Chingford League External Results
2 Oct 21
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2KMT U13
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:59Harry Stockill  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Essex Schs6:186:182.5 
26:59Daniel Arnold  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies6:246:244.0 
37:10Oliver Brown  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies6:326:325.5 
47:14Thomas Niewczasinski-Kirkland PBU13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:147:148.8 
57:18Autumn Le Chevalier-Jones PBU13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:187:188.0 
67:25Ryder Islam SBU13MIlford7:256:487.7 
77:27Pia Trauttmansdorff  U13WOrion7:027:0210.1 
87:28Eric Frith  U11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:067:0610.1 
97:29Stephen Ng  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies6:576:578.7 
107:32Oskar Prince  U11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:077:079.6 
117:33Eliza Bridges  U13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:057:057.7 
127:35Emily Mathias PBU13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:357:3514.8 
137:35Zoe Wright  U11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:277:2711.3 
147:39Eva Prince  U11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:247:2411.7 
157:46Dylan Crombie PBU11MOrion7:467:4616.2 
167:46Kamal Ricketts  U13MOrion7:217:218.9 
177:46Amber Higgs-Smith  U13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:287:2811.8 
187:47Toby Taylor  U11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:147:1411.1 
197:48Isla Fulling PBU13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:487:4813.8 
207:52Luka Werthern-Pilch PBU11MEton Manor7:527:5214.5 
217:56Okkie Lee U11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies    
227:56Austin Grey SBU13MOrion7:567:4814.6 
237:57Henry Richards PBU11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:577:5715.9 
248:01Samuel Silver  U13MLoughton7:277:2714.2 
258:02Zac Everitt  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:407:4012.0 
268:02Eva Whetham PBU13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:028:0215.4 
278:04Josh Thomas  U13MLoughton7:347:3414.3 
288:05Cyprian Junior (CJ) Bediako PBU13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:058:0515.7 
298:06Izzy McKay PBU11WLoughton8:068:0617.7 
308:10Marissa Higgs-Smith  U11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:507:5014.1 
318:11Mayowa Alake-Nyantakyi  U11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:447:4416.4 
328:13Oz Nochi  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:517:5116.0 
338:15Daniel Niewczasinski U11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies    
348:15Gracie Fayinka  U13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies7:567:5617.3 
358:16Jack Arnold  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:148:1416.9 
368:17Vincent Kinman PBU13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:178:1716.8 
378:18Sofia Sneath PBU11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:188:1816.7 
388:19Edward Sheridan PBU11MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:198:1920.4 
398:20Lydia Sneath PBU11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:208:2026.2 
408:32Elijah Waterfield  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:298:2918.8 
418:37Joe Davies U13MLoughton    
428:40Leo Everitt SBU13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:407:4816.3 
438:46Isla Barron PBU11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:468:4619.3 
448:47Grace Cherry PBU13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:478:4725.2 
458:48Harry McNally  U13MWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:348:3420.6 
468:56Bridey Kelly PBU11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies8:568:5624.1 
479:07Tommy Bridger  U13MLoughton8:568:5620.7 
489:09Charlotte Lim PBU13WLoughton9:099:0922.7 
499:13Toby Trewartha PBU11MLoughton9:139:1326.7 
509:35Connie Stubbs U13WLoughton    
519:40Darcey Mackenzie  U13WOrion9:029:0219.0 
529:41Kira Holland U13WLoughton    
539:45Bianca Matos  U13WWoodford Green Essex Ladies9:029:0223.1 
549:51Hannah Richards PBU11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies9:519:5124.9 
5510:17Kim Cato  U13WEton Manor9:329:3224.5 
5611:57Megan Williams U11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies    
5712:02Matilda Gleadow  U11WEton Manor11:0511:0526.8 
5812:04Alice Mackenzie PBU11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies12:0412:0430.2 
5912:12Maia Lalani  U11WWoodford Green Essex Ladies12:0912:0932.5