Tamar Lakes parkrun # 301 External Results
Tamar Lakes
13 Nov 21
parkrun parkrunCX 

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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:59Craig Harper SBV45MUnattached19:5919:416.4 
220:47Gary Bickle V40MUnattached    
421:39Marc Allen SBV35MSt Austell ARC21:3920:069.9 
521:59Kathryn Beades  V40WIlfracombe21:5421:4110.8 
622:19Darrell Bilas V40MUnattached    
722:27Saul Barraclaugh SBU18MBude Rats22:2721:2316.6 
822:34Toby Cleave U11MUnattached    
922:34Simon Cleave V35MUnattached    
1022:43Ashley Starr V50MBradworthy Runners    
1123:10Christopher Johns V50MUnattached    
1223:22Nick Ward S30MUnattached    
1323:29Jamie Sier S25MUnattached    
1423:30Jason Price V45MUnattached    
1523:35Ben Shute U15MUnattached    
1623:36Paul Kinsman V50MBude Rats    
1723:39Sammy Cresswell S30WUnattached    
1823:40Ian Shute V45MUnattached    
1923:44Anna Tanner V35WUnattached    
2023:48Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2224:49Robert Price V45MUnattached    
2325:01Louise Littlejohns V50WUnattached    
2425:02Ben Scott  V35MSt. Albans Striders22:4619:2013.1 
2525:11Jenna Pickering  V35WTri-Force24:1823:4115.2 
2625:41Jason Turner V45MUnattached    
2726:07Joanne Barraclough V50WUnattached    
2826:16Claire Shine  V50WBristol & West24:2523:2816.6 
2926:57Bruce Draper PBV50MLaunceston RR26:5726:5718.7 
3026:58Mike Dauncey V55MBradworthy Runners    
3127:22Sally Vernon  SENWUnattached26:5023:4920.6 
3227:49Harry Draper S20MUnattached    
3328:16Annie Finding V65WUnattached    
3428:17Simon Harper V60MUnattached    
3529:17Gill Gilbert V60WUnattached    
3629:35Ajay Nicholls U15MUnattached    
3730:07Mark Bromell V45MBradworthy Runners    
3830:31Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3930:39Eldon Jackson V65MUnattached    
4030:47Steph Smeeth V35WUnattached    
4130:49John Uglow V65MUnattached    
4230:50Tracey Julier  V45WAberdare Valley28:4828:4829.0 
4330:54Gilly I Like The Sofa V40WUnattached    
4431:06Jodie Harper V40WUnattached    
4531:19Judith Heard V50WUnattached    
4631:37Matt Sykes V45MUnattached    
4731:41Diana Wishart V50WUnattached    
4831:45Nicky Orchard V50WUnattached    
4931:50Sharon Northcott V50WUnattached    
5031:53Martin Venning SBV70MLaunceston RR31:5325:3723.6 
5132:29Jade Jennings S25WUnattached    
5232:30Pete Jennings SBV55MLaunceston RR32:3022:4542.9 
5332:30Merryn Allen V35WBradworthy Runners    
5432:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5533:16Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5633:36Derek Pearse V75MUnattached    
5733:43Shirley Grills V55WBradworthy Runners    
5833:43Jane Walter V55WBradworthy Runners    
5934:20Minnie Downing SBU15WDevon Schs34:2033:0738.2 
6034:30Simon Downing V45MUnattached    
6135:25Archer Craig U11MUnattached    
6235:26Morgan Craig  V40MUnattached18:3718:375.6 
6336:09Julia Dauncey V55WBradworthy Runners    
6436:20Liz Smith V60WRunning Works    
6536:28Melanie Norman V45WUnattached    
6636:32Richard Goulding V55MUnattached    
6737:03Valerie Barber V60WBradworthy Runners    
6837:04Elizabeth Haworth V70WBradworthy Runners    
6938:20Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7039:35Jenny Dawe V70WUnattached    
7139:59Kirsty Davis V40WUnattached    
7240:58Elaine Jackson V65WUnattached    
7341:02Karen Clemens V55WBradworthy Runners    
7441:12Sue Hayes V60WUnattached    
7541:27Paul Cleaver V65MAbu Dhabi Striders    
7642:12Kimberley Stubley V35WUnattached    
7743:23Elizabeth Duncan V40WUnattached    
7843:31Patricia Beaver V65WUnattached    
7943:48Alan Littlejohns SBV70MLaunceston RR43:4825:3231.4 
8043:51Alison Bradshaw V55WUnattached    
8143:51Hilary Mather V55WUnattached    
8245:41Melanie Tyson V45WUnattached    
8345:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8448:05Melanie McVean V55WHolsworthy Running Club    
8554:29Janet Bragg V60WHolsworthy Running Club    
8654:30Fran Dymond V55WHolsworthy Running Club    
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
321:29Catherine Whitehill  SENWUnattached21:0720:4312.1 
2123:55Rachael Pomeroy V40WBradworthy Runners