Renfrewshire AAA Relay Championships External Results
Nether Pollok
20 Oct 19

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1.5MXCL U17M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:59Lewis Barclay U17MKilbarchan4.7 
28:35Lewis Hainey U17MInverclyde-2.2 
38:44Ciaran Hogg U17MInverclyde/Glasgow Uni3.9 
1.5MXCL U17M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:13Josh Law U17MInverclyde4.5 
28:46Robert Gunson U17MKilbarchan11.0 
1.5MXCL U17M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:13Peter Bradshaw U17MInverclyde-3.0 
29:23Ross Kennedy U17MKilbarchan14.7 
1.5MXCL U15M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:48Hugh Shiels U15MGiffnock North7.9 
28:53Michael Nolan U15MGiffnock North12.1 
39:00Ben Campbell U15MGreenock Glenpark7.1 
49:05Luke Lindsay U15MKilbarchan-1.4 
59:05Jonathan Cameron U15MInverclyde0.7 
69:32Alex Chamberlain U15MGiffnock North16.2 
79:48Colin Arthur U15MKilbarchan15.7 
810:01Murray Wallace U13MKilbarchan22.8 
1.5MXCL U15M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:33Josh Mckinlay U15MKilbarchan-0.9 
28:50Matthew Murphy U15MGiffnock North13.6 
39:24Jude Dolan U15MGreenock Glenpark3.4 
49:31Matthew Cox U15MGiffnock North-0.2 
59:39Ramsay Mcleod U15MKilbarchan17.8 
69:59Kier ArthurU15MInverclyde AC  
710:16Innes McPherson U15MGiffnock North3.9 
1.5MXCL U15M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:39Tayven Adamson U15MInverclyde9.9 
29:08Matthew Knak U15MGiffnock North-0.7 
39:19Adam Chamberlain U15MGiffnock North14.1 
49:49Ross Hastie U15MKilbarchan18.2 
510:00Jack Kennedy U15MKilbarchan6.2 
1.5MXCL U13M L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:30Craig Shennan U13MGiffnock North-2.8 
29:05Oliver Bryers U13MGiffnock North9.6 
39:24Lucas Lever U13MKilbarchan15.6 
49:40Connor Ingram U13MKilbarchan23.7 
59:42Thomas Reay U13MGiffnock North0.3 
69:56Euan Johnson U13MGreenock Glenpark16.4 
79:59Luis Cameron U13MKilbarchan19.4 
810:10Martin Rolfe U13MGiffnock North16.5 
910:31Fraser McLaughlan U13MInverclyde23.1 
1010:40Alexander ThomsonU13MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1110:50Jude McGuigan U13MGiffnock North9.2 
1211:03Ben Gerrard U13MInverclyde22.2 
1.5MXCL U13M L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:06Oliver Wagstaff U13MInverclyde13.7 
29:11Cameron Harris U13MGiffnock North9.5 
39:46Douglas Campbell U13MGreenock Glenpark18.2 
49:48Mitchell Scott U13MGiffnock North14.3 
510:05Ryan Fitzpatrick U13MKilbarchan5.9 
610:05Andrew Shorts U13MKilbarchan0.2 
710:25James Wylie U13MGiffnock North21.2 
810:54Matthew ShawU13MGiffnock North AC  
911:50Lewis StevensonU13MKilbarchan AAC  
1012:10Tyler BryceU13MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1.5MXCL U13M L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:51Calan Chong U13MGiffnock North-0.2 
28:53Oliver MacDonald U13MGiffnock North-1.3 
39:57Charlie McAllister U13MGiffnock North7.2 
410:01Grant Buchanan U11MKilbarchan19.4 
510:02Liam Kane U13MInverclyde7.6 
610:13Cormac Shiels U13MGiffnock North10.2 
710:15Ian McPhersonU13MKilbarchan AAC  
810:17David Docherty U13MGreenock Glenpark14.8 
915:22Filip MartyniukU13MKilbarchan AAC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:22Ewan Docherty U11MInverclyde9.6 
26:30Matthew Snowden U11MGiffnock North21.1 
36:45Max McKie U11MGiffnock North24.8 
46:52Ruari Trainer U13MGreenock Glenpark24.0 
56:53Oliver Arthur U11MInverclyde12.8 
66:55Angus Weir U11MGiffnock North15.7 
77:00Ben Roxburgh U11MInverclyde20.7 
87:05Lewis Cochrane U11MKilbarchan23.5 
97:12Noah MacLeod U11MGiffnock North28.1 
107:15Arran Rosling U11MBellahouston Harriers14.6 
117:17Cameron Crawford U11MGreenock Glenpark24.6 
127:17Angus Menzies U13MKilbarchan28.0 
137:51Mathew HillU11MGiffnock North AC  
147:56Alexander Black U13MGiffnock North32.2 
158:14Charlie PhimisterU11MKilbarchan AAC  
1610:44Josh DochertyU11MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1710:44Alastair FyvieU11MGiffnock North  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:39Aaron Harkins U11MInverclyde17.7 
26:43Cameron Beck U13MGreenock Glenpark15.3 
36:47Joseph Ottolini U11MGiffnock North27.8 
46:48Daniel Cree U11MGiffnock North23.3 
56:59Kian Dick U11MGiffnock North5.8 
67:02Ethan Scobie U11MGiffnock North3.4 
77:16Grant Munro U11MGreenock Glenpark26.3 
87:16Peter McLachlanU11MBellahouston Harriers  
107:30Jake Reilly U11MInverclyde23.0 
97:30Charlie Renfrew U11MGiffnock North29.7 
118:02Rory PaddisonU11MGiffnock North  
128:03Freddie Scott U11MGiffnock North34.3 
138:04Alasdair Hamill U11MKilbarchan25.0 
148:24Alexander MassieU11MKilbarchan AAC  
159:11Dean Thornton U11MKilbarchan33.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:23Patrick Fraser U11MGiffnock North4.1 
26:25Lucas Wagstaff U11MInverclyde9.6 
36:26Leo Beaton U13MGreenock Glenpark20.2 
46:30Aaron Reid U11MGiffnock North2.3 
56:32Calum Dick U11MGiffnock North-1.6 
66:57Rob McneeU11MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
77:11Ashton Fulton U11MInverclyde26.8 
87:23Richard Forbes U11MKilbarchan10.6 
97:34Alistair McLachlan U11MGiffnock North10.2 
107:35Alfie SmithU11MGiffnock North AC  
117:47Joseph MacnamaraU11MBellahouston Harriers  
127:55Samuel McKay U11MKilbarchan24.9 
138:17Noah HolmesU11MGiffnock North AC  
1.5MXCL U17W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:32Abi Hammerman U17WInverclyde12.5 
29:45Rachel Muir U17WKilbarchan16.2 
310:06Jill Carswell U17WGiffