Burnham on Crouch parkrun # 142 External Results
31 Jul 21
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:24Shay Joyce  V35MOrion/Little Baddow Ridge17:2216:26-0.8 
218:46Ross Lenton SBSENMUnattached18:4618:407.8 
318:48Simon Bateson V50MTrojan Fitness (Essex)    
419:15Reece Scott PBS20MBasildon19:1519:1518.0 
520:22Steven Glover V50MUnattached    
620:29Ollie Wells U18MUnattached    
720:35Steven Williams SBS25MUnattached19:4918:504.6 
820:36Drew Symons U20MUnattached    
921:16Matthew Braybrook S20MUnattached    
1021:36David Main V35MUnattached    
1122:33Chris Milne SBV60MEast Essex TC22:1921:0220.2 
1222:46Jonathan Corbridge V45MUnattached    
1323:02Neal Beaumont  V65MDengle 10022:1421:2411.0 
1423:18David Cook V45MUnattached    
1523:32Nathan Fearns U18MUnattached    
1623:48Sam Kerr S30MUnattached    
1723:54Harry Gardner U11MUnattached    
1823:56Bradley Gardner S20MUnattached    
1923:56George Baker V35MUnattached    
2023:57John Cardnell V45MUnattached    
2124:08Steve Houghton  V50MDengie 10024:0622:5822.2 
2224:18Joseph Banks U15MUnattached    
2324:30Joe McDonnell S30MDengie 100 Runners    
2424:43James Carroll V50MCSSC Sports & Leisure    
2524:49Steve Langmead V55MUnattached    
2624:50David Dunk V50MBlackWater Tri Club    
2724:51Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2824:55Peter Argall SBV65MDengie 10024:5523:5222.0 
2924:57Jonathan Lee V55MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
3025:08Paul MacMillan V65MUnattached    
3125:12Chloe Cooch S20WUnattached    
3225:19Chris McDonnell SBV75MDengie 10024:2820:2517.1 
3325:38Holly Dabson S20WUnattached    
3425:38Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3525:52William Braybrook U18MUnattached    
3625:54William Salmons V40MUnattached    
3725:58David Search  V55MDengie 10024:5522:4126.1 
3826:08Victoria Symons V45WUnattached    
3926:18Barbara Budin S25WUnattached    
4026:20Jason Webb V50MUnattached    
4126:55Danny Wilson  S30MLeigh on Sea24:1520:308.2 
4227:11Kelly Worboys S25WTrojan Fitness (Essex)    
4327:19Ian Rowley  V50MBad Boy25:4921:2424.1 
4427:31John Wallis V70MUnattached    
4527:38Steve Doble V60MTrojan Fitness (Essex)    
4627:49Lauren Wilkins S25WUnattached    
4728:02Shaun McVey V45MUnattached    
4828:07Nick Searle V40MDengie 100 Runners    
4928:12Katherine Kilgour V50WUnattached    
5028:13Paula Clowes V50WUnattached    
5128:20Stuart Aislabie V50MUnattached    
5228:20Jim Cordes V60MUnattached    
5328:39Hannah Bowden-Greene S25WUnattached    
5428:40Samuel Hopkins U15MBurnham Primary Runners    
5528:48Steve Barringer V50MUnattached    
5628:54Victoria Dash  S30WDengie 10028:5026:5125.1 
5729:06Ron Rib V35MUnattached    
5829:13Anita Wilkin V60WUnattached    
5929:24Alfie Pritchard U15MBurnham Primary Runners    
6029:27Deanne Jones V45WUnattached    
6129:33Nick O'Connor V60MUnattached    
6229:41Simone Collins SBV50WEast Essex TC27:0726:2331.9 
6329:42Laura Main V35WUnattached    
6430:00Emma Barringer S25WUnattached    
6530:01Joe Harwood  V40MBlackwater Triathlon Club25:2423:5824.7 
6630:37Emily Harris V35WUnattached    
6730:38Peter Skinner SBV75MDengie 10029:0025:4826.6 
6830:39Cliff White V60MUnattached    
6930:42Graham Palmer SBV65MDengie 10030:4221:3826.1 
7030:45Lisa Faircloth-Allix V50WUnattached    
7130:46Steven Faircloth V45MUnattached    
7231:00Alissa Moore V40WUnattached    
7331:01Lisa Winfield V45WUnattached    
7431:02Joanne Foster S30WUnattached    
7531:02Steph Oconnell S30WUnattached    
7631:18Teresa Cook V65WUnattached    
7731:22Fran Aylieff V40WUnattached    
7831:23Jenni Blunden V50WUnattached    
7932:30Billy Crickmar V35MUnattached    
8032:35Max Chivers U15MBurnham Primary Runners    
8132:44Louise Hart  V40WDengie 10030:5026:3629.4 
8232:50Roy Meadway V65MUnattached    
8332:52Dan McDonnell  S30MDengie 10029:2826:2029.9 
8432:55Kieran Marriott S20MUnattached    
8532:59Daisy Hull U11WBurnham Primary Runners    
8633:00Mark Hull V35MUnattached    
8733:04Joscelyn McInnes  V60WDengie 10031:3729:2724.7 
8833:09Sharon Search V60WBurnham Primary Runners    
8933:22Anthony Barnett V45MUnattached    
9033:53Madison Poulter  U15WChelmsford28:2227:3126.5 
9134:18Greta Wallis V70WUnattached    
9234:18Stephen Chivers V50MUnattached    
9335:04Dennis Smith V65MUnattached    
9435:28Robert Blunden V55MBurnham on Crouch RUFC    
9535:48James Harrison SBV45MLonely Goat RC32:4624:0214.0 
9636:21Tony Mace V50MUnattached    
9737:02Sam Hague V45MBurnham Primary Runners    
9837:33Bethany Fearns U15WUnattached    
9937:43Arthur Millman V65MUnattached    
10037:48Holly McLoughlin S20WUnattached    
10138:01Kelly Allwinkle V45WUnattached    
10239:43Emma Pritchard V45WUnattached    
10339:47Maria McVey V45WUnattached    
10440:04Chris Hopkins S30MUnattached    
10540:37John Wright V80MUnattached    
10643:13Emma Hague V45WUnattached    
10743:54Honey Poulter U11WBurnham Primary Runners    
10845:52Nicola Beaumont V60WUnattached    
10946:07Sarah Southgate S30WUnattached    
11046:55Liana Williams U15WUnattached    
11148:14Lesley Talbot V70WUnattached    
11250:05Sammy Hopkins S25WUnattached    
11358:11Roy Loft V70MUnattached    
11458:14Catherine Marriott  V45WDengie 10023:4723:0415.2