Herts & Essex Midweek League Div 1 External Results
15 Jun 10
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
133:23    Tom Crouch PBSENMSt. Albans Striders33:2330:58-0.7 
233:54    Paul Adams  SENMSt. Albans Striders33:2932:44-1.3 
334:00    Nick Beresford  V35MNorth Herts33:1433:1436.0 
434:19    Blake Vivian PBSENMSt. Albans Striders/Police34:1933:294.4 
534:37    Steve Kemble PBV50MGarden City Runners34:3734:3736.0 
634:44    Jonathan Scott  SENMSt. Albans Striders33:5933:440.1 
734:56    Andy Holt  V45MGarden City Runners/Herts Phoenix34:4833:434.6 
834:59    Scott Aiken SBV40MTrent Park34:5934:470.9 
935:02    Simon Jackson PBSENMFairlands Valley Spartans35:0234:530.8 
1035:16    Matthew Ennion SBV35MSt. Albans Striders35:1634:1836.0 
1135:22    Richard Bate SBSENMFairlands Valley Spartans35:2234:3125.0 
1235:34    Grant Ramsay SBV35MBarnet35:3434:153.2 
1335:48    Rachel Humphreys PBSENWBedford & County/North Herts35:4835:1819.8 
1435:56    Andrew Gardiner PBV40MFairlands Valley Spartans35:5635:5629.0 
1736:16    David Desborough  V50MGarden City Runners36:0436:048.8 
2236:43    Colin Braybrook SBV45MSt. Albans Striders/Orion36:4334:537.5 
2336:54    David Bowker T13/F13 PBV50MFairlands Valley Spartans/Eastern Masters/Herts Phoenix36:5436:548.8 
2537:07    Lisa Elmore  V40WTrent Park37:0533:247.7 
3237:52    Michael Prior SBV40MTrent Park37:5236:355.8 
3837:57    Richard Keith Harrison PBV40MRoyston37:5737:575.1 
4238:09    Jo Laing PBV40WFairlands Valley Spartans38:0938:0924.8 
4638:28    Martha Hall  SENWGarden City Runners37:4037:404.5 
 39:5439:55   Paul Carter PBV35MFairlands Valley Spartans39:0139:0136.0 
7340:04    Zoe Lowe SBV40WSt. Albans Striders40:0439:5213.1 
 40:2240:12   Nicholas Malpeli  V40MNorth Herts39:3536:542.7 
7740:22    Elizabeth McKie SBV40WSt. Albans Striders40:2239:5734.3 
7940:23    Sarah Crocker PBV40WWomens Running Network/Royston40:2340:2336.0 
8540:37    Karen Flannery PBV35WTrent Park40:3740:3727.0 
8940:50    Gill Jubb PBV35WSt. Albans Striders40:5040:5027.6 
9140:53    Sally Onn  SENWSt. Albans Striders39:1238:2024.1 
9241:02    Jacqueline Hardwick SBV35WTrent Park41:0240:4936.0 
11442:22    Sam Pretty SBSENWFairlands Valley Spartans42:2241:2819.7 
11742:36    Genevieve Helsby  SENWGarden City Runners41:0141:0136.0 
 51:0350:53   Helen Lucia Stafford  SENWGarden City Runners50:0750:0714.1 
21251:45    Perry Gear  V45MGarden City Runners48:0347:3236.0