarrison Leek U15MColchester H3.5 
8NTJack Izzet U15MColchester & Tendring3.8 
9NTDaniel Powell U15MColchester & Tendring/Horwich4.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTLaura ThomasSENWIpswich  
10NTAlexandra Hennessy V45WColchester H/Germany11.5 
11NTJayne AtkinsonV40WTiptree  
12NTEmily Henderson U17WColchester H14.3 
13NTRowena De BellignyV40WTiptree  
14NTLuz ChavezSENWIpswich  
15NTMorven Hurding V45WTiptree10.4 
16NTVicki Riley V35WWitham (Essex)19.8 
17NTHanna BanksSENWColchester Harriers  
18NTKaren Stapleton V40WHarwich10.1 
19NTVal JenningsV55WIpswich  
2NTLydia CallanSENWColchester Harriers  
20NTRachael LauranceV40WIpswich  
21NTRachel FlanniganV45WMid Essex  
22NTAngela Wray V35WWitham (Essex)/Hadleigh Hares16.3 
23NTRachel TaylorV45WGt. Bentley  
24NTKate Gibson V50WColchester H12.2 
25NTKate Hodgkiss V40WHarwich16.4 
26NTRachel Dingley SENWWitham (Essex)11.9 
27NTMagdalena Komorowska V40WGreat Bentley11.8 
28NTCatherine Hull V45WSpringfield14.1 
29NTInga Hayden-Cooper V50WGreat Bentley13.1 
3NTTracy English V45WColchester H5.1 
30NTSusan Waller-Toyne V55WColchester H17.4 
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