Mount Edgcumbe parkrun # 192 External Results
Mount Edgcumbe
30 Nov 19
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:50Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
222:20James Wickett S25MUnattached    
322:35Christopher Wilson V35MUnattached    
422:45Victoria Walker  S25WHighgate/Birmingham Uni19:4418:243.3 
523:00Simon Topper S30MUnattached    
623:16Andrew Pepperell  V40MUnattached19:3119:225.8 
723:48Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
824:10Derek Walker  V55MWatford20:1118:458.1 
924:30Ross Harvie U18MUnattached    
1024:50Elisa Woffenden V50WUnattached    
1125:08Tom Harris S25MUnattached    
1225:26Laurie Thrift V65MUnattached    
1325:45Martin Blakebrough  V55MSpirit of Monmouth21:0221:0210.1 
1427:29Anna McIlreavy S20WUnattached    
1527:48John Michael Sudell  V60MUnattached25:4622:5214.4 
1628:00Jonathan Perrett S20MUnattached    
1728:25William Blackstone V50MSweatshop Running Community    
1828:48Cara Swain S30WUnattached    
1929:28Mark Harvie V50MUnattached    
2030:47Mary Hickson  V50WRanelagh27:1324:5719.2 
2131:12Molly Gilbey  U15WCity of Plymouth19:4519:436.0 
2231:28David Duffy V55MUnattached    
2331:40Richard Mather V60MUnattached    
2431:51Robin Evans V55MUnattached    
2531:58Sarah Robertson V35WUnattached    
2632:49Richard Dorrington V55MUnattached    
2732:49Alison Dorrington V50WUnattached    
2833:30Emma Hill S30WUnattached    
2934:02Jane Deary V55WUnattached    
3034:07Lesley Thrift V60WUnattached    
3136:54Laura Harvie S20WUniversity of Southampton AC    
3237:07Robert Dorrington U18MUnattached    
3337:08Dawn Dyer V60WRAM Runners    
3440:09Sebastian Weatherill U11MUnattached    
3540:10Hannah Dorrington U15WUnattached    
3640:15Gilbey Isabel U18WUnattached    
3740:17Matt Starling V40MCrafthole Running & Powerlifting Club    
3840:18Sofie Haidon  S30WPlymouth Coasters30:1730:1726.6 
3940:19Lorraine Wilson V50WUnattached    
4040:20Lee Weatherill V40MUnattached