Guernsey Boxing Day Open External Results
26 Dec 19
4.75MXC 2.8MXC 

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:28Alex Rowe U20MGuernsey/Bath Uni-3.3 
227:50Sam Lesley SENMGuernsey-3.2 
328:10Daniel Galpin U23MGuernsey/Bath Uni0.2 
428:19Peter Amy V35MGuernsey1.3 
528:39Carl Holden V35MGuernsey-0.2 
629:21Samuel Galpin U20MGuernsey/Sheffield Uni0.2 
729:34Richard Thorburn U23MSouthampton/Southampton Uni0.4 
829:35Nick Mann V35MGuernsey-0.1 
930:14Isaac Powers U20MGuernsey-2.0 
1030:20James Travers SENMGuernsey2.7 
1130:27Aivis Kergalvis SENMGuernsey6.7 
1230:44James De Garis V40MGuernsey1.4 
1330:49Chris Way U23MGuernsey6.6 
1430:51Ian Scholes V50MGuernsey4.5 
1531:03Tom Nichols SENMGuernsey2.2 
1631:15Jonathan Greenfield V40MGuernsey7.7 
1731:21Chris Norman SENMGuernsey  
1831:23Neil Papworth V35MGuernsey  
1931:28Edward Mason U23MGuernsey/St. Mary's Uni2.4 
2031:32Andrew Mcarthur SENMGuernsey/Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets2.1 
2131:36Dave Mosley SENMGuernsey  
2231:37Isaac Bate U20MGuernsey2.5 
2331:38Mikey Ingrouille U20MGuernsey2.5 
2431:46Abdel Talibi SENMGuernsey  
2531:48Mark Le ConteSENMGuernsey  
2631:49Stuart Le NourySENMGuernsey  
2731:53Alan Rowe V50MGuernsey9.8 
2831:55Ove Svejstrup V40MGuernsey  
2932:06Henry Lister U17MGuernsey-0.8 
3032:07Warwick Helps V40MGuernsey/Welsh Masters3.2 
3132:10Adrian Lihou V45MGuernsey4.6 
3232:14Simon Ingrouille V45MGuernsey3.0 
3332:15Danny Blake V40MGuernsey4.0 
3432:16Sean Galpin V55MGuernsey4.3 
3532:33Tom Shaw V35MGuernsey3.0 
3632:34James Littlewood V40MGuernsey  
3732:42George Nichols SENMGuernsey  
3833:08Sean Murphy V40MGuernsey10.6 
3933:10Steve Manklow V45MUnattached3.1 
4033:11Paul Sloman V45MGuernsey  
4133:14Adam Dorey V40MGuernsey5.9 
4233:28Josh Davies SENMGuernsey  
4333:35Ben Foote SENMGuernsey3.1 
4433:40Munyaradzi MunzwembSENM SENMGuernsey  
4533:45Chris Ledgard V45MGuernsey  
4633:50Ryan De JerseyV35MGuernsey  
4734:17Nicole Petit SENWGuernsey4.5 
4834:56Matthew Jamieson V40MGuernsey6.4 
4934:56Tim Wilson V40MGuernsey6.8 
5035:16Peter Barnes SENMGuernsey  
5135:23Jason Powers V45MGuernsey9.6 
5235:26Daniel Hunter V40MGuernsey6.8 
5335:27Ben Brouard SENMGuernsey  
5435:32Mark Pizzey V45MGuernsey7.0 
5535:34Michael Way V50MGuernsey8.4 
5635:38Dave Hockey V45MGuernsey9.8 
5735:45Craig Allen V45MGuernsey  
5835:57Mark Naftel V45MGuernsey9.0 
5935:57Mel Nicolle V35WGuernsey7.3 
6036:00Stuart Armstrong V60MGuernsey  
6136:03Toby Mann V35MGuernsey3.1 
6236:13Vanessa King SENWGuernsey8.7 
6336:32Mathew Le Huray V45MGuernsey11.2 
6436:36Emma Beardsell V45WGuernsey10.6 
6536:43Mark Palfrey V50MUnattached9.6 
6636:44Nigel Cashin V50MGuernsey  
6736:45Laura Quayle V35WGuernsey6.6 
6836:51Rosie Williams SENWGuernsey4.7 
6936:57Caroline E Creed V50WGuernsey10.1 
7037:02Daz Carre V35MGuernsey  
7137:14Rick Frolich V55MGuernsey  
7237:21Michael Davy V45MGuernsey  
7337:28Javan Isabelle V45MGuernsey11.5 
7437:28Karen Farman V45WGuernsey9.0 
7537:37Darren Pipet V35MGuernsey  
7637:38Laura Guilbert SENWGuernsey  
7737:55Karina Bowie V45WGuernsey  
7838:02Iain Bailey V35MGuernsey14.5 
7938:09Dan Paul U20MGuernsey  
8038:12Dan Le HeronV40MGuernsey  
8138:44Ruairi Harnden SENMGuernsey  
8238:51Vicky Carre V40WGuernsey7.9 
8338:57Richard Stapley V45MGuernsey10.4 
8439:11Daniel Brehaut V40MGuernsey9.5 
8539:16Abi Swain SENWGuernsey  
8639:17Stuart Mauger V50MGuernsey  
8739:20Jez Le Tissier V50MGuernsey13.7 
8839:20Joseph Truelove V45MGuernsey10.9 
8939:22Glenn Gallienne V45MGuernsey16.3 
9039:35Toni Osborne V35WGuernsey  
9139:43Richard Pratt SENMGuernsey  
9239:49Paul W FerbracheV55MGuernsey  
9339:50Ben O'Brien V35MGuernsey  
9439:51Mike Brehaut V45MGuernsey  
9539:53Darren Smith V45MGuernsey  
9640:18Tobias Adams SENMGuernsey  
9740:19Renee Hubert U20WGuernsey20.4 
9840:21Deborah Durham V50WGuernsey  
9940:25Rich Skyrme V45MGuernsey  
10040:29Darren Holden SENMGuernsey30.5 
10140:29Alan Donaldson V55MGuernsey16.7 
10240:41Lucy Le CocqSENWGuernsey  
10340:42Simon Murphy SENMGuernsey13.0 
10440:50Bob Green V55MGuernsey13.8 
10540:55Tony King V50MGuernsey  
10641:02Jon Coyde V45MGuernsey  
10741:11Natalie Sarl V35WGuernsey  
10841:11Chris Dorey V60MGuernsey12.7 
10941:20Bruce Maltwood V50MGuernsey  
11041:21Susie Sloman V40WGuernsey  
11141:27Gregory Josey V50MGuernsey  
11241:33Harry Turner SENMGuernsey  
11341:34Alex Haws V35MGuernsey  
11441:48Ali Lihou V40WGuernsey15.5 
11542:48Alec Bain V45MGuernsey  
11642:59Darren Lewin V40MGuernsey  
11743:18Ken Wrigley V50MGuernsey  
11843:19J-P Mace V65MGuernsey  
11943:25Jeanne Svejstrup V45WGuernsey  
12043:29Dave Trow V50MGuernsey  
12143:38Matt Mason V50MGuernsey  
12243:43Brooke Lilley SENWGuernsey  
12344:52Dave Reid V60MGuernsey  
12445:00Desmond Gorman V50MGuernsey17.4 
12545:32Jonny Spicer SENMGuernsey  
12645:37Jenny Simons V50WGuernsey  
12746:16Alison Gavey V50WGuernsey17.3 
12847:20Tania Shires V45WGuernsey  
12947:20Sam Shires V45MGuernsey  
13047:43Laura Clayton V35WGuernsey  
13147:48Frank Hopkins V55MGuernsey  
13247:59Alun Williams V60MGuernsey22.2 
13348:12Carol Le CarpentierV50WGuernsey  
13448:21Terry Harnden V60MGuernsey21.0 
13548:24Lisa Evans V50WGuernsey  
13648:27Sue Amytonsmits V55WGuernsey  
13748:29Rick Mann V65MGuernsey  
13849:00Sam Ingrouille V50WGuernsey23.0 
13949:19Emma Shearer V45WGuernsey  
14049:24Sophie Kimber V50WGuernsey  
14149:24Ann Ledgard V45WGuernsey  
14249:34Kirsty Gauvain V35WGuernsey  
14349:48Terry Greening V70MGuernsey  
14450:55Graham Hall V45MGuernsey21.0 
14554:30Carol Ann StapleyV45WGuernsey  
14655:35Trevor Jeffries V75MGuernsey  
14756:38Claire-Louise Gorman V50WGuernsey  
2.8MXC U15
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:44Summer Woodhead U15WGuernsey4.2 
217:48Jack Le Tissier U15MGuernsey0.7 
317:50Ryan Moroney U15MGuernsey7.6 
418:04Rupert Wilson U13MGuernsey5.9 
518:10George Montgomery U15MGuernsey2.6 
620:14Pierce Le PoidevinU13MGuernsey  
720:21Samuel Montgomery U15MGuernsey13.6 
820:35Talia Godet U13WGuernsey7.4 
922:12Sarah Creber U15WGuernsey17.9 
1022:30Eleanor Jamieson U13WGuernsey13.6 
1132:33Thomas Gavey U13MGuernsey18.1