Forest of Dean parkrun # 6 External Results
Forest of Dean
29 May 10
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:06   Chris Palmer  S30MWestbury/Sandhurst17:2717:271.5 
220:09   Kim Mazzucca  V45WForest of Dean17:3217:2621.9 
320:10   Steve Cunliffe  V55MForest of Dean19:3019:3036.0 
421:08   Walter Leach PBV45MForest of Dean21:0119:145.7 
521:36   Mark Mathews PBV35MForest of Dean20:3119:256.9 
621:56   Joshua Mathews  U15MForest of Dean21:3019:5319.5 
722:08   Neil Edward Davies  V50MUnattached20:3419:5810.2 
822:19   David Jones PBV55MForest of Dean21:1020:0718.5 
922:38   Chris J Moore PBV55MForest of Dean22:3821:3519.1 
1023:25   Darren Wintle PBSENMUnattached23:2523:2527.3 
1123:35   Sadie Melhuish PBU15WForest of Dean22:2322:2336.0 
1223:42   Mike Melhuish  V40MForest of Dean19:4619:4636.0 
1324:34   Lynn Cro  V35WUnattached23:5321:5622.6 
1424:37   Ian Hoare PBV40MUnattached23:1722:4827.0 
1525:35   Alison Croad PBSENWUnattached25:3525:3536.0 
1625:45   Christopher Frank Hawkins  V55MForest of Dean24:0523:0720.3 
1725:56   Briar Morris  SENMUnattached21:5020:4818.9 
1826:06   Simon Tremlett  V45MUnattached25:5523:4317.3 
1926:13   Lynda Wallis  V35WForest of Dean25:2725:2736.0 
2026:29   Jemima Fleur Griffiths PBU18WUnattached26:2926:2936.0 
2126:40   Robert George  U11MChepstow H/Forest of Dean25:1723:1832.6 
2226:40   Andrew R George  V45MChepstow H/Forest of Dean26:3024:3219.4 
2326:50   Jacqui Wynds PBV55WForest of Dean25:2323:5716.3 
2427:09   Claire Morgan SBV45WForest of Dean27:0925:4421.8 
2527:14   Mike Anderton SBV55MSevern27:1424:5735.8 
2627:30   Cathie Moore  V50WUnattached24:5024:5018.1 
2727:34   Barbara Griffiths PBV45WUnattached27:3427:3424.0 
2828:15   Emma Helen Kirton PBSENWUnattached28:1528:1536.0 
2928:22   Lauren Wallis  U15WForest of Dean25:4725:4736.0 
3028:25   Rebecca Russell PBU15WForest of Dean28:1427:1336.0 
3128:32   Louise Insall PBV40WForest of Dean27:1426:0619.1 
3228:51   Ruth Benzimra  V45W100 Marathon Club25:4325:2327.7 
3329:01   Angela Bowkett PBV40WForest of Dean28:3726:3522.3 
3429:34   Thomas Tremlett  SENMUnattached27:4618:0420.8 
3529:41   Pam Love  V35WUnattached26:3125:1029.4 
3630:20   Barbara Harrison PBV45WUnattached29:1622:2022.9 
3730:21   Celia Harrison PBV50WUnattached29:1626:1936.0 
3831:56   Rachael Wintle PBSENWUnattached31:5631:5636.0 
3934:10   Heather Jones PBV55WForest of Dean31:3431:3435.9 
4041:17   Josy Russell  U15WForest of Dean40:3840:1736.0 
4142:01   Philipa Steel PBU18WForest of Dean42:0142:0136.0 
4242:01   Emma Steel PBV35WForest of Dean42:0142:0136.0 
4342:05   Martin Steel  V40MForest of Dean20:2920:2928.3 
4442:34   Claire Lavender  S30WForest of Dean41:2230:5028.5