Bryn Bach parkrun # 355 External Results
Bryn Bach
21 Sep 19
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:44Ross Jones  S25MAberdare Valley16:4016:381.3 
218:19Tom Webb  U18MParc Bryn Bach17:3817:382.0 
319:26Richard Sheehy  S30MParc Bryn Bach18:5518:555.8 
421:16Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
521:27Nick Webb  V45MParc Bryn Bach19:3619:366.7 
621:43Robert Franklin V50MUnattached    
721:45Marcus Smith PBV45MParc Bryn Bach21:4521:4511.7 
821:48James Williams  S30MParc Bryn Bach21:2521:2511.9 
921:50Stephen George V35MUnattached    
1022:08Samuel Stokes U18MUnattached    
1122:20Rhydian Williams V65MUnattached    
1222:30Sam Wheeler U18MUnattached    
1322:36Neil Beynon  V50MParc Bryn Bach20:3620:298.4 
1422:39Suzie Tew V45WUnattached    
1522:40Clare Griffiths  V45WAberdare Valley22:3721:4212.5 
1622:45Martyn Powell V40MUnattached    
1723:04Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1823:34Claire Sullivan  V35WParc Bryn Bach23:0022:5813.1 
1923:38Morgan Davies S20MUnattached    
2023:46Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2124:13Gerwyn Williams V50MUnattached    
2224:19Colin Dexter  V55MUnattached23:5422:4515.8Click your Clock logo
2324:19Gareth Chislett V40MUnattached    
2424:25Liam Griffiths  U18MAberdare Valley17:2017:073.7 
2524:28Michael Williams V55MParc Bryn Bach Running Club    
2624:29Nick Osman  V50MParc Bryn Bach21:0321:039.4 
2724:43John Williams V35MUnattached    
2824:49Gareth Richards  V35MParc Bryn Bach24:0123:1115.0 
2924:51Jonathan Strand V35MUnattached    
3025:09Ray Davies  V55MUnattached23:2122:1515.2 
3125:18Lucy Atkin-Smith S30WUnattached    
3225:34Benjamin Harries U15MUnattached    
3325:37Joanne Dunscombe  V40WPegasus RC24:4824:4817.5 
3425:38Samuel Harris S25MUnattached    
3525:41Seren Powell U18WUnattached    
3625:42Owen Harries V50MUnattached    
3725:44Beth James  V40WParc Bryn Bach25:3225:3218.7 
3826:24Cyril Williams  V60MParc Bryn Bach23:3922:3613.5 
3926:29Caroline Best  S25WPontypridd (Roadents)25:4124:1819.6 
4026:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4127:05Jo Burchell V45WUnattached    
4227:06David Davies V40MUnattached    
4327:09Phil Miles  V65MParc Bryn Bach23:5020:4414.7 
4427:25Derek Rainbird  V65MParc Bryn Bach23:4123:3016.3 
4527:43John Howarth V70MUnattached    
4627:48Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4727:51Mark Preston S30MUnattached    
4827:54Jane Blaxley V50WUnattached    
4928:00Rhys Marley U15MUnattached    
5028:01Dan Marley  V40MUnattached21:4220:338.3 
5128:02David Taylor V45MUnattached    
5228:07Paul Sands V50MUnattached    
5328:17Nick Smith  V55MParc Bryn Bach26:4525:3318.1 
5428:26Carly Cole V40WEbbw Vale RC    
5528:31Lindsey Higman V50WUnattached    
5628:33Nicola Morgan V40WUnattached    
5728:36Alison Holton  V45WParc Bryn Bach26:4224:4021.4 
5828:40Peter Kemp V50MUnattached    
5928:41Jill Matthews  V65WParc Bryn Bach27:2826:1521.7 
6028:46Phillip Matthews  V65MParc Bryn Bach26:0424:5021.4 
6128:53Susan Priday V55WUnattached    
6229:23Amanda Brake S25WUnattached    
6329:43Jeffrey Williams V50MUnattached    
6430:11Lyra Davies U18WUnattached    
6530:13Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6630:25Richard Wheeler V50MUnattached    
6730:32Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6830:41Rhys Alexander Lewis  V40MParc Bryn Bach26:2025:2521.5 
6930:44Susan Gray  V50WParc Bryn Bach28:4328:0825.6 
7030:48Nicola Lewis  V40WParc Bryn Bach26:3726:2921.8 
7130:49Delphine Jones  V40WParc Bryn Bach23:5523:4114.9 
7232:29Carl Hier V55MUnattached    
7333:09Rachel Smith V45WUnattached    
7433:32Katie Roberts S25WUnattached    
7533:55Angharad Smith V45WUnattached    
7634:33Julie Parry V45WFirst Strides Parc Bryn Bach Running Club    
7735:01Helen Roberts V45WUnattached    
7835:33Jase Kilby V50MUnattached    
7935:47Catherine Bradford V45WUnattached    
8036:27Erin Bee U15WUnattached    
8136:28Ian Bee V45MUnattached    
8236:53Arlene Osman  V50WParc Bryn Bach33:1533:1530.6 
8337:07Toni Loxton V40MUnattached    
8438:37Avis Noott V80WUnattached    
8538:49Keith Williams V65MUnattached    
8640:19Susan Warren  V65WUnattached38:5938:4434.1 
8740:23Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
8840:24Jan Parry V65WUnattached    
8940:28Simone Price V60WUnattached    
9040:54Rebecca Holland V45WUnattached    
9141:19Helen Jenkins V35WUnattached    
9241:19Elizabeth Jervis-Wilks V40WUnattached    
9342:20Leanne Turk V35WUnattached    
9442:21Alison Parsons V50WUnattached    
9545:41Sian Taylor V50WUnattached    
9647:12Linda Harry V55WUnattached    
9747:14Susan Kelly V60WUnattached    
9857:02Richard Evans V45MUnattached    
9957:03Evan Lewis V45MUnattached    
10057:08Allyson Power V60WUnattached