North Essex & South Suffolk League External Results
Great Bentley
3 Nov 19

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTAidan Cahill U17MColchester & Tendring7.0 
10NTCharlie Walder U17MColchester H6.1 
11NTTaylor Ashley U15MIpswich Jaffa11.2 
12NTSidney Tilley U13MIpswich Jaffa0.1 
13NTOliver Langner U17MIpswich Jaffa17.3 
14NTArchie Henington U15MColchester & Tendring13.4 
15NTEthan Schultz U17MIpswich Jaffa  
16NTAlexander Little U17MTiptree  
17NTLeo Morley-Robertson U13MColchester & Tendring3.0 
18NTArthur Ballard U13MEssex Schs-1.2 
19NTEddison Barker U15MColchester & Tendring14.0 
2NTHenry Dover U15MColchester & Tendring-3.8 
20NTDylan Robins U17MSpringfield Striders  
21NTFinn Rattray U15MColchester & Tendring-0.5 
22NTTheo Gardiner U15MColchester H2.3 
23NTHarry Pitman U17MHarwich Runners  
24NTJack Izett U17MColchester & Tendring Athletics Club  
25NTHenry Rutland U13MColchester H15.5 
26NTJoseph Hullis U17MIpswich Jaffa21.8 
27NTHarrison Leek U13MColchester H2.8 
28NTRyan Burgoyne U13MColchester & Tendring11.4 
29NTJude Swaine U13MColchester & Tendring22.8 
3NTLuke Powell U15MColchester & Tendring1.6 
30NTAlexander Cronk U11MColchester & Tendring8.1 
31NTMax Stapleton U15MHarwich13.2 
32NTFinley Greenleaf U13MColchester H3.9 
33NTBen Howlett U13MIpswich Jaffa4.4 
34NTAlex Spaggons U17MHadleigh Hares  
35NTStanley Hobbs U13MColchester & Tendring/Colchester H0.6 
36NTJames Clarke U11MColchester H10.4 
37NTCharlie Parmenter U15MColchester H25.9 
38NTHarvey Fox U13MColchester & Tendring15.5 
39NTLuke Stafford U13MIpswich Jaffa18.6 
4NTSam Plummer U13MColchester & Tendring-3.8 
40NTMichael Knowles U17MHarwich7.6 
41NTHarry Gillon U13MColchester H21.2 
42NTGeorge Smith U17MTiptree  
43NTOscar Whiteman U17MMid Essex Casuals  
44NTEthan Wade U11MIpswich Jaffa9.4 
45NTRyan Sheen U17MHadleigh Hares  
46NTOscar Griffiths U13MColchester & Tendring27.8 
47NTCharlie Sharp U17MGreat Bentley  
48NTFred Walton U13MColchester & Tendring20.9 
49NTSamuel Southgate U11MIpswich Jaffa  
5NTWilliam Ferguson U17MMid Essex Casuals  
50NTGabe Alexandrovich U13MColchester & Tendring  
51NTCharlie Newman U17MHarwich Runners  
52NTFen Julier U17MGreat Bentley  
53NTHarvey Wilden U11MIpswich Jaffa  
54NTThomas Davis U11MHadleigh Hares27.3 
55NTJoe Plummer U17MColchester & Tendring Athletics Club  
56NTHarley Feagan U17MHadleigh Hares  
57NTBen Lyon U17MGreat Bentley  
58NTBertie Lewis U17MHarwich Runners  
59NTConnor Sharp U17MGreat Bentley  
6NTThomas Colsell U17MColchester H6.6 
60NTHarry Tyrrell U11MHarwich28.4 
61NTAmani Luvisiah U11MColchester & Tendring15.6 
62NTAlex Walder U13MColchester H16.4 
63NTGeorge Nixon U13MIpswich Jaffa11.2 
64NTChristopher Irven U13MColchester H  
65NTBilly Oxford U17MHadleigh Hares  
66NTHayden Preston U11MColchester H7.9 
67NTCharlie Richardson U17MColchester & Tendring Athletics Club  
68NTLeo Hassall U13MIpswich Jaffa  
69NTWarren Mann U17MHarwich Runners  
7NTLuke Orrin U17MColchester H4.4 
70NTOmar Jaballah U17MHarwich Runners  
71NTDaniel Cooper U11MHadleigh Hares18.2 
72NTHarry Langner U13MIpswich Jaffa  
73NTJosh Harding U17MTiptree  
74NTEdward Lawes U17MTiptree  
75NTJames Yorston U17MTiptree  
76NTJames Palfrey U11MIpswich Jaffa33.9 
77NTJoshua Roughan U17MHastead R R  
78NTJack Manley U11MHarwich32.0 
79NTBen Whiteman U17MMid Essex Casuals  
8NTJoseph Perry U17MTiptree  
80NTChester Ashley U11MIpswich Jaffa  
81NTJoshua Maloney U17MHadleigh Hares  
9NTJames Brigstocke-Williams U15MColchester & Tendring12.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMilly Presland U17WColchester H13.0 
