Dunbartonshire AAA Championships External Results
Maryhill Park
23 Nov 19

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:10Rhuairidh Laing U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow1.1 
26:16Daniel Hendry U11MGarscube1.3 
36:21Connor Campbell U11MWest End RR/Garscube2.9 
46:40Oscar Robertson U11MClydesdale19.7 
56:40Ollie Petrie U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow18.4 
66:43Finlay Hannah U11MGarscube18.0 
76:56Alastair McLear U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.2 
86:57Theo StalinU11MGarscube Harriers  
97:00Lewis Cameron U11MHelensburgh9.1 
107:02Angus Ritchie U11MHelensburgh8.0 
117:07Peter MellorU11MGarscube Harriers  
127:07Murray Macleod U11MHelensburgh23.5 
137:08AN OtherU11M   
147:08Matthew Dodson U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow20.5 
157:12Gerard Gontor U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.1 
167:18Cameron LockeU11MHelensburgh AAC  
177:26Craig Marshall U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow25.3 
187:28Callum Williams U13MMaryhill Harriers24.0 
197:34Louie Savage U13MMaryhill Harriers25.7 
207:52Cameron SmithU11MKirkintilloch Olympians  
218:03Ethan Murrison U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.4 
228:07Ruaraidh WightwickU11MHelensburgh AAC  
238:08Lucas Watt U11MClydesdale18.4 
248:55Aaron ChandlerU11MKirkintilloch Olympians  
258:57Cairn ConsaniU11MGarscube Harriers  
269:06Connor McKayU11MMaryhill Harriers  
279:14Tijan Bah U11MKirkintilloch34.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:23Freya Matheson U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow10.1 
27:24Aneesah King Oubacha U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.5 
37:26Eve Morrison U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.2 
47:37Daisy Gildea U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.1 
58:05Anna Ross U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow6.9 
68:06Anna Rennie U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow29.7 
78:09Francesca AndresonU11WVictoria Park CoG  
88:10Maisie FreerU11WVictoria Park CoG  
98:26Isla MurphyU11WVictoria Park CoG  
108:47Kirsty Hastie U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.3 
119:11Maya EllinghamU11WVictoria Park CoG  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:02Kyle Flockhart U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow16.6 
213:10Matthew CallU13MHelensburgh AAC  
314:06Gethin Davies U13MHelensburgh20.4 
415:08Robbie Lapping U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.4 
515:12Andrew Muir U13MKirkintilloch22.6 
615:52Robbie Barbour U13MHelensburgh25.5 
717:42Jack McNeilU13MClydesdale Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:22Jessica Donnelly U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow18.5 
214:55Hannah Mcdermott U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.8 
315:02Molly Ferguson U13WHelensburgh21.9 
415:23Isla Donnelly U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.4 
515:38Carys Murrison U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.7 
615:53Orla HodsgonU13WClydesdale Harriers  
715:56Miho Sharp U13WKirkintilloch21.5 
816:05Lucy Denholm U13WClydesdale22.9 
917:30Rachael Watt U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow27.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:23Josh McNicol U17MClydesdale13.4 
227:00Gregory Gontor U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow29.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:01Fraser Gilmour U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-2.6 
217:49Saul McGlennan U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.9 
318:47Finlay Waters U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow1.6 
418:55Crawford Smith U15MKirkintilloch-0.1 
519:36Gregor Smith U15MKirkintilloch11.0 
621:01Matthew Cameron U15MHelensburgh3.9 
721:46Fionn Leeson U15MMaryhill Harriers18.8 
822:15Daniel LoganU15MHelensburgh AAC  
922:33Ewan KennedyU15MVictoria Park CoG  
1022:56William Scott U15MHelensburgh7.8 
1125:59Lewis Tokeley U15MHelensburgh35.7 
1227:16Cameron Williams U15MHelensburgh25.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:27Niamh Hay U17WVictoria Park City of Glasgow34.6 
222:36Roisin Cameron Coyle U17WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Strathclyde Uni7.7 
322:40Jenny Scott U17WHelensburgh10.4 
423:32Katie Flett U17WHelensburgh17.6 
525:04Amirah Hassan U17WHelensburgh22.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:46Chrisie FrancisU15WGarscube Harriers  
224:17Maddie Rooney U15WHelensburgh22.8 
324:23Lucy ThomsonU15WGarscube Harriers  
425:41Polly Anderson U15WClydesdale20.4 
526:05Isabella FailU15WMaryhill Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
130:35Sandy HollU20MGUHH  
230:44Marc Pollock SENMKirkintilloch3.1 
330:51James Callender SENMWesterlands8.1 
431:02Michael Miller U20MClydesdale/West of Scotland Uni1.9 
531:14Jason Bell SENMHelensburgh2.2 
631:16James Bowden SENMWesterlands0.8 
731:24Fraser DrummondSENMGUHH  
831:27John Coyle V45MGarscube/Scottish Vets H0.9 
931:34Mark Walsh V40MDumbarton1.2 
1031:51Rory Clark SENMMaryhill Harriers9.7 
1131:58Robert Hamlin SENMWesterlands0.4 
1232:29Euan RoseSENMGUHH  
1332:42Peter Currie V45MDumbarton9.8 
1432:49James Austin V50MClydesdale0.7 
1533:00Scott Henderson V40MWesterlands2.9 
1633:07Graeme Laing V40MVictoria Park City of Glasgow2.3 
1933:35Stuart McGillivray V35MDumbarton2.1 
1733:46Andrew Kirk SENMKirkintilloch-0.6 
1833:49James McLaughlin V40MDumbarton13.3 
2034:01Sandy GilhoolySENMGUHH  
2134:24Iain Robertson V40MClydesdale/Scottish Vets H3.8 
2234:32David AllsoppV40MKirkintilloch Olympians  
2334:41Rob McLennan V60MGarscube5.3 
2434:52Arron SparksSENMWesterlands CCC  
2535:03Eddie McLooneSENMKirkintilloch Olympians  
2635:07Simon Lennox V40MDumbarton8.2 
2735:41Peter Walsh SENMDumbarton13.3 
2835:48Mark Welsford V45MKirkintilloch10.4 
2935:51Gavin Harvie V45MGarscube7.9 
3035:52Finn Boyd U20MMaryhill Harriers7.0 
3136:06Michael Diver V50MClydesdale8.4 
3236:18Euan BremnerU20MGUHH  
3336:23Alex Potter V55MVictoria Park City of Glasgow6.6 
3436:36Mattia MancinelliSENMGarscube Harriers  
3536:45Craig Johnstone SENMVictoria Park City of Glasgow7.7 
3636:47Norman Mcneill V45MKirkintilloch10.4 
3736:53Robert Churchill V40MWest End RR8.4 
3836:54Gary Goldie SENMGarscube16.1 
3936:58Alexander Chisholm V60MGarscube8.5 
5637:04Stephen CraigSENMGarscube Harriers  
4137:13Marc Roper V45MWesterlands12.4 
4237:21Patrick Gibbons V45MHelensburgh4.7 
4037:26Ian Thurlbeck V55MWesterlands12.0 
4337:37Paul DunnSENMHelensburgh AAC  
4437:48Peter Jardine V50MVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.5 
4537:54Andrew ClarkSENMWest End Road Runners  
4637:56Howard WartonV40MHelensburgh AAC  
4738:07Sandy Gardner V45MVictoria Park City of Glasgow8.4 
4838:18Robert Rogerson V55MKirkintilloch17.8 
4938:26Elias Grima WondimuSENMGUHH  
5038:32Gordon KingV60MHelensburgh AAC  
5138:34Jack ChambersU20MGUHH  
5238:40Peter Scott V40MGarscube/Unattached6.2 
5338:43John Harrison V65MDumbarton17.1 
5438:47Andrew StevensonSENMMaryhill Harriers  
5538:53Graeme Jack V50MWest End RR6.9 
5739:16Daniel Smith U23MVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Strathclyde Uni14.2 
5839:19John Thow SENMKirkintilloch12.6 
5939:31Stephen Cole V45MDumbarton17.0 
6039:53Michael KennedyV40MVictoria Park CoG  
6140:11Craig Brown V45MGarscube8.0 
6240:15Tom Ord V60MVictoria Park City of Glasgow11.8 
6340:18Craig White SENMMaryhill Harriers17.7 
6440:50Ryan GilhooleySENMMaryhill Harriers  
6542:12Alan DavidsonV50MWest End Road Runners  
6642:25Joe LennonV60MWest End Road Runners  
6743:21William Mcneill V55MKirkintilloch20.4 
6843:27William Goldie V60MDumbarton10.8 
6943:38Kristian AlexanderV40MGarscube Harriers  
7044:21Hugh Laverty V60MClydesdale20.2 
7144:39Kieran Mcquade SENMDumbarton17.2 
7244:51Jonathan BellV40MWest End Road Runners  
7345:06Andrew FullwoodV50MWesterlands CCC  
7446:40Chris Hever V55MMaryhill Harriers17.8 
7547:58Kenneth Henderson V45MMaryhill Harriers15.3 
7648:49Paul TolandSENMWest End Road Runners  
7748:52Mike WeeksV40MHelensburgh AAC  
5MXC M60
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
144:28Bobby Young V75MClydesdale/Scottish Vets H11.9 
251:19Graeme Orr V70MWesterlands26.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
134:14Katie White V35WGarscube4.5 
234:29Lesley Bell V40WGarscube/Cumbernauld1.9 
335:29Becky Dunphy SENWVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Queen Margaret Uni9.9 
437:24Melissa Wylie V50WDumbarton13.5 
537:43Romy Beard V35WWesterlands18.5 
638:12Sophie ChisholmU20WGUHH  
738:13Gillian Blee V35WGarscube4.9 
838:28Ellen Homewood V40WWesterlands6.8 
938:51Nikki Lyons SENWDumbarton7.8 
1039:10Pamela McCrossan V55WClydesdale/Scottish Vets H11.5 
1139:41Karen Patel V45WWest End RR7.5 
1240:02Emma Blair V35WGarscube7.3 
1340:14Emily Tomasso V35WGarscube8.2 
1440:16Charlene Kelly V35WDumbarton9.7 
1540:20Amanda McFarlaneSENWVictoria Park CoG  
1640:24Lynsey Lennox SENWDumbarton16.8 
1740:41Debbie Martin ConsaniV40WGarscube Harriers  
1840:46Natalie Somerville V35WMaryhill Harriers10.2 
1940:55Heather SimpsonSENWWesterlands CCC  
2041:21Leyre FloresSENWWesterlands CCC  
2141:38Mary Senior V45WGarscube6.6 
2241:50Emma Gilmour U20WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Caledonian Uni19.9 
2342:02Lucia MintoSENWWesterlands CCC  
2442:08Donna Finlayson SENWVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.9 
2542:20Marian Kelly V35WGarscube10.6 
2642:25Ann White V65WGarscube13.8 
2742:32Ausrine Ward V40WKirkintilloch17.0 
2842:38Alison Wood SENWGarscube7.9 
2942:43Lynsey McLaughlinV40WMaryhill Harriers  
3042:49Moira PatersonSENWKirkintilloch Olympians  
3142:51Cordelia O'neill V35WWest End RR15.6 
3242:58Emma Wright SENWWest End RR12.4 
3343:08Tara Walker U23WGlasgow University Hares & Hounds6.0 
3443:48Chloe McAdam V35WGarscube17.5 
3644:04Nat KingSENWWest End Road Runners  
3744:34Agnieszka Magierecka SENWGarscube/Poland16.2 
3844:38Kathryn Scott V55WGarscube12.0 
3945:08Casey Thompson V35WGarscube21.9 
4045:16Julia McLureSENWWesterlands CCC  
3546:00Jennifer Muir U23WKirkintilloch24.6 
4146:32Melanie CarmichaelSENWGarscube Harriers  
4246:43Kirsty Hurt SENWWest End RR14.1 
4347:29Linda Sinclair V45WMaryhill Harriers18.7 
4447:41Catriona Nisbet V35WMaryhill Harriers12.1 
4547:49Gaynor Gillespie V50WWesterlands25.9 
4647:50Sarah JonesSENWWest End Road Runners  
4748:26Shirley McNabSENWKirkintilloch Olympians  
4848:34Christine Menhennet V60WWesterlands41.4 
4948:41Beth Murrison V40WWest End RR13.7 
5048:48Raghed MuslehV40WWest End Road Runners  
5148:48Susan GunnV50WMaryhill Harriers  
5249:16Anna WalkerSENWGarscube Harriers  
5349:33Tamara Kennedy V40WVictoria Park City of Glasgow25.1 
5452:18Margaret PebblesV50WMaryhill Harriers  
5553:13Elizabeth ShortSENWKirkintilloch Olympians