Southern Counties Veterans League Western External Results
3 May 10
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1500 A
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:21.7   Phil Egerton  V35MAbingdon4:09.04:06.22.2 
24:43.9   Marcus Maxwell PBV35MOxford City/Royal Air Force4:43.94:43.98.0 
34:57.9   Tony Lock SBV40MWitney4:57.94:40.53.5 
45:46.5   Philip Davies  V45MRadley5:28.65:16.222.1 
1500 B
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:52.0   Rob Webster SBV45MOxford City4:52.04:25.544.9 
25:25.0   Marc Juffkins  V40MAbingdon5:14.95:14.916.0 
37:01.8   Michael Cottam  V35MRadley5:47.55:47.513.4 
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:58.5   Philip Huxley SBV50MOxford City4:58.54:47.09.6 
25:20.4   Andy Tuttle  V50MNewbury5:12.15:05.211.9 
35:27.7   Gray Kueberuwa  V50MRadley5:21.65:21.635.3 
45:38.3   John Oliver PBV50MAbingdon5:38.35:38.310.6 
1500 ns
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:01.8   Carl Thompson  V45MOxford City/Royal Air Force4:44.964:44.9629.5 
25:13.6   Trevor Dixon SBV50MOxford City5:13.64:41.915.0 
35:15.0   John Exley  V60MOxford City/Southern Counties Vets5:10.14:32.610.1 
1500 A
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:22.9   Sarah Davies  V35WOxford City/Radley5:02.34:56.287.1 
25:28.1   Andrea Curson PBV35WReading AC5:28.15:28.132.0 
35:28.9   Nicola Gomm  V45WWitney5:20.65:20.636.0 
45:30.2   Adrienne Hopkins  V35WHeadington/Abingdon5:21.25:21.236.0 
55:50.5   Bev Hall  V45WNewbury5:40.85:28.836.0 
1500 B
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:29.9   Caroline Stevens SBV45WReading AC5:29.95:12.913.1 
25:48.6   Sarah Matthews PBV40WAbingdon5:46.85:46.836.0 
35:50.0   Ana Ramos-Villaverde SBV35WRadley5:50.05:07.757.2 
47:04.7   Julie Coxhead PBV50WNewbury7:04.77:04.733.3 
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:01.2   Gwyneth Hueter  V50WOxford City/Southern Counties Vets5:39.65:07.214.5 
26:03.9   Sarah Fowler  V50WNewbury5:52.85:42.925.1 
36:24.5   Patricia Wilson  V50WAbingdon6:06.96:06.922.7 
46:41.1   Jeanette Ashton  V50WWitney6:25.16:25.119.4