Normanby Hall parkrun # 120 External Results
Normanby Hall
31 Jul 21
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:57Oliver Donkin PBU18MBarton & District AC16:5716:57-2.7 
217:44Daniel Woodforth  V35MBarton & District AC17:3217:322.5 
318:14Jonathan Frary  V40MDoncaster17:0317:030.0 
418:47Cortez Reilly  U18MBarton & District AC18:2118:052.3 
519:06David Vickers  V50MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)18:3817:263.0 
619:27Owen Griffiths SBV35MBarton & District AC18:2717:544.4 
720:08Chris Carr V40MUnattached    
820:14Jake Stockdale S20MUnattached    
920:44Kevin Scales V45MUnattached    
1020:52Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1121:02Mark Baines  V60MBarton & District AC20:2720:267.8 
1221:24Katie Betts  U15WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)20:4620:444.8 
1321:55Aaron Longcake V40MUnattached    
1422:05Glen Badloe  V45MLonely Goat RC21:0721:059.1 
1522:07Stephen Savage V50MUnattached    
1622:18Michael Harvey SBV60MLonely Goat RC21:5021:509.9 
1722:21Andrew Weaver SBV40MOTCF20:0816:461.1 
1822:28Charles Anyan V40MUnattached    
1922:33Neil Hall V50MUnattached    
2022:37Ross Belton S30MUnattached    
2122:39Phil Jackson V50MUnattached    
2222:43Sallie Joseph SBV45WLincsquad22:4322:3814.2 
2322:44Oliver Nottidge SBS20MUnattached21:5918:496.4 
2422:45Sam Walkeden V35MUnattached    
2522:55Lorraine Carey V50WUnattached    
2623:12Tony Stuart V55MUnattached    
2723:13Catherine Harvey S30WUnattached    
2823:18Katie Taylor  S20WLonely Goat RC22:4522:1812.2 
2923:21Kevin Dunne  V60MGainsborough & Morton23:1621:2311.0 
3023:29Christine Revill S20WUnattached    
3123:38Mark Schofield V50MUnattached    
3223:40Neil Beeken V45MUnattached    
3323:48Anthony Fleet V35MUnattached    
3423:55Barry Jackson V55MUnattached    
3523:57Matthew Fisher V35MUnattached    
3624:05David Bancroft SBV65MCaistor RC24:0522:4914.4 
3724:09Ashley Beasley  V35MBarton & District AC23:0119:387.4 
3824:21Shaun McLoughlin V50MUnattached    
3924:28Daniel Pursglove  S30MHolme Pierrepont24:2324:2316.2 
4024:34Steve Sharp V60MUnattached    
4124:42Owen Wheatley S20MUnattached    
4224:43Stephen Keech V45MUnattached    
4324:48Simon Drinkwater V40MUnattached    
4424:49Andrew Head  V55MWinterton23:5723:5714.3 
4524:51Emma Mitchell S30WUnattached    
4624:59Dan Solen S30MUnattached    
4725:05Christopher Farmery  S30MBarton & District AC23:3823:3815.9 
4825:12Anthony Wheatley V45MUnattached    
4925:16Archie Rowlands U15MUnattached    
5025:26Alan Gregory  V60MWinterton24:1424:1415.3 
5125:43Robert Marley PBS20MDanum Harriers25:4325:4317.4 
5225:44Graham Crutchley V65MUnattached    
5325:51Helen Brandrick  V45WBarton & District AC24:4422:4216.0 
5425:57Robert Cockerill V65MUnattached    
5525:59Jillian Smith S25WUnattached    
5625:59Jessica Betts  U11WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)24:4724:479.9 
5726:11Paul Shreeve V55MUnattached    
5826:29Wayne O' Connor V35MUnattached    
5926:31Megan Bell S25WUnattached    
6026:54Julie Oxenforth  V55WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)25:4323:5317.3 
6127:06Shaun Brader V45MLonely Goat RC    
6227:14Izzy Hopton U15WBarton & District AC    
6327:19Isaac Browne U11MUnattached    
6427:20Andrew Browne V35MUnattached    
6527:28Rachel Hopton  V35WBarton & District AC27:0727:0718.5 
6627:53Clare Wakeman V60WCaistor Running Club    
6727:54Anne Findlay  V60WCaistor RC27:3827:3821.6 
6828:00Laura Couch V40WUnattached    
6928:15Megan Soulsby S30WUnattached    
7028:17Jonnie Armstrong V50MUnattached    
7128:18Jim Betts V40MUnattached    
7228:23Simon Lock SBV45MBurgess Hill28:2323:3615.2 
7328:26Debra Barratt V55WUnattached    
7429:00Paul Taylor  V50MLonely Goat RC27:4423:5219.0 
7529:05Imogen Offler U15WUnattached    
7629:06Helena Crutchley V55WHum and Lincs Orienteers    
7729:32Carole Rickells V60WUnattached    
7829:36Richard Payne V55MUnattached    
7929:50Maisie Danson S25WUnattached    
8029:54Eleanor Ward S25WUnattached    
