Ford parkrun # 63 External Results
2 Nov 19
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:31Andrew Dorrian  S25MHoad Hill16:3316:33-2.4 
220:44Jeffrey Chadwick  V50MHoad Hill/Helm Hill20:1518:476.4 
320:47Owain Clark U15MUnattached    
421:19Daniel Aaron V40MUnattached    
522:12Andrew Keeley  V55MPenny Lane19:2818:566.0 
622:19Georgia Bell  U15WLeven Valley19:2519:255.0 
722:22Max Hazlehurst U15MUnattached    
823:01Neil Porter V35MUnattached    
923:37Andrew Hewitt S30MUnattached    
1023:42Steve Kenny V45MUnattached    
1123:53Dave Greaves V40MUnattached    
1224:22Keith Rann V35MUnattached    
1324:28Neil Smith V50MUnattached    
1424:39Lucy Bell U11WUnattached    
1524:41Adam Jones V35MUnattached    
1625:06Marina Bailey U15WUnattached    
1725:17Iona Smith U15WUnattached    
1825:44Matt Topping S25MUnattached    
1925:52Jonathan Ensoll V50MUnattached    
2025:57Ellie Simmonds  U18WLeven Valley24:0124:0115.2 
2126:33Laura Snelgrove S25WUnattached    
2227:20Steven Terry V40MUnattached    
2327:34Peter Needham V60MUnattached    
2427:50Richard Tiley  V60MLakeland25:4424:2119.3 
2528:00Rebecca Richards S30WUnattached    
2628:05Jo Bedford U18WUnattached    
2728:14Mervyn Bedford V45MUnattached    
2828:26Sharon Callow V55WUnattached    
2928:29Hattie Bedford U18WUnattached    
3028:43Mike Lahey V45MUnattached    
3129:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3229:13Louise Burrow V50WUnattached    
3329:14Ashley Coates S25MUnattached    
3429:17Noah Zaboklicki U11MUnattached    
3529:21Rebecca Ross V50WUnattached    
3629:29Ellen Douglas U15WUnattached    
3729:53Tamsin Douglas V40WUnattached    
3830:30Bethan Pettitt V40WUnattached    
3930:50Angela Spencer V35WUnattached    
4031:16Nigel Rann V70MUnattached    
4131:39Anne-Laure Kenny V40WUnattached    
4231:45Ianto Pettitt U15MUnattached    
4333:01Aidan Silcocks V55MUnattached    
4433:17Gail McGregor V55WUnattached    
4536:40Pat Callison V60WUnattached    
4637:52Jeannette Rann V65WUnattached    
4738:17Samantha Allan V35WUnattached    
4844:55Rowan Griffiths U11MUnattached    
4944:55Emma Griffiths V45WUnattached    
5044:56Donna Quegan V55WUnattached