March parkrun # 200 External Results
28 Dec 19
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:17Simon Mead  V45MHuntingdonshire16:5516:550.5 
219:15Stuart Wadlow SBV40MPontypridd (Roadents)19:1517:033.0 
320:21Shane Sadler S30MUnattached    
421:11Tony Brown V35MUnattached    
521:32Liam Lambert  U18MMarch20:3220:005.6 
622:11Mark Jenner S30MUnattached    
722:14Olivia Mead  U18WHuntingdonshire/Ramsey20:5519:415.5 
822:25Kanina Oneil S30WUnattached    
922:33Richard Upchurch  V45MUnattached21:3021:087.5 
1022:49Philip Beldom  V50MMarch21:3821:3810.9 
1123:10Andrew Wool  V45MMarch20:0520:058.0 
1223:19James Conroy V50MUnattached    
1323:40Kyle Nosworthy U20MUnattached    
1423:42Alan Court V45MUnattached    
1523:47Teilo Pearce  V35MMarch22:2521:2611.4 
1623:49Rhys Davies  V40MMarch21:5720:1110.4 
1724:03Justin Elvidge  V45MMarch20:1419:189.2 
1824:20Hannah Daniel S25WUnattached    
1924:48Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2024:56Serge Lambert U15MMarch AC    
2124:57Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2224:57Ruth Jenner V40WUnattached    
2325:24Roger Money V50MUnattached    
2425:30James Arran V35MUnattached    
2525:37Mark Evans V50MUnattached    
2625:50Steve Starr  V45MEly24:5822:1114.7 
2726:18Richard Clews V40MUnattached    
2826:21Tim Mills V50MUnattached    
2926:22Daniel West V55MUnattached    
3026:41David Patching V45MUnattached    
3126:51Walter Beldom V40MUnattached    
3227:05Scott Bywater V40MMarch AC    
3327:07Jon Long  V45MMarch23:0323:0313.7 
3427:11Avison Warren V35MUnattached    
3527:13Michael Wilson S30MUnattached    
3627:16Paul Aitken V55MUnattached    
3727:22Simon Woodhouse V40MUnattached    
3827:27Rosie Mead  U15WPeterborough & Nene Valley25:1023:4414.8 
3927:35James Mottram S30MUnattached    
4027:50Robert Butler V50MUnattached    
4127:51Andrew Lensen V50MUnattached    
4227:52Steven Robinett V35MUnattached    
4327:53David White V60MUnattached    
4427:57Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4528:31Bradley Sheldrake S20MUnattached    
4628:43Gerard Baker V45MUnattached    
4728:44Jim Reeves V50MUnattached    
4828:47Amanda Lopez  V45WThorney26:1225:3018.0 
4928:52Richard Owens V55MUnattached    
5028:54Joanne Edwards  V40WUnattached25:5325:1719.8 
5129:21Gary Norman V55MUnattached    
5229:38Katie Leach V40WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
5329:39Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5429:45Kay Dedman V45WUnattached    
5530:00Melvin Green V50MUnattached    
5630:02Donna Johnson V40WUnattached    
5730:02Suzanna Bester V35WUnattached    
5830:09Megan Saunders S30WUnattached    
5930:22Gail Burgess V45WBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
6030:28Victoria May V45WUnattached    
6130:37Sally Jackson V50WUnattached    
6230:43Joel Grieco V50MUnattached    
6331:00Helene Upchurch V45WUnattached    
6431:04Melanie Cook S30WRun Mummy Run    
6531:11Sarah Lensen V50WLynnsport Ladybirds    
6631:17Roma Oneil V60WUnattached    
6731:20Laura Vincent V35WUnattached    
6831:26Dennis Willis V40MUnattached    
6931:36Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7031:47Sarah Cowley V35WUnattached    
7131:48Lou Clark V35WUnattached    
7232:01Helen Bradley V45WUnattached    
7332:35Sarah Lamb  V45WThree Counties30:0628:4424.6 
7432:41Jackie Evans V50WUnattached    
7532:45Fran Robbs De La Hoyde S20WUnattached    
7633:17David Wright V60MUnattached    
7733:28Andrew Mai U18MUnattached    
7833:31Abbie Ransom S30WUnattached    
7933:32Florence Mai U20WUnattached    
8033:36Paul Robbs De La Hoyde V50MUnattached    
8133:46Gaelle Bryant  V45WMarch26:0725:2521.9 
8234:09Maisie Whittlesey U11WRun Mummy Run    
8334:11Abigail Jeeves V35WRun Mummy Run    
8434:25Lynne Sparrow V65WUnattached    
8534:27Teresa Bryant V50WUnattached    
8634:35Kiernon Boucher V45MUnattached    
8735:11Karen Kimberlin V45WUnattached    
8835:12Michelle Fovargue V45WUnattached    
8936:14Colin Andrews V50MUnattached    
9036:32Mark Oakerbee  V40MMarch25:5925:2822.0 
9136:49Guy Wakeham V50MUnattached    
9237:10Allan Turpie V50MBodymode Running Club (BRC)    
9337:13Molly Cook U11WMarch AC    
9437:15Katie Cook U11WUnattached    
9537:16Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9637:19Amy Ellis  V40WMarch32:0927:0230.2 
9737:32Charlotte Bradley U18WUnattached    
9837:58Pat Norris  V70WMarch32:3427:4028.9 
9938:07Claire Sheldrake V45WUnattached    
10038:39Gayna Orourke V45WUnattached    
10138:52Rachel Redhead V45WUnattached    
10239:24Louise Larkins V50WUnattached    
10339:28Miriam Evison V50WUnattached    
10439:45Daniel Oakerbee V35MUnattached    
10539:51Susan Bayliss V55WUnattached    
10640:54Kathy Norman V55WUnattached    
10741:32June Daniel V65WUnattached    
10841:45Lucy Godfrey S30WUnattached    
10943:25Victoria Ayers V40WUnattached    
11044:56Hilary Corrick  V75WSolent Running Sisters38:5529:5631.7 
11146:26Sue Wakeham V50WUnattached    
11246:45Maggie Leonard V60WRamsey Road Runners    
11350:43Imogen Hall U11WUnattached    
11450:46Steven Hall V40MUnattached    
11552:08Dennis Willis U15MUnattached    
11652:10Lesley Wright V55WUnattached