Forest of Dean parkrun # 504 External Results
Forest of Dean
28 Sep 19
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:35Thomas Dainty U15MUnattached    
219:51Andrew Horlick  V45MForest of Dean AC19:2319:237.8 
320:00Rob Simon  S30MRunning Forever19:1218:375.0 
420:02Henry Orna  V40MThornbury18:4918:498.0 
520:04Faye Johnson  S30WSpirit of Monmouth19:1119:117.9 
620:20Jake Matthews  S30MUnattached19:3719:3711.2 
720:32Alex Tudor Michael Thomas S20MUnattached    
820:40Adam Frontczak S30MUnattached    
921:04Richard Smith  V40MChippenham H19:4019:098.1 
1021:09Martin Scrivens V40MUnattached    
1121:19Emily Harper  S30WStroud21:0521:0515.4 
1221:20Marc Thomas  V35MUnattached20:1820:1813.7 
1321:20Kathy Griffin S25WUnattached    
1421:36Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1522:10Melanie Eaton V45WUnattached    
1622:35Andrew Thorpe  V60MForest of Dean AC20:1219:4911.7 
1722:50Chris Phelps  V40MStorm Plymouth22:2222:2217.1 
1822:54Ian Morgan  S30MForest of Dean AC21:4220:2015.3 
1922:56Mark Williamson  V60MForest of Dean AC/Sheffield Uni21:3520:4610.1 
2023:23Jonathan Gentle S30MUnattached    
2123:24Gerry O'Brien  V40MSouth Derbyshire19:0718:0010.1 
2223:52Lucy Boseley V40WUnattached    
2323:55Daniel Cobley V45MForest of Dean AC    
2424:03Roger Simon V65MUnattached    
2524:04Ross Denison S20MUnattached    
2624:07Alan Robertson  V65MForest of Dean AC/Scottish Vets H21:1020:4913.3 
2724:15Mike Henry V55MUnattached    
2824:32Holly Corlett  S25WCDF Runners20:2619:238.0 
2924:50Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3024:53Andrew Hillis  V50MSpirit of Monmouth22:3821:5316.0 
3124:57Tom Innes V50MUnattached    
3224:58Georgie Benford S30WUnattached    
3325:06Marek Szablewski V55MUnattached    
3425:07Wes Jenkins S25MUnattached    
3525:13Chloe Morgan  U15WForest of Dean AC22:5322:1620.5 
3625:15Steven Richards  V45MForest of Dean AC21:4621:4614.8 
3725:31Aron Asher  U15MForest of Dean AC18:3518:356.6 
3825:40Sherryl Hall  V50WForest of Dean AC24:4921:5712.2 
3926:05Stefanie Francis  V50WForest of Dean AC25:3124:1617.0 
4026:10Steve Neilson V40MUnattached    
4126:23Patrick Hardinge V45MUnattached    
4226:29Sue Little V55WUnattached    
4326:38Jacqui Wynds  V65WForest of Dean AC25:5023:5717.8 
4426:40Vicki Hewlett  V55WForest of Dean AC25:0124:0718.0 
4526:47Brian Francis  V55MForest of Dean AC21:5420:5413.9 
4626:53Steven Kilbourne V55MUnattached    
4726:56Steve Baggs V45MUnattached    
4826:58Zak Aston S25MUnattached    
4926:59Mark Evans V50MUnattached    
5026:59Peter Covington-Jones  V60MForest of Dean AC25:2223:0017.4 
5127:10Beryl Sampson SBV60WGloucester/Midland Masters27:1021:5921.3 
5227:11Sarah Heath  V55WShaftesbury Barnet/Alchester/Southern Counties Vets26:2823:0121.0 
5327:12Stewart Harding  S30MCDF Runners21:5820:479.9 
5427:29Jacob Day U20MUnattached    
5527:30Mark Mathews  V45MForest of Dean AC20:0619:256.1 
5627:37Robert Brooks V40MUnattached    
5727:43David Thomas  V55MForest of Dean AC26:1725:0523.3 
5827:57Sam Wisner U18MUnattached    
5927:59John Wisner V45MUnattached    
6028:01Kieran Hayward S25MUnattached    
6128:02Tim Watkins  SENMUnattached21:3619:0914.9 
6228:03Amy Jones U15WUnattached    
