Grangemoor parkrun # 234 External Results
16 Oct 21
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:07Matthew Hurford  V45MLes Croupiers18:0216:461.8 
218:32Glyn Fletcher  V40MLes Croupiers17:5215:592.7 
318:51Richard Wilder  V45MSan Domenico17:5116:302.4 
419:12Chris Inglis  S25MCDF Runners18:2718:154.8 
519:39Richard Carr V35MRun Grangetown    
620:37Jonathan Bonville-Ginn  S25MCDF Runners19:2817:182.1 
720:44Paul Mathias S30MUnattached    
820:54Mohamed Hashish V35MUnattached    
920:59David Proud SBV50MLes Croupiers20:5918:0012.1 
1021:07David Barnett U18MUnattached    
1121:08Dafydd Trystan Davies  V45MAgile Therapy Run21:0120:169.7 
1221:16Phillip Mears  V50MUnattached20:4220:0111.7 
1321:34James MacDonald S30MUnattached    
1421:55Tom Brown  S30MPenarth & Dinas20:2519:2811.6 
1522:03Alison Wilson V35WUnattached    
1622:17Christopher Seal  V35MPenarth & Dinas21:3720:4810.9 
1722:23Elliott Thorne S25MUnattached    
1822:26Gareth Jones V45MUnattached    
1922:31Paul Williams V35MUnattached    
2022:35Domenico Todaro S25MUnattached    
2123:19Richard Jenkins V50MCardiff Triathletes    
2223:58Oliver Morgan U15MUnattached    
2324:02Hannah Jones PBS30WCDF Runners23:3723:3718.9 
2424:06Helen Lipscomb  V40WForest of Dean AC23:2821:5715.2 
2524:26Natalie Morgan S30WUnattached    
2624:47Stewart Harding SBV35MCDF Runners23:2720:4711.2 
2725:01Sally Groves SBV55WUnattached25:0124:2016.7 
2825:04Leon Hughes V40MRun Grangetown    
2925:28James Buckingham SBV55MPenarth & Dinas23:4323:2515.3 
3025:31Mathew James V35MUnattached    
3125:33Iano Premier V65MUnattached    
3225:34Emma Harris V35WRun Grangetown    
3325:39Josh Davies S30MUnattached    
3425:49Andy Morgan  V45MForest of Dean AC24:3322:1914.5 
3525:53Adam Farr V40MUnattached    
3626:05Jeremy Lovell V40MUnattached    
3726:08William Watt SBV45MCardiff Uni26:0824:0518.4 
3826:08Richard Morgan V40MUnattached    
3926:17Joanne Galazka S30WUnattached    
4026:18Andrew Smith SBV45MUnattached25:4023:1322.8 
4126:24Richard Powell V40MUnattached    
4226:27Zaneta Dobosz V35WUnattached    
4326:33Sean McDonnell SBS30MUnattached26:3318:4328.1 
4426:47Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4526:48Lowri Shorrock V45WRun Grangetown    
4626:56Matthew Hodgson V50MUnattached    
4727:01Rebecca Newton  S30WOgmore Phoenix26:3926:0921.1 
4827:19Paul Kinnersley V65MUnattached    
4927:27Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5027:29Lois Dafydd V35WUnattached    
5127:30Wayne Borley V55MUnattached    
5227:33Seraphina Lewis V40WUnattached    
5327:43Andrew Tummon V50MCowbridge Moovers    
5427:46Harrison Morton U11MUnattached    
5527:46Paul Morton  V35MPenarth & Dinas18:0617:451.8 
5627:51Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5728:03Nigel Derbyshire V70MUnattached    
5828:07Lynne Ellis SBV60WWomen Running Penarth27:5526:3925.5 
5928:20Jon Lewis  V45MPenarth & Dinas26:1923:2217.4 
6028:42Lynne Evans  V50WWomen Running Penarth27:2725:0021.3 
6129:09Stephanie Ferry  S30WCDF Runners28:1226:1022.5 
6229:18Steve Goodfellow  V55MPenarth & Dinas28:0023:3320.0 
6329:28Rosie Craven U15WUnattached    
6429:30Hazel Craven  V35WUnattached24:1720:4415.7 
6529:46Judit Katalin Csontos S30WUnattached    
6629:57Emma Smith V50WAberdare Valley AAC    
6730:07Marcus Howells V55MRun Grangetown    
6831:00Chris J Moore  V65MForest of Dean AC27:3221:3518.7 
6931:11Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7031:15Megan Craven U11WUnattached    
7131:16John Craven  V35MUnattached20:4717:5310.0 
7231:26Kristian Brimble S30MUnattached    
7331:28Gemma Brimble S30WShe Runs: Cardiff    
7431:36Jason Barnett V55MUnattached    
7531:37Helen Roblin V45WUnattached    
7631:42Nicola Davies SBV45WWhite Rock30:5225:1725.7 
7731:54Catherine Phelps V55WUnattached    
7831:56Helen Hodgson PBV50WWomen Running Penarth31:5231:5229.0 
7932:26Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8033:14Rebecca Lewis S30WUnattached    
8133:19Iain Wilson V40MUnattached    
8233:20Claire Weaver V40WUnattached    
8333:31Kerry Hughes V40WPonty Panther’s Running Group    
8433:43Lisa Evans V50WPonty Panther’s Running Group    
8534:09Rose Marnell V45WUnattached    
8634:24Rachel Biggar  S30WUnattached27:4523:3322.3 
8734:45Liam Cousins S30MCSSC Sports & Leisure    
8835:00Lorraine Howley V55WUnattached    
8935:01Ceri Morgan V45WUnattached    
9035:02Judi Jones V55WUnattached    
9135:03Courtney Taylor  V65MSan Domenico30:1121:1725.8 
9235:30Catherine Roblin V60WUnattached    
9336:03Alan Hulme V50MEdge Pistols    
9436:39Mabli Rhys Fidler U11WUnattached    
9536:40Sioned Mai Owen SBV35WUnattached36:4024:4846.2 
9639:07Gill Lewis V60WUnattached    
9740:58David Lewis V65MUnattached    
9843:48Helen Kihlberg V50WWomen Running Penarth    
9943:49Karon Norton V55WUnattached    
10049:23Liz Rees SBV40WCDF Runners49:2344:0347.8 
10150:18Charlotte Simpson V45WCDF Runners    
10250:19Stephen Wood SBV40MClwb Run Wales50:1920:5620.3