Forest of Dean parkrun # 18 External Results
Forest of Dean
21 Aug 10
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:13   Kyran Hale  U18MSevern17:1016:4018.0 
220:20   John Matthews  V35M26.2/University of London18:2817:255.0 
320:54   Sebastian Bodger  U20MNewcastle Uni18:4217:4828.5 
421:31   Connor Creed  U15MForest of Dean20:3619:3533.7 
521:43   Mark Mathews  V35MForest of Dean20:3119:257.0 
722:21   David Jones  V55MForest of Dean21:1020:0717.8 
822:33   Joshua Mathews  U15MForest of Dean21:3019:5318.1 
922:36   John Richard Evans PBSENMUnattached22:3619:1914.1 
1022:59   Emily Dowle  U15WForest of Dean22:0021:2826.1 
1123:43   Briar Morris  SENMUnattached21:5020:4817.9 
1224:04   Graham James  V40MUnattached23:0622:4514.9 
1324:49   Ian Hoare  V45MUnattached23:1722:4825.8 
1425:35   Tara Sladen  U15WForest of Dean23:3421:3936.0 
1525:39   Jacqui Wynds  V55WForest of Dean25:2323:5715.7 
1625:47   Lauren Wallis PBU15WForest of Dean25:4725:4736.0 
1726:08   Amy Liddington SENWUnattached    
1826:09   Donna Lloyd SENWUnattached    
1926:24   Sian Griffith  V35WChepstow H25:2823:4315.9 
2026:41   Robert George  U15MChepstow H/Forest of Dean25:1723:1831.7 
2126:57   Andrew R George  V45MChepstow H/Forest of Dean26:3024:3219.0 
2228:12   Lynda Wallis  V35WForest of Dean25:2725:2736.0 
2328:19   Katie Kearsey  U11WForest of Dean25:0623:3730.6 
2429:31   Rupert Bodger  U20MUnattached25:0123:0436.0 
2530:23   Maria Cassells  V35WUnattached29:1728:0330.5 
2630:31   Sam Wallis U15MForest of Dean AC    
2730:36   Angela Bowkett  V40WForest of Dean28:3726:3521.2 
2830:40   John Ballam  V50MUnattached30:1228:1936.0 
2931:16   Nicola Mooney  S30WUnattached29:0429:0430.4 
3031:48   Harriet Kearsey SBU11WForest of Dean31:4827:4936.0 
3131:51   Helen Kearsey  V45WForest of Dean29:1229:1236.0 
3233:21   Heather Jones  V55WForest of Dean31:3431:3435.7 
3341:18   Maddy M Hall U15WUnattached    
3441:25   Emily J Maynard SENWUnattached    
3541:26   Jim Maynard SENMUnattached    
3652:21   Claire Lavender  S30WForest of Dean41:2230:5028.7