6328:27Vanessa Pegler  V45WForest of Dean AC25:3125:3122.2 
6428:31Roger Webb  V65MSouth Devon27:3826:0223.6 
6528:36Kate Stafford V35WUnattached    
6628:49Graham Bennetto  V60MForest of Dean AC/Fire Service26:0424:1521.1 
6729:09Andrew Thomson V50MUnattached    
6829:33Mike Carter V45MUnattached    
6929:54Adam Ainsworth V40MUnattached    
7029:57Sarah Rogers SBV45WUnattached29:5726:4840.9 
7130:15Don Parsons V50MUnattached    
7230:20Matthew Howard S25MUnattached    
7330:21Stephen McCarthy V55MUnattached    
7430:23James Nelmes V60MUnattached    
7530:46David Thomas V50MUnattached    
7631:05Millie Eaton U15WUnattached    
7731:06Annabelle Carlson S25WUnattached    
7831:07Rebecca Gigg S30WUnattached    
7931:07Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8031:13Danielle Wilson  U11WForest of Dean AC23:4522:2710.2 
8131:13Lorraine Bonser V50WUnattached    
8231:28Dave Badham V65MUnattached    
8332:06Abigail Simpson V45WUnattached    
8432:20Rae Boseley U18WUnattached    
8532:25Darren Boseley V45MUnattached    
8632:44William Mead V50MUnattached    
8732:44John Clack V40MUnattached    
8832:47Ellie Morgan  U15WForest of Dean AC27:0227:0230.2 
8933:03Andrew Brooks  V45MForest of Dean AC31:4529:5325.4 
9033:04Vicky Wilson  S30WUnattached29:3128:0921.9 
9133:04Charis Francis S20WUnattached    
9233:13Mike Francis V55MUnattached    
9333:14Hazel Wall V55WUnattached    
9433:45Richard Wall V55MUnattached    
9533:48Hannah Hardinge V40WUnattached    
9634:11David Shoubridge V70MUnattached    
9734:24Sharla Fleet  V45WForest of Dean AC30:4127:4925.0 
9834:31Amy Redwood S30WUnattached    
10034:38Anna Pritchard S30WUnattached    
9934:38Steve Phelps V45MUnattached    
10134:44Ria Chappell V35WUnattached    
10234:52Isabelle Manning U11WUnattached    
10335:01Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10435:59Rebecca Thomson V45WUnattached    
10537:25Tj Robinson V55WUnattached    
10637:45Pj Evans S25MUnattached    
10737:53Hannah Proctor S25WUnattached    
10837:56Sarah McLarty S30WUnattached    
10938:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11038:28Sandra Brain V60WUnattached    
11138:45Ann Robertson V50WUnattached    
11238:48Anna Purver V35WUnattached    
11338:49Robert Dainty V40MUnattached    
11439:35Francesca De Monterey V65WUnattached    
11540:38Alexandra Day S25WForest of Dean AC    
11640:44Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11742:15Paula Harding V45WUnattached    
11842:15Catherine Jenkins V50WUnattached    
11942:30Jackie Bingle V55WUnattached    
12042:32Tina Carrott V50WUnattached    
12143:10Tess Bell V45WUnattached    
12243:14Thomas Manning U15MUnattached    
12344:06Noel Andrews V55MUnattached    
12444:53Deborah Fielder V45WUnattached    
12544:55William Ford U15MUnattached    
12645:14Stephen Ford V45MUnattached    
12745:14Fearne Bennett U11WUnattached    
12847:32Ella Phelps U18WUnattached    
12949:22Hayley Bennett V35WUnattached    
13049:25Seyda Wiltshire S20WUnattached    
13152:56Michael Flannery V65MUnattached    
13252:57Louise Jones S30WUnattached    
13353:06Alice Jones S25WUnattached    
13453:07Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached