Bedfordshire / Buckinghamshire County Championships External Results
4 Jan 20

Our results are shown as the combined races as run on the day. Please see the individual county results on the links below for county positions.
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
136:03Darren Deed V40MBedford & County-4.0 
236:46Alex Bampton SENMHighgate/UCL-4.1 
336:52Paul Mizon SENMMarshall Milton Keynes/Ampthill & Flitwick-0.9 
436:59Richard Slade U23MChiltern/Bath Uni-4.0 
537:02Jamie Seddon SENMMarshall Milton Keynes-2.2 
637:07Fabian Downs SENMChiltern/Reading AC/Switzerland-1.4 
737:19James Minter U20MBedford & County-2.7 
837:22Elliot Hind SENMMarshall Milton Keynes-2.2 
938:02Tom Comerford SENMMarshall Milton Keynes0.4 
1038:49Charles Wheeler U23MMK Distance Project-5.5 
1138:58Simon Coombes V45MHerne Hill/Leighton Buzzard/Bedford & County/Eastern Masters-0.9 
1239:27Rob Elmore V35MLeighton Buzzard-2.2 
1339:42Paul Farmer V40MAmpthill & Flitwick-0.1 
1439:44Charlie May SENMVale of Aylesbury1.6 
1539:48Aran Davidson SENMChiltern-2.7 
1639:52Charlie Palmer V40MBedford & County0.7 
1740:04Ian Halpin V35MAmpthill & Flitwick0.1 
1840:07Peter Mackrell V35MLeighton Buzzard/Marshall Milton Keynes-1.9 
1940:09Matthew Ma SENMLeighton Fun Runners2.1 
2040:10Jamie Farmer SENMRedway Runners-0.1 
2140:14Robert Barnes SENMStopsley0.2 
2240:24Nick Hughes V50MChiltern-0.3 
2340:25Ewan Forsythe U20MMarshall Milton Keynes-0.9 
2440:25Steven Tuttle SENMMarshall Milton Keynes-1.6 
2541:30Rob Taylor V45MVale of Aylesbury4.4 
2642:04Ewan Wilson V45MBedford & County2.5 
2742:08Jeremy Vick V40MMarshall Milton Keynes3.7 
2842:23Tom Kimber V40MLeighton Buzzard4.2 
2942:43Paul Williamson V50MLeighton Buzzard TC2.8 
3043:03Thomas Inchley V35MLeighton Buzzard3.8 
3143:04Pat Davis V40MHighgate1.2 
3243:36James Bell V50MLeighton Buzzard4.1 
3344:05Roger Seed V45MVale of Aylesbury3.6 
3444:07Stephen Ratcliffe V35MMarshall Milton Keynes2.3 
3544:17Tom Ellerton SENMLeighton Fun Runners4.3 
3644:21Dermot Martin V40MBearbrook5.3 
3744:23Greg O'Callaghan V45MTring RC6.8 
3844:29Tony DavisV50MBedford Harriers  
3944:39Martin Beare V55MAmpthill & Flitwick5.5 
4045:05Andrew Wiseall V35MChiltern6.4 
4145:08Stuart Still V50MBedford & County4.8 
4245:11Ashley Larman V40MAmpthill & Flitwick3.6 
4345:18Robert Morgan V40MBiggleswade5.9 
4445:22Benjamin Corfield SENMLeighton Buzzard9.2 
4545:38Matthew Brooks V45MLeighton Buzzard3.9 
4645:42Andy Blair V55MBedford & County4.2 
4745:52Nick Clay V55MLeighton Buzzard6.6 
4846:03Harry Hammond U23MSilson6.1 
4946:24Steve Harrison V45MLeighton Fun Runners15.0 
5046:35William Willmott V40MAmpthill & Flitwick8.1 
5146:40Daniel Green V45MLeighton Fun Runners7.8 
5246:50Sunil Sharma V40MAmpthill & Flitwick5.8 
5346:52Steve Withers V45MMarshall Milton Keynes7.5 
5447:14Michael Fryer V40MBearbrook6.7 
5547:26Steve Sharples V55MLeighton Buzzard4.7 
5647:35Jonathan Carter SENMBedford H2.4 
5747:42Gez Fallon V45MStopsley6.7 
5848:07John Murphy V50MDunstable6.3 
5948:07Lee Murphy SENMDunstable2.4 
6048:10Matthew Gilbert V40MLeighton Fun Runners6.6 
6148:13Shaun Chillingworth V45MWycombe7.2 
6248:20Chris Stenner V50MLeighton Fun Runners12.0 
6348:32Simon FosterV45MBedford Harriers  
6448:50Callum Harrison SENMAmpthill & Flitwick7.0 
6548:54Kevin HareV45MLeighton Fun Runners  
6649:04Andrew Heale V50MLeighton Fun Runners7.9 
6749:36Martin Fallon V50MStopsley12.1 
6849:53Paul Swinburne V45MBiggleswade7.4 
6950:15Ben Stoneman V40MAmpthill & Flitwick11.0 
7050:17Shaun Busby SENMBedford H8.2 
7150:31Jeremy Godfrey SENMAmpthill & Flitwick14.3 
7251:09Danny Kelly V55MStopsley9.4 
7351:46Michael Taylor V50MWycombe11.0 
7451:50Steve Ellerton V55MLeighton Fun Runners10.9 
7552:02Stuart Knight V50MBedford H8.8 
7652:04Pat Blessing V55MStopsley11.7 
7752:42Jason LakeV50MBedford Harriers  
7852:47Alan Roberts V55MVale of Aylesbury11.5 
7953:07Mark Cornell V55MDunstable9.3 
8054:13Gary MckeaveneySENMBedford Harriers  
8154:54Henry Edwardes-Evans V50MVale of Aylesbury18.3 
8255:46Charles Nelis V50MStopsley14.2 
8356:46Henry Lynn V50MAmpthill & Flitwick7.2 
8456:47William AbramV45MBedford Harriers  
8557:46Richard Lawson V50MBedford H16.3 
8658:07Russell Cartwright V55MBedford H30.5 
8759:20Nigel John Chesterton V45MLeighton Buzzard15.5 
8861:11Peter FaddenSENMBedford Harriers  
8961:50Tony Barnes V55MBedford H/BRAT12.0 
9062:13Steven McAllister V35MDunstable18.6 
9162:53Christopher Fadden V55MBedford H16.6 
1.5KXC U11M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:50Eddie Hartigan U11MMarshall Milton Keynes4.9 
25:53Jacque Smith U11MMarshall Milton Keynes3.8 
35:53Tito Odunaike U11MMarshall Milton Keynes6.8 
45:53Sammy Gibson U11MEaling Southall & Middx8.7 
56:05Zachary Cleary U13MChiltern7.3 
66:07Joseph Grainger U13MMarshall Milton Keynes8.6 
76:19Felix Danielli U11MChiltern4.9 
86:19Charlie Quantrill U11MChiltern5.9 
96:27James Parker U11MLeighton Buzzard7.6 
106:32Charlie De Sousa U13MChiltern12.0 
116:35Jacob Strutton-Smith U11MChiltern15.7 
126:35Joel BakerU11MMarshall Milton Keynes AC  
136:37Seb Maule U13MWycombe14.0 
146:40Jack Martin U11MChiltern6.2 
156:43Theo Knowler U11MVale of Aylesbury11.1 
166:48Theo Miller U11MMarshall Milton Keynes20.1 
176:50Joseph StoreyU11MVale of Aylesbury AC  
186:52Elliot LoakeU11MBedford & County AC  
196:59Jacob Leigh U11MLeighton Buzzard11.7 
207:06Luke Coultate U11MChiltern11.3 
217:06Jacob McCall U11MChiltern10.3 
227:07Oliver CoombesU11MBedford & County AC  
237:09Elliot Smith U11MMarshall Milton Keynes14.5 
247:11Edward Faulkner U11MWycombe8.3 
257:11Euan MorganU11MBiggleswade AC  
267:11Archie Burton U11MWycombe15.7 
277:11Isaac McCall U11MChiltern11.0 
287:50Harry Lawley U11MMarshall Milton Keynes29.5 
1.5KXC U11W
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:16Eleanor Pearce U13WMarshall Milton Keynes9.0 
26:23Lucinda McRonald U11WVale of Aylesbury9.8 
36:25Libby Freeland U13WMarshall Milton Keynes6.8 
46:29Lauren Webb U11WMarshall Milton Keynes5.2 
56:36Katie Webb U11WMarshall Milton Keynes3.9 
66:39Olivia Insley U11WCookham11.0 
76:46Katie Allsop U11WChiltern10.7 
86:51Isobel Ferguson U11WVale of Aylesbury8.5 
96:52Sophia Chapman U11WMarshall Milton Keynes5.6 
106:56Natasha Freeland U13WMarshall Milton Keynes11.7 
116:58Evelyn Wildman U11WChiltern8.6 
127:00Annaleish Oldroyd U11WMarshall Milton Keynes18.8 
137:00Charlotte Grosse U11WChiltern16.6 
147:06Charlotte Evans U13WLeighton Buzzard12.6 
157:06Lottie Rose U11WMarshall Milton Keynes9.5 
167:07Katie Lennox U11WMarshall Milton Keynes10.6 
177:10Isabelle Turnbull U11WMarshall Milton Keynes11.1 
187:12Olivia Chilton U13WMarshall Milton Keynes4.9 
197:14Sofia Butler U11WMarshall Milton Keynes10.6 
207:16Ellie Edwards U13WMarshall Milton Keynes8.9 
217:18Lauren SmithU11WBedford & County AC  
227:21Iona Kynaston U13WLeighton Buzzard21.3 
237:30Lola Sherwin U11WBuckinghamshire Schs13.5 
247:33Millie FowlerU11WVale of Aylesbury AC  
257:38Amelia Bridges U11WWycombe25.1 
267:42Libby Walling U11WWycombe21.8 
277:47Arabella Soul U11WMarshall Milton Keynes15.2 
287:49Arriana Green U11WLeighton Buzzard19.9 
297:55Isobel Smith U11WBedford & County25.1 
307:57Serena Fadda-ArchibaldU11WBedford & County AC  
318:03Sureyya Akay U11WBiggleswade30.7 
328:20Eliza Green U11WMarshall Milton Keynes29.6 
338:23Gabriella King U11WChiltern30.2 
348:29Gabrielle Pope U11WWycombe32.9 
358:32Grace GunneyU11WLuton AC  
368:54Isla AndersonU11WBiggleswade AC  
378:56Beth McnicolU11WBiggleswade AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:32Alden Collier U13MChiltern-2.1 
211:18Max Baxter U13MChiltern2.1 
311:22Cameron Barnes U13MBedford & County1.8 
411:33Nicholas Hammett U13MMK Distance Project4.7 
511:36Rowan Gawne U13MChiltern2.8 
611:40Harry Charles U13MCookham8.7 
711:45Ethan McCall U13MChiltern3.6 
811:50Alex Hughes U13MChiltern2.4 
911:54Casper Chillingworth U13MWycombe5.5 
1012:04Maxwell Newman U13MMarshall Milton Keynes4.3 
1112:06Daniel Munn U13MChiltern1.4 
1212:07Samuel Luke Oldroyd U13MMarshall Milton Keynes9.3 
1312:09Oliver Wilson U13MBedford & County4.2 
1412:14Nathan Davis U13MLuton2.9 
1512:18Gabriel Strutton-Smith U13MChiltern9.8 
1612:21Rory Hilton U13MChiltern4.4 
1712:24Austin Cole U13MBedford & County6.7 
1812:27Alfie Clifford U13MChiltern10.9 
1912:32William Edmunds U13MLuton11.0 
2012:35Sam Deardon U13MBedford & County15.2 
2112:37Sammy Whibley U13MChiltern8.0 
2212:39Jack Lennox U13MMarshall Milton Keynes11.6 
2312:49Samuel Hudson U13MBedford & County12.4 
2413:03Alfie James U13MBedford & County14.2 
2513:05AN Other      
2613:41Frazer Peterson U13MChiltern13.3 
2713:46Dewi Morgan U13MLuton10.4 
2813:49Joseph Cashin U13MLuton5.4 
2913:56Michael Odeniyi U13MLuton29.2 
3013:59Joseph Fryer U13MVale of Aylesbury14.6 
3114:50Jaique Jibodu U13MMarshall Milton Keynes16.9 
3215:01Daniel Cogan U13MWycombe12.6 
3315:14Archie Wright U13MLeighton Buzzard20.5 
3416:10Will Heavens U13MLeighton Buzzard22.4 
3516:13Ash Carter U13MLeighton Buzzard16.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:36Lesedi Nkoane U13WChiltern6.3 
211:41Sophie Jacobs U13WMK Distance Project3.7 
311:45Lily Farr U13WBedford & County5.1 
412:04Francesca Baxter U13WChiltern4.8 
512:15Rosie Foster U13WBedford & County8.9 
612:17Marea Logan U13WChiltern10.0 
712:19Lucy Wilkinson U13WChiltern8.2 
812:23Milly Dunger U13WBedford & County2.9 
912:44Thea Gray U13WDacorum7.8 
1012:49Evie Burton U13WWycombe3.5 
1113:02Jessica Vaines U13WMarshall Milton Keynes8.4 
1213:07Lily Jessop-Tranter U13WChiltern5.1 
1313:15Libby Sutton U13WWycombe11.6 
1413:24Olivia Clarke U13WChiltern6.2 
1513:30Savarnah Pandya U13WChiltern12.7 
1613:34Charlotte Williamson U13WLeighton Buzzard TC11.1 
1713:45Lucy Cuthbert U13WVale of Aylesbury11.1 
1813:54Beth Togneri U13WChiltern14.7 
1913:55Annabel Insley U13WCookham11.6 
2013:57Ivy Uhart U13WWycombe9.2 
2113:58Isabel Martin U13WChiltern7.6 
2214:15Isabelle Gregg U13WMarshall Milton Keynes7.4 
2314:22Lucy Deller U13WBedford & County11.8 
2414:29Ellie Faulkner U13WWycombe10.3 
2514:33Honey Fitzgerald U13WCookham8.6 
2614:38Alice Peckham U13WChiltern/Buckinghamshire Schs9.3 
2714:41Jessica Woods U13WMarshall Milton Keynes17.3 
2814:48Rebecca Lawson U13WChiltern11.6 
2914:48Amy Wooton U13WMarshall Milton Keynes12.3 
3014:59Ella Glass U13WMarshall Milton Keynes11.0 
3115:00Joanna Snelling U13WChiltern10.7 
3215:31Emilia Willis U13WMarshall Milton Keynes8.5 
3315:32Mae Burton U13WWycombe15.9 
3415:41Harriet Butlin U13WLeighton Buzzard17.9 
3515:53Evie McHugh U13WLuton22.7 
3616:14Sophie Edmunds U13WLuton25.5 
3716:35Elizabeth Nickless U13WChiltern20.7 
3816:44Isabella King U13WChiltern23.3 
3919:15Lailah Pope U13WWycombe30.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:26Thomas Askey U15MChiltern1.6 
213:29Cormac Nisbet U15MChiltern4.8 
313:32Thomas Redmond U15MChiltern0.6 
413:37Rollo Parry U15MWycombe0.5 
513:45Zena Saez U15MBedford & County9.9 
614:00Teague Eaton U15MChiltern5.9 
714:10Noah Campion U15MBedford & County0.3 
1014:12Edward Johnson U15MMarshall Milton Keynes2.5 
814:12Ewan Maxwell U15MVale of Aylesbury0.3 
914:12Callum Tripp U15MMarshall Milton Keynes5.9 
1114:25Raihan Lenoire U15MWycombe-2.7 
1214:47Oakley Denson U15MChiltern-3.1 
1314:55Harry Totton U15MMarshall Milton Keynes0.0 
1415:01Harry Rose U15MMarshall Milton Keynes1.9 
1515:04Thomas Deardon U15MBedford & County13.8 
1615:11Laurie Gawne U15MChiltern0.5 
1715:27Woody Day U15MVale of Aylesbury3.3 
1815:34Matthew Aldred U15MChiltern7.5 
1915:35Jayden Hill U15MMarshall Milton Keynes7.7 
2015:41Nathan Sweeney U15MChiltern9.5 
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