8130:05Dave Birkett V60MUnattached    
8230:08Caroline Baines  V55WBarton & District AC29:2929:2924.2 
8330:23Nick Towers V45MUnattached    
8430:33Yvonne Davison V50WUnattached    
8530:36Helen Hill V55WUnattached    
8630:43John Lee Ward S30MUnattached    
8730:50Phil Baggaley V50MUnattached    
8831:12George Bancroft S25WCaistor Running Club    
8931:13Sarah Logan V40WUnattached    
9031:13Peter Shew  V70MHuman Energy30:4127:5524.8 
9131:28Alice Bacon S30WUnattached    
9231:30Jessica Barsley S30WUnattached    
9331:35Lee Hargraves S25MUnattached    
9431:42Samantha Woffindin V45WUnattached    
9531:43Harry Rusby U11MUnattached    
9631:52Rhys Brokenshire V40MUnattached    
9731:56David Offler V65MUnattached    
9831:59Sarah Freear  V50WScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)29:0029:0023.2 
9932:03Darren Playford V55MUnattached    
10032:14Rachel Douce V40WUnattached    
10132:18Christine Edwards V55WUnattached    
10232:37Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10332:58Hannah Shreeve V55WLonely Goat RC    
10432:59Stephen Lindley V60MUnattached    
10533:05Claire Larke V50WUnattached    
10633:27Amanda Cullum V45WUnattached    
10733:53Lisa Palmer V40WSlimming World Scunthorpe Team Roz    
10833:54Ava Wilburn U15WUnattached    
10933:54Garry Wilburn V40MUnattached    
11034:34Jo Leedham V65WUnattached    
11134:35Keith Leedham V65MUnattached    
11234:37Timothy Coe S25MUnattached    
11334:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11434:45Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11534:46Elizabeth Thompson V35WUnattached    
11634:54Kate Youdale V35WUnattached    
11734:54Julie Emerson V55WUnattached    
11837:28AN Other         
11937:35Karen Taylor V55WWalk Jog Run    
12037:40Laura Fielding S30WUnattached    
12137:41Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
12237:51Diane Lock V50WUnattached    
12338:02Helen Longcake  V45WVegan37:2337:2332.3 
12438:09Lucas Browne U11MUnattached    
12538:09Katie Browne V35WUnattached    
12638:25Stephen Rounce V65MUnattached    
12738:35Ellen Betts V35WUnattached    
12839:05Freddie Roberts U15MUnattached    
12939:08Sophie Clifford S20WUnattached    
13039:09Andy Roberts V40MUnattached    
13139:47Deborah Mann V55WUnattached    
13239:54Karen Clifford  V50WLonely Goat RC38:5438:5432.8 
13341:00Charles Woodcock V80MUnattached    
13441:04Hannah Houldsworth V35WUnattached    
13541:21Jo Blackburn V40WUnattached    
13641:22Hayley Bowers V45WUnattached    
13741:28Callum Barstow-Lewis S20MUnattached    
13841:28Stewart Lewis V45MSprocket Strollers    
13942:09Anais Wilson U11WUnattached    
14042:10Scott Wilson V40MUnattached    
14142:22Martin Drinkwater V65MUnattached    
14243:23Rosemary Comaish V50WUnattached    
14343:23Charlotte Houghton-Birkett S20WSlimming World Scunthorpe Team Roz    
14443:26Kerry Jackson V35WSlimming World Scunthorpe Team Roz    
14543:28Roz Smith V50WSlimming World Scunthorpe Team Roz    
14644:48Jennifer Seward V35WUnattached    
14745:02Sue Hague V55WUnattached    
14845:38Simon Kimpton SBV65MLincoln Wellington41:3929:3429.2 
14945:39Ian MacFarlane V55MUnattached    
15045:58Nicole Williams V60WUnattached    
15146:21Rory Offler U11MUnattached    
15246:22Paul Offler S30MHum and Lincs Orienteers    
15346:34Joan Woodcock V80WUnattached    
15454:27Ewan Joseph U18MGainsborough & Morton Striders AC    
15554:28Isla Longcake U18WUnattached    
15655:21Paul Shaw  V50MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)50:0224:5531.6 
15755:22Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
15855:24Carter Smith U20MUnattached    
15955:24Vanessa Simpson V45WUnattached    
16057:23Amelia Henderson U11WUnattached    
16157:24Ian Henderson V55MUnattached    
16257:38Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
16357:39Katie Henderson S25WWalk Jog Run    
16457:41John Jarvis  V75MScunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)48:0648:0645.7 
16557:41Lesley Nicol V65WUnattached