10NTLizzie Wellsted U15WColchester H3.5 
11NTDalia Jaballah U15WHarwich23.5 
12NTAmelia Green U15WColchester H12.4 
13NTJasmine Bilner U17WIpswich Jaffa10.0 
14NTIsla Widdowson U11WColchester H6.0 
15NTEmily Henderson U15WColchester H17.4 
16NTDaisy Ward U17WHarwich Runners  
17NTKatie Brazier U17WSpringfield Striders  
18NTBella Agostini U13WColchester & Tendring20.1 
19NTBella Rose Jameson U17WIpswich Jaffa  
2NTAlexandra Bell-Cobbold U15WColchester H15.5 
20NTLucy Thompson U13WColchester & Tendring5.9 
21NTAmy Thompson U17WColchester & Tendring/Essex Schs23.1 
22NTRachel Sale U13WColchester H11.2 
23NTEmily White U17WColchester & Tendring22.1 
24NTAmelle Stephens U11WIpswich Jaffa23.9 
25NTHolly Swaine U13WColchester & Tendring16.5 
26NTMillie-Rose Downs U11WIpswich Jaffa7.8 
27NTCatherine Breen U13WColchester & Tendring20.6 
28NTEliza Shippey U11WColchester & Tendring9.3 
29NTDaisy Bell U15WColchester H27.0 
3NTMadeleine Claydon U17WColchester H18.8 
30NTMolly Bewsher U13WIpswich Jaffa21.1 
31NTEleanor Newman U13WHarwich12.2 
32NTEve Alexandrovich U15WColchester & Tendring  
33NTEllie Thompson U15WColchester & Tendring20.7 
34NTMartha May U11WBraintree11.5 
35NTAnnabel Lambert-Kelly U17WColchester & Tendring33.9 
36NTSienna Cronk U17WColchester & Tendring Athletics Club  
37NTGrace Gardiner U15WColchester H31.5 
38NTAlice Begg U13WColchester H9.1 
39NTFrankie Laverack U17WGreat Bentley  
4NTKaela Swaine U15WColchester & Tendring7.7 
40NTDarcy Bowen U11WIpswich Jaffa8.9 
41NTEvangelyne Geary U11WIpswich Jaffa14.0 
42NTAmelia Goodall U11WSpringfield19.0 
43NTNicola Latala U13WColchester & Tendring  
44NTAmiya Trott U15WColchester & Tendring51.2 
45NTJess Longstaff U15WColchester H26.8 
46NTAmy Perry U17WTiptree  
47NTElsa Styles U15WColchester & Tendring24.0 
48NTLily Heard U15WColchester & Tendring  
49NTRuby Avis U13WHadleigh Hares40.1 
5NTMadeline Lansdown U15WIpswich Jaffa10.6 
50NTIsla Spaggons U17WHadleigh Hares  
51NTEvie Fathers U17WGreat Bentley  
52NTLeni Laverack U11WGreat Bentley30.3 
53NTKiena Manton U17WHadleigh Hares  
54NTAmelie Manton U17WHadleigh Hares  
55NTJaymie Pittin U17WIpswich Jaffa  
56NTIzzy Wallace U17WTiptree  
57NTEryn Lewis U17WHarwich Runners  
58NTAnnabel Sergeant U13WColchester & Tendring17.6 
59NTElla Licence U17WColchester & Tendring Athletics Club  
6NTCarys Sergeant U13WColchester & Tendring5.4 
60NTAva Morley-Robertson U17WColchester & Tendring Athletics Club  
61NTCienna Telford U17WGreat Bentley  
62NTElla-Grace Simpson U17WGreat Bentley  
63NTEmily Longstaff U13WColchester H26.8 
64NTSophie Cripps U17WHarwich Runners  
65NTAurora Miley U11WIpswich Jaffa22.8 
66NTMia Lawes U17WTiptree  
67NTMistie Henington U11WColchester & Tendring20.5 
68NTHolly Bowring U11WSpringfield  
69NTMillie Henington U13WColchester & Tendring32.4 
7NTEmily Swan U15WColchester H17.4 
70NTIsabella Ward U17WHarwich Runners  
71NTElizabeth Rigby U11WHadleigh Hares33.3 
72NTKaby Hill U17WIpswich Jaffa  
73NTLily-May Hollinshead U17WHastead R R  
74NTElena Cooke U17WHadleigh Hares  
75NTLaci Wakeling U11WGreat Bentley38.6 
76NTAbigail Rigby U11WUnattached33.9 
77NTElla Bodsworth U17WHadleigh Hares  
8NTFreya Wilcox U13WIpswich Jaffa15.0 
9NTRachel Sandercock U15WColchester & Tendring/Colchester H10.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTAngus Holford SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Colchester H-2.6 
10NTAdam Wade SENMIpswich  
100NTPaul Gardiner V45MHadleigh  
101NTPeter Banks V40MWitham (Essex)4.7 
102NTIan Rattray V45MColchester H10.1 
103NTBob Bardell V50MTiptree  
104NTBenjamin Leeds V35MMid Essex6.7 
105NTSean Duffett V45MColchester H8.9 
106NTChris Stevenson V60MColchester H6.5 
107NTJohn Hood V50MMid Essex16.1 
108NTRob Ferguson SENMGreat Bentley10.9 
109NTDaniel Ager V45MIpswich  
11NTFreddy Richardson U20MColchester & Tendring-2.9 
110NTBen Hammond V40MHarwich19.9 
111NTMark Austin V60MWitham (Essex)7.4 
112NTSteve Covey V50MMid Essex  
113NTPaul Hollidge V50MGreat Bentley13.7 
114NTColin Farmer V55MGreat Bentley12.0 
115NTTom Fowler V45MGreat Bentley20.6 
116NTAndrew Taczynski V40MColchester H18.1 
117NTRichard Flutter V50MColchester H/Meirionnydd7.8 
118NTKarl Feagan V45MHadleigh Hares7.6 
119NTDavid Wright V60MColchester H10.1 
12NTAlex Manton V35MSpringfield0.1 
120NTJulian Catmull V55MSpringfield9.9 
121NTStephen Bugden V60MSpringfield8.5 
122NTPaul Neville V45MColchester H8.1 
123NTScotty Brenton V40MTiptree8.9 
124NTDave Walton V45MSpringfield8.0 
125NTMark Stevenson V55MGreat Bentley19.3 
126NTShaun Nicholls SENMIpswich  
127NTDuncan Scott V35MGreat Bentley7.7 
128NTDerek Hood V45MIpswich  
129NTRichard Rule V50MSpringfield12.3 
13NTGeraint White SENMIpswich Jaffa1.6 
130NTWilliam RoxbyClarke SENMHarwich11.1 
131NTPaul Stukas V55MSpringfield16.5 
132NTJustin Cooperkeeble V45MHarwich  
133NTThomas Ashley V35MWitham (Essex)13.9 
134NTChris Garey T37/F37 SENMSpringfield13.6 
135NTRichard Newman V50MHarwich9.0 
136NTMike Hough V45MHadleigh Hares25.3 
137NTDaniel Augustin SENMMid Essex38.4 
138NTDuncan Chenery V60MIpswich Jaffa13.4 
139NTBill Smythe V50MWitham (Essex)12.2 
14NTAndrew Jobling SENMColchester H0.6 
140NTAlistair Gillan V50MSpringfield20.9 
141NTTim Brockington V60MSpringfield11.4 
142NTChristopher Bing SENMIpswich  
143NTDonald Wilson V50MHalstead42.5 
144NTPhil Presland V45MGreat Bentley14.4 
145NTJames Plant SENMColchester H7.7 
146NTTerry Alabaster V55MWitham (Essex)5.2 
147NTDennis Warner V60MHarwich14.8 
148NTJames Royce V45MGt. Bentley  
149NTPatrick Reynolds V40MGreat Bentley17.8 
15NTKeith Tilley V45MIpswich Jaffa0.7 
150NTGary Ingram SENMIpswich  
151NTLuke Collison V50MTiptree23.5 
152NTClive Smith SENMWitham (Essex)11.4 
153NTDerek Greenham V55MGreat Bentley30.7 
154NTSimon Badcock V45MSpringfield13.1 
155NTJon Legge V55MSpringfield17.7 
156NTRichard Taylor V60MSpringfield16.7 
157NTDavid Cahill V55MColchester & Tendring13.3 
158NTKenneth Hands V50MSpringfield/Unattached23.7 
159NTJordan Barker SENMWitham (Essex)20.5 
16NTCameron Humphries SENMColchester H1.2 
160NTMichael Stych V45MColchester H20.9 
161NTSimon King V60MHalstead  
162NTIan Cannons V45MHarwich10.0 
163NTAlexander Stuckey V45MWitham (Essex)14.5 
164NTAndrew Carter V60MHalstead16.3 
165NTSam Wolton V40MHalstead12.6 
166NTNiall Burke SENMHarwich13.1 
167NTSimon Baker V55MTiptree14.6 
168NTChris Beazeley V50MSpringfield12.2 
169NTSteve Manley V50MHarwich14.8 
17NTHeydon Mizon V45MWitham (Essex)1.6 
170NTJeremy Hennell Jame V55MHadleigh  
171NTKristian Skrede Gleditsch V45MGt. Bentley  
172NTKim Pretty V60MHarwich9.9 
173NTDavid Jobling V60MWitham (Essex)19.0 
174NTNik McKean V40MHalstead  
175NTSteve Hunt V55MHadleigh Hares16.2 
176NTTim Long V55MIpswich Jaffa18.5 
177NTAdam Regan SENMWitham (Essex)16.9 
178NTClive Higdon V50MSpringfield21.4 
179NTIain Catchpool V50MIpswich Jaffa20.6 
18NTJames Wright V40MColchester H4.9 
180NTElliot Davis V40MHadleigh Hares28.2 
181NTPaul R Tawn V55MMid Essex15.2 
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