Lloyd parkrun # 6 External Results
27 Nov 10
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:34   Tom Holden  U15MSouth London17:5415:319.3 
218:47   Alistair Heaton-Armstrong PBV35MUnattached18:4717:5125.0 
319:08   Keith Brewster  S30MCrystal Palace TC18:3017:296.0 
419:35   Damian MacEnhill  V40MStriders of Croydon18:4017:456.5 
520:35   Paul Lenaghan  V35MStriders of Croydon20:0618:317.0 
620:50   Krzysztof Klidzia PBV45MStriders of Croydon20:5017:372.1 
721:43   Alex Williamson  U18MSt. Mary's Richmond20:2418:0723.7 
821:50   David Alderson  S25MUnattached20:0519:116.6 
921:54   Mark William Booth  V45MUnattached19:5819:489.1 
1022:33   Michael Beecher  V50MUnattached21:2119:159.3 
1122:35   Philip Williamson  V50MElmbridge20:5119:239.0 
1222:40   Sean Parry PBS30MUnattached22:4019:166.4 
1322:51   Steve Smith  V50MStriders of Croydon20:5120:5111.7 
1423:07   Kieron Connor  U15MStriders of Croydon22:2717:253.0 
1523:33   Charles Jenkins  V35MUnattached20:3818:4921.6 
1624:00   Georgia Holden  U15WSouth London23:1620:5432.6 
1724:02   Guy Holden  V45MSouth London21:0020:1031.4 
1824:41   Robin Jamieson  V60MStriders of Croydon23:3222:5132.8 
1924:45   Ben Williamson  U15MSt. Mary's Richmond21:5618:226.7 
2024:57   Simon Bird  SENMUnattached23:5723:5736.0 
2125:16   Dev Kumar Malhotra  V35MStriders of Croydon23:1323:1320.1 
2226:45   Steve Edwards  V50MSerpentine22:0320:3926.3 
2327:06   Bianca Hollis  V35WBBC22:5021:0210.6 
2428:13   Peter Shorney SBV55MUnattached28:1326:1636.0 
2528:24   Gordon Connor  V45MStriders of Croydon26:1724:5636.0 
2628:36   Andrew Elliott  V60MStriders of Croydon24:4624:4621.1 
2728:40   Elanor Lim PBV35WUnattached28:4025:2436.0 
2828:58   Ralph Dawkins  V40MUnattached26:5226:2027.8 
2929:12   Glynis Evans SBV50WUnattached29:1225:1834.3 
3029:15   Peter Attewell SBV60MStriders of Croydon29:1527:0229.2 
3130:01   Behjat Reza  V40WSouth London27:5727:2636.0 
3230:13   Stephen Tyler  V55MStriders of Croydon28:4419:4928.0 
3330:26   Daniel Shew PBU18MStriders of Croydon30:2630:2636.0 
3430:29   Karen Connor  V40WStriders of Croydon29:2127:3936.0 
3530:37   Robert Kidd  V35MUnattached28:4827:1732.1 
3632:20   Adam Shew  U11MCroydon31:2318:553.2 
3732:21   Kim Ford  V50WStriders of Croydon26:4324:3036.0 
3832:23   Geri Brickell  V50WUnattached29:3527:3936.0 
3932:44   Sandra Francis  V50WStriders of Croydon31:3428:2624.2 
4032:53   Kevin Burnett  V70MStriders of Croydon/Hercules Wimbledon30:4530:1634.1