Humber Bridge parkrun # 311 External Results
Humber Bridge
25 Sep 21
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:28Oliver Donkin U18MUnattached    
217:48Gareth Cooke  S25MBarnsley AC16:2116:12-2.0 
318:53John Riddiough  V35MUnattached16:5616:32-0.1 
420:21Callum Holness  S25MUnattached19:2219:035.7 
520:37Venika Moverley  S30WEast Hull19:5719:313.6 
620:40Stephen Glenville  V35MCity of Hull20:3918:596.4 
720:56Harry Barker  U18MBarton & District AC18:1518:154.4 
821:47Nick Maynard  V45MCity of Hull20:0018:145.4 
922:12Gary Youngson V40MUnattached    
1022:23Henry Williamson S20MUnattached    
1122:26James Maughan S30MUnattached    
1222:36Mike Byron V45MHum and Lincs Orienteers    
1322:41Richard Caley V35MUnattached    
1422:45Dave Cartlich S25MUnattached    
1522:50Adam Bryson V35MUnattached    
1622:56Mike Egan V55MUnattached    
1723:07Richard Donnachie  V35MDanum Harriers21:1720:347.7 
1823:20Wayne Stewart  V45MUnattached21:5119:5811.0 
1923:29Danny Longhorn V35MUnattached    
2023:41Richard Stokes V60MUnattached    
2123:43John Atkin S25MBarton & District AC    
2223:45Joanne Egan  V50WUnattached23:4122:2010.4 
2323:56Naomi Drakeford  S25WBarnsley AC19:1218:585.2 
2424:06Erin Skinner U15WUnattached    
2524:10Karl Barker SBV45MBarton & District AC19:0719:079.5 
2624:17Steve Sole  V45MKingston upon Hull20:5220:309.3 
2724:23Stewart Feather V50MUnattached    
2824:32Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2924:33James Betts S25MUnattached    
3024:40Harrison Armitage S25MUnattached    
3124:41Charles Smith S25MUnattached    
3224:48Andy Davey  V55MFitmums & Friends23:0422:1514.4 
3325:44Christopher Knowles  V35MEast Hull22:2122:2112.8 
3425:57Neil Heron  V60MKingston upon Hull24:5122:4214.2 
3525:59Lee Draper  V45MCity of Hull21:0820:359.7 
3625:59Peter Broadbent  V50MUnattached23:0021:0712.8 
3726:21Roderick Ruiz V40MUnattached    
3826:23Brian Long  V60MKingston upon Hull24:5523:5415.5 
3926:25Nicola Barker  V40WBarton & District AC24:5323:5417.5 
4026:27Joe Skipsey S30MUnattached    
4126:34Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4226:39Joshua Duggan S25MUnattached    
4326:51Glen Hartley S25MUnattached    
4426:52Tania Cream  V55WCity of Hull25:0923:2816.7 
4527:00Alan Owst SBV40MChorlton27:0019:4316.0 
4627:04Andrew Marsh  V45MBarton & District AC23:2423:2417.8 
4727:29Allison Coggan  V50WHornsea27:1724:3821.1 
4827:40Joe McCoy U11MUnattached    
4927:40Gary Casey V50MUnattached    
5027:44David Bate V50MUnattached    
5128:05Hel Big V55WUnattached    
5228:06Kate Davey  V55WFitmums & Friends26:5126:1919.5 
5328:13John Gay V50MUnattached    
5428:15Ian Peskey V50MUnattached    
5528:22Carol Childs V55WUnattached    
5628:35Lucian Deighton V45WUnattached    
5728:58Robert Wilkinson V70MCity of Hull AC    
5829:14Alan Sims V65MUnattached    
5929:21Lisa Rawlinson V50WUnattached    
6029:37Derek Carr V65MUnattached    
6129:40Nick Longhorn V45MUnattached    
6230:06Angela Hoe V55WUnattached    
6330:06Nicola Richardson V45WUnattached    
6430:09NIck Larke SBV55MBarton & District AC30:0923:1324.5 
6530:23Patrica Heaton  V65WWinchester Fit27:4327:3321.3 
6630:29Clare Wakeman V60WCaistor Running Club    
6730:41Rachel Boddice V40WWest Hull Ladies    
6830:43David Bolton V45MUnattached    
6930:45Lily Richardson U18WUnattached    
7030:46Ethan Davies S20MUnattached    
7130:47Lizzie Wardale  S20WWest Hull Ladies28:1527:1023.2 
7230:48Mackenzie De Vries S25MUnattached    
7330:51Vicky Wood V45WUnattached    
7430:51Emily Mercer S25WUnattached    
7531:15Kayleigh Cooper V35WUnattached    
7631:21ChloĆ© Quinn S25WUnattached    
7731:27John Devaney V65MUnattached    
7831:28Dominic Macmanus SBV60MWhite City (Hull)31:2823:5215.1 
7931:59Janet Sims V65WUnattached    
8032:07Victoria Gay V50WUnattached    
8132:09Louise Dunn V50WUnattached    
8232:09Sarah Holliday V50WUnattached    
8332:21Janet Wardale  V60WWest Hull Ladies30:1029:1225.8 
8432:36John Wardale S30MUnattached    
8533:38Angela Hunter V55WUnattached    
8633:49Hayley Wright V35WUnattached    
8733:52Grace McClane U11WUnattached    
8833:54Chris McClane  V35MCity of Hull19:4418:004.2 
8933:57Chris Powney V50MUnattached    
9034:29Helen Barrows SBSENWUnattached34:2924:2739.9 
9134:59Ruby Rayner S25WUnattached    
9235:22Garry Burnett V60MUnattached    
9335:23Jaki Botham V50WUnattached    
9435:24Colin Botham V55MUnattached    
9535:44Sandra Stokes V60WUnattached    
9636:41Sarah Rowan V50WUnattached    
9736:48Carl Hill  V65MHandsworth31:0322:1918.9 
9837:55Teresa Riddiough V60WUnattached    
9938:37Joe Rundle  S20MKeighley & Craven20:2419:136.4 
10039:41Susan Elder V60WUnattached    
10141:17Terrie Bixby  V55WFriends & Runners37:3530:2333.8 
10246:39Jessica Bellenie V60WUnattached    
10346:40Allie Addey V50WUnattached    
10448:15Justin Fielder V50MUnattached    
10548:51Geoff Coopland  V70MKingston upon Hull44:2242:4340.9 
10657:00Ali Carter V40WUnattached    
1071:00:01Louise Burnett V55WUnattached    
1081:00:01Sally Fisher  V45WFitmums & Friends42:1629:2934.4