Forest of Dean parkrun # 24 External Results
Forest of Dean
2 Oct 10
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:59   Ann Nixon  V50WForest of Dean19:3919:398.2 
220:00   Eddie Hiscocks  S30MLliswerry17:2816:566.0 
320:06   Leyton Fleet PBV35MForest of Dean20:0018:087.0 
421:14   Connor Creed PBU15MForest of Dean20:3619:3525.2 
521:20   Simon Dimmer PBV45MForest of Dean20:3719:0911.1 
621:36   Walter Leach  V45MForest of Dean21:0119:266.7 
721:44   Dave Treherne SENMUnattached    
821:45   David Alexander Evans  V35MUnattached21:1221:1233.5 
922:04   Mark Blake V40MUnattached    
1022:05   Andy S Jones  S20MForest of Dean21:1721:1736.0 
1122:14   James Piercy PBU15MForest of Dean22:1419:0912.3 
1222:15   David Jones  V55MForest of Dean21:1020:0716.6 
1322:15   Emily Dowle  U15WForest of Dean22:0021:2822.3 
1422:25   Fennella Madley PBU15WForest of Dean22:2522:2536.0 
1522:32   Janet Dimmer PBV45WForest of Dean21:5721:4115.2 
1622:53   Briar Morris PBSENMUnattached21:5020:4814.9 
1723:20   Don Esslemont  V50M26.220:4820:2833.6 
1824:02   Elana Dimmer PBU18WForest of Dean23:3120:208.0 
1924:13   Jason Ross-Collins  V40MForest of Dean23:3921:4012.6 
2024:22   Lindsey John Baker PBV40MUnattached24:1022:4536.0 
2125:42   Gareth Fear  V40MUnattached23:0023:0024.4 
2225:54   Bethany Shaw SENWUnattached    
2326:03   Jack Fleet U15MForest of Dean AC    
2426:06   Philip Stephens  V45MUnattached25:3024:1836.0 
2526:07   Lynda Wallis  V35WForest of Dean25:2725:2736.0 
2627:14   Karen Roberts  V40WUnattached23:4223:4236.0 
2727:29   Jo Babij PBV40WUnattached27:2926:0721.5 
2828:03   Karen Barnett V40WUnattached    
2928:14   James Mathews PBU18MUnattached28:1426:0136.0 
3028:15   Mark Mathews  V35MForest of Dean20:3119:256.4 
3128:17   Ian Hoare  V45MUnattached23:1722:4819.2 
3228:21   Megan Creed  U11WForest of Dean26:3322:4434.1 
3328:46   Carol Jones  V50WForest of Dean28:1928:1936.0 
3428:48   Liam Alexander James  U18MUnattached26:1919:568.9 
3528:49   Susan Esslemont  V45WEpsom Allsorts26:1426:1423.4 
3629:08   Barbara Harris V45WUnattached    
3729:09   Sarah Elizabeth James  V35WUnattached28:2828:2823.3 
3829:15   Sam Wallis U15MForest of Dean AC    
3929:30   Amy Read SENWUnattached    
4029:35   Louis Turner U15MUnattached    
4129:36   Harry Fleet U15MForest of Dean AC    
4229:53   Nicola Mooney  S30WUnattached29:0429:0435.1 
4329:55   Rebecca Russell  U15WForest of Dean28:1427:1336.0 
4430:02   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4530:03   Helen Kearsey  V45WForest of Dean29:1229:1236.0 
4632:32   Chris Barnett U15MUnattached    
4733:42   Melanie Jane Cooper  V40WUnattached32:3632:1636.0 
4834:48   Heather Jones  V55WForest of Dean31:3431:3435.2 
4935:42   Angela Bowkett  V40WForest of Dean28:3726:3518.9 
5040:46   Lewis Cooper U15MUnattached    
5142:24   Josy Russell  U15WForest of Dean40:3840:1736.0 
5251:19   Debbie Grey V35WUnattached