Harray Half Marathon External Results
1 Sep 19
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
182:25David Grant PBSENMOrkney82:2582:257.6 
283:24Craig Moar PBV35MOrkney83:2482:012.2 
388:14Colin Barnett PBV40MOrkney88:1488:145.9 
489:06Magnus Mackay SENM     
594:09Andrew Rendall SBV50MUnattached94:0990:1012.3 
694:31William Gibson SENM     
795:05John Tierney V40MDundee Road Runners    
895:38Billy Groundwater V40MOrkney Running Club    
996:10Scott Garson SENM     
1099:16Ewan Clouston V40MOrkney Running Club    
1199:19Stephen Fraser V50M     
121:42:08Katie Rafferty SENW     
131:43:06Robbie Morris SENM     
141:43:15Bruce Pinkerton SENM     
151:45:40Eric Wallace V40M     
161:46:05Lindsey Anderson SENW     
171:47:29Sarah Scarth SBV40WOrkney1:47:291:44:0513.3 
181:50:12Noel Miller SENM     
191:50:13Sean Chalmers SENMOrkney Running Club    
201:50:33Ruth Spence V50WOrkney Athletic Club    
211:51:35Mark Rendall V40MOrkney Athletics Club    
221:53:35John Orr V50MOrkney Running Club    
231:54:47Hannah Wick SENWOrkney Athletic Club    
241:55:12Ailsa Curnow V35WOrkney Running Club    
251:55:39Andrew Cook SENM     
261:55:50Andrew Brown V50M     
271:56:06Tina Brown V35W     
281:56:17Craig Barclay V40MOrkney athletics club    
291:57:30Jacqueline Innes SENWOrkney Athletic Club    
301:58:25Sinclair Craigie SENM     
311:58:39Judith Bonner SENW     
322:01:25Evelyn Grant V50W     
332:02:11Elspeth Fay V50W     
342:02:26Kay Orr V50WOrkney Running Club    
352:03:46Sarah Finn SENWOrkney Running Club    
362:08:50Graham Mackie V50M     
372:08:51Kim Mackie V35W     
382:09:18Neil Mccartney V40MOrkney Athletic Club    
392:13:05Katie Spence SENWOrkney Athletic Club    
402:26:56Peter Fay V50MOrkney Running Club    
412:27:38Victoria Clouston V35WOrkney Running Club