RR10 External Results
28 Jul 21
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMax Costley SENMSouthampton-3.1 
10NTMartin Stockley SENMEastleigh RC0.2 
100NTZak WitheySENMItchen  
101NTDavid Lavington SENMEastleigh RC15.9 
102NTTerry Greening V45MTotton14.2 
103NTMartyn West V65MWinchester12.6 
104NTGodfrey Rhimes V55MEastleigh Junior  
105NTNick Crane V65MStubbington Green16.1 
106NTEd Tavner V45MItchen Spitfires11.2 
107NTMark Coates V40MHardley21.6 
108NTRobbie Barlow SENMTotton9.4 
109NTSimon Beer V50MItchen Spitfires20.2 
11NTPeter Sansome V45MWinchester1.3 
110NTHaydn Brown V55MStubbington Green9.2 
111NTTony Lees V60MTotton11.0 
112NTRic Pike V55MWinchester13.3 
113NTCharles Bartlett Fox V65MNew Forest Runners10.5 
114NTDavid Seymour V55MWessex RR28.1 
115NTWill Anthes V45MHedge End10.3 
116NTAlan Tulip V65MWinchester8.8 
117NTMark Tiller V60MPoole Runners/Itchen Spitfires12.3 
118NTMark Pottle V45MHedge End15.6 
119NTStephen Blight V55MHardley18.8 
12NTJosh Horner U17MSouthampton1.2 
120NTRichard Dooler V45MItchen Spitfires17.9 
121NTSteve Goodwin V65MWinchester13.2 
122NTKeith Sheppard V60MHedge End13.4 
123NTDarren Martin V45MTotton16.8 
124NTMick Anglim V70MHardley13.4 
125NTRob Jesson V50MItchen Spitfires17.2 
126NTSamuel Kent U17MHalterworth14.3 
127NTSteve Churcher V55MEastleigh RC10.8 
128NTPaul Bailey V50MNew Forest Runners14.4 
129NTAdam Pratt V35MItchen Spitfires15.2 
13NTDavid Gaskell V35MWinchester0.2 
130NTIan Parker V50MWinchester11.3 
131NTHenry Clover V60MHedge End14.1 
132NTEamonn Rivers V60MTotton18.3 
133NTRichard Allen V45MHedge End14.9 
134NTJono Harvey V45MEastleigh RC13.8 
135NTJohn Derek Withey V55MItchen Spitfires15.9 
136NTNicholas Pink V45MEastleigh RC/Totton19.2 
137NTDaniel Rolfe SENMHedge End15.9 
138NTPeter Reilly V60MNew Forest Runners14.5 
139NTPaul Unsted V55MEastleigh RC13.1 
14NTTim Rolfe SENMStubbington Green1.0 
140NTDavid Hugh Hawkins V55MEastleigh RC4.5 
141NTLeon Ross V45MHedge End19.4 
142NTNeil Cameron V45MTotton14.9 
143NTDavid Peterson V45MEastleigh RC15.8 
144NTAndy Mansfield V50MTotton/Hardley14.5 
145NTKirk Jenkins V35MTotton20.2 
146NTBenjamin Stewart V40MItchen Spitfires17.7 
147NTPaul Marchant V50MHedge End11.2 
148NTTim Crumpton V65MStubbington Green36.7 
149NTIan Hawker V65MHardley23.2 
15NTColin Trigg V45MStubbington Green2.8 
150NTChris Jones V60MItchen Spitfires15.4 
151NTMark Lee V55MHardley28.8 
152NTChris Collins V40MHedge End26.0 
153NTDave HowellsV60MWessex  
154NTMike JonesV40MWinchester  
155NTMalcolm Renyard V75MHardley/South West Vets/Havant16.3 
156NTPeter Mills V60MTotton28.5 
157NTDavid Judson V45MStubbington Green18.6 
158NTJon Leigh V55MStubbington Green17.4 
159NTMike Smith V70MHardley15.6 
16NTJason Palmer-Myers V50MWinchester6.2 
160NTPaul Harvey V65MItchen Spitfires19.9 
161NTJohn Labbett V60MHardley54.0 
162NTMike Gordon V50MTotton15.0 
163NTJulian Smith V60MNew Forest Runners12.2 
164NTLuke Kay SENMTotton19.1 
165NTPaul Kent V50MHalterworth16.3 
166NTMark Polkinghorne V40MHedge End14.9 
167NTBilly Ault V50MHalterworth22.4 
168NTMarc Holmes V35MSouthampton18.0 
169NTCraig Taylor V45MTotton18.3 
17NTGrant Gibson SENMSouthampton4.6 
170NTMatthew Sprack V40MEastleigh RC18.8 
171NTPete TownsendV50MWinchester  
172NTKevin Rowe V60MHedge End14.9 
