Poole Summer 3.5 Series
16 Jul 10

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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
118:45   Nathan Shrubb U23MMorpeth/Poole Runners18.0 
218:54   Jack Partridge U17MPoole Runners19.6 
319:23   Ian White V40MBournemouth9.9 
419:26   Simon Munro U23MBournemouth8.6 
519:49   James Share U20MPoole Runners-2.4 
620:01   David Penwarden V35MPoole Runners36.0 
720:12   Richard Ward V40MPoole AC36.0 
820:25   John Towner SENMPoole Runners2.0 
920:27   Rob Kellaway V45MPoole AC24.0 
1020:32   Dave Patrick V35MPoole Runners36.0 
1120:49   Simon Way V40MBournemouth7.8 
1221:11   Simon Hayter V50MPoole Runners10.5 
1321:17   Mike Cure V45MPoole AC/New Forest Runners9.4 
1521:30   Abigail Jones U17WPoole Runners11.4 
1721:55   Becky Dean SENWPoole Runners/Royal Air Force10.5 
1922:03   Chris Guerrier V55MPoole Runners8.5 
2522:41   Janice Guerrier V50WPoole Runners31.9 
2623:03   Alan Lewis V60MPoole Runners11.3 
2923:41   Dave Cartwright V60MPoole Runners7.5 
4725:19   Helen Ambrosen V50WPoole Runners15.4 
5927:02   Sarah Barrett V60WPoole Runners20.9 
7429:05   Maggie Kirk V60WNew Forest Runners34.0 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
14:24   Tom East U13MPoole Runners4.4 
24:50   Brendan Kirkton U15MBournemouth34.9 
34:55   Aaron CogdellU13MUnatt  
45:25   Verity Hayter U13WPoole Runners36.0 
75:38   Nicole Saini U13WPoole Runners15.5 
85:45   Amy Bilson U15WPoole Runners36.0