173NTStephen Wyeth V45MHalterworth27.8 
174NTMark Whitlock V40MTotton20.9 
175NTRoger Morgan V60MHardley21.4 
176NTNigel Feast V65MStubbington Green18.2 
177NTBarrie Reeves V70MEastleigh RC22.6 
178NTIan Rogers V55MEastleigh RC19.5 
179NTAndrew Cable V55MWessex RR  
18NTChris Shipley SENMHedge End9.4 
180NTTrevor Swift V55MEastleigh RC20.3 
181NTIan BeveridgeV50MHardley  
182NTMike Clarke V75MHardley19.8 
183NTTerence Earney V75MHardley21.5 
184NTTim Ford V60MHedge End18.9 
185NTBrian Rumary V65MEastleigh RC22.3 
186NTMarcus HewittV40MItchen  
187NTRobert Jones V40MHedge End21.6 
188NTDarren Palmer V50MItchen Spitfires12.6 
189NTMichael McCabe V65MNew Forest Runners19.9 
19NTCarl Shirley SENMEastleigh RC5.5 
190NTJustin Noons V50MTotton26.5 
191NTIan Dodkin V55MTotton12.7 
192NTJeff Deacon V65MEastleigh RC24.9 
193NTChris Taylor V70MItchen Spitfires34.1 
194NTRobert Barlow V50MTotton22.8 
195NTDouglas Maclean V75MWessex RR31.2 
196NTMike Sleath V60MHardley26.3 
197NTRobert Wells V45MHardley24.3 
198NTMario Sheath V55MNew Forest Runners27.9 
199NTMartin Slater V65MEastleigh RC31.2 
2NTNick Buis V40MTotton25.8 
20NTWill Greenway SENMTotton7.0 
200NTSteve Till V60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Southampton28.7 
21NTAndy Parkinson V50MWinchester3.2 
22NTLee Reynolds V40MStubbington Green4.5 
23NTAdam Wilkinson V35MTotton1.9 
24NTAdam Davis U20MTotton5.5 
25NTJoshua Cullen SENMStubbington Green4.2 
26NTNathan Renyard V45MHardley5.5 
27NTJoe HawesV40MNew Forest  
28NTAndy Herman V40MTotton4.6 
29NTGillam McClure SENMItchen Spitfires3.9 
3NTRichard Thorburn U23MSouthampton/Southampton Uni-0.5 
30NTAdam Ruddy SENMItchen Spitfires7.5 
31NTGregory Sims SENMItchen Spitfires2.9 
32NTJames Garland U20MHalterworth3.8 
33NTGary Pullen V35MStubbington Green8.6 
34NTBracken Dawson SENMWinchester6.3 
35NTLee Trueman V40MTotton6.8 
36NTAlexander Cooper SENMTotton7.6 
37NTJamie Foster SENMItchen Spitfires2.5 
38NTJames Miller V35MItchen Spitfires19.2 
39NTDavid Madelin V35MSouthampton6.7 
4NTTimothy Anetts SENMHardley0.9 
40NTChristy MurphyV40MNew Forest  
41NTCarlo Van Leeuwen V40MHedge End5.9 
42NTMitchell Wade V35MEastleigh RC5.2 
43NTDaniel Powell SENMItchen Spitfires8.7 
44NTJon Ward V45MSouthampton9.5 
45NTNeil White V35MTotton6.1 
46NTDimitri Elenis V45MNew Forest Runners10.4 
47NTGraham Andrews V40MItchen Spitfires6.3 
48NTIan Webber V45MHedge End7.9 
49NTMartin PerryV40MEastleigh  
5NTJames Moore SENMWinchester0.7 
50NTBen Andrew V35MHardley7.3 
51NTJames Pilgrim V35MEastleigh RC12.1 
52NTCarl Drainey V45MTotton10.5 
53NTTheo Roberts U20MWinchester6.4 
54NTSimon Williamson V40MWinchester9.4 
55NTRichard D Harris V40MHardley25.1 
56NTAlan Cowan V40MHedge End10.8 
57NTGerry Robson V55MItchen Spitfires5.9 
58NTJohn Blake V50MStubbington Green8.6 
59NTGraham Martin V45MStubbington Green7.0 
6NTArchie Ives U23MWinchester3.6 
60NTTom Stephenson SENMWinchester6.1 
61NTPhil Rudd SENMHardley11.3 
62NTRod Harnett V50MNew Forest Runners8.7 
63NTJim Rapley V55MWessex RR14.9 
64NTPhilip Knight SENMWessex RR9.1 
65NTRobert Kendall V40MTotton8.9 
66NTPete Siddall V55MWinchester10.6 
67NTJon Plomer V45MStubbington Green/Havant9.6 
68NTMatthew Cafferky V35MNew Forest Runners9.7 
69NTSteve Oliver V60MWinchester/South West Vets7.1 
7NTHarry Roebuck U15MSouthampton1.3 
70NTMatthew Casey SENMHardley7.1 
71NTJohn Curry V45MTotton29.9 
72NTSean Patrick Driscoll V55MTotton17.6 
73NTCharlie AndersonSENMHalterworth  
74NTDavid Nightingale V50MTotton9.6 
75NTChris Aplin V35MNew Forest Runners8.6 
76NTAdam Travers V45MTotton12.8 
77NTPhilip Ashmore V35MTotton  
78NTBrian Frampton V60MTotton9.2 
79NTMitchell Robson U23MItchen Spitfires5.4 
8NTWayne Bevan V40MWinchester1.6 
80NTJamie LaitSENMHalterworth  
81NTGeoffrey Willis V45MTotton13.2 
82NTRichard Jacks V40MStubbington Green10.7 
83NTPaddy Butler V60MHardley9.8 
84NTDean Lucas V40MTotton10.1 
85NTAndrew Warren V35MTotton10.4 
86NTAdrian Hayes V60MTotton9.3 
87NTGraham James V60MStubbington Green12.4 
88NTFrazer Bailey V35MItchen Spitfires7.8 
89NTSimon Hall V35MTotton8.1 
9NTJames Dean V35MTotton2.4 
90NTDaniele Francheschini V65MEastleigh RC15.8 
91NTSpencer Meyer V50MEastleigh RC11.9 
92NTMelvin Parker V35MTotton22.4 
93NTCameron HewittSENMItchen  
94NTPaul Garland V55MHalterworth16.9 
95NTMartin Baker V55MNew Forest Runners11.9 
96NTRobin Stacey V35MItchen Spitfires11.9 
97NTColin Mcmanus V40MWinchester10.4 
98NTSteven Hull V60MNEJ RC/New Forest Runners11.9 
99NTMark Wilson V45MWinchester14.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTEllie Monks V35WSouthampton1.7 
10NTSusy Perry V40WWinchester8.2 
100NTGill Goodwin V65WWinchester24.6 
101NTVictoria Dewey V35WEastleigh RC26.1 
102NTSue Adams V55WSolent Running Sisters24.1 
103NTSarah Kesley V45WEastleigh RC26.8 
104NTKate HartV60WItchen  
105NTLesley Turner V50WSolent Running Sisters25.5 
106NTAnne GreeneV50WEastleigh  
107NTSharon Stewart V40WItchen Spitfires23.8 
108NTAmanda Harris V45WItchen Spitfires26.8 
109NTEmily Jones V35WItchen Spitfires35.1 
11NTVictoria Buck V45WItchen Spitfires  
110NTBecky CleevesV40WHalterworth  
111NTNadine Turner V45WHedge End27.1 
112NTDot KennardV50WTotton  
113NTJane Forbes V50WTotton29.9 
114NTCatherine Crocker V45WItchen Spitfires28.3 
115NTAlison Kaines V55WTotton24.5 
116NTAlana Williams V35WHedge End28.6 
117NTAmelia Walker V45WItchen Spitfires29.2 
118NTJulie Mills V50WItchen Spitfires32.6 
119NTRosie MackayV50WItchen  
12NTSamantha Parkinson V45WWinchester7.8 
120NTJulie Ward V60WHedge End29.3 
121NTPatricia Rogers V70WSolent Running Sisters29.8 
122NTEmma Portlock V45WSolent Running Sisters33.0 
123NTSohini Frame V45WTotton31.4 
124NTMaria WhitlockV40WTotton  
125NTImogene Hedges V45WSolent Running Sisters27.4 
126NTEileen Fitzgerald V50WSolent Running Sisters21.7 
127NTTracey Nightingale V45WTotton28.9 
128NTNatasha Cowan V40WHedge End32.2 
129NTVicky Pratt V45WItchen Spitfires31.8 
13NTRebecca Stark V35WHedge End9.9 
130NTJo Hooper V55WHalterworth39.1 
131NTAnn Maylott V50WHardley35.9 
14NTHolly WatsonSENWStubbington  
15NTJoanne Labram V45WHedge End9.8 
16NTKirsty Clover V50WHedge End11.6 
17NTAmanda PinckneyV40WTotton  
18NTLucy Buis V50WTotton38.7 
19NTRosie Phillips SENWItchen Spitfires11.2 
2NTAnnie Mann U15WSouthampton/Halterworth0.7 
20NTJulie Humphries V55WSolent Running Sisters11.1 
21NTRebecca Smith SENWItchen Spitfires10.2 
22NTAmy Fox V35WStubbington Green12.2 
23NTLouise Frost V40WNew Forest Runners12.0 
24NTLeah Tavner V45WItchen Spitfires13.5 
25NTDorte Barkley V55WSolent Running Sisters13.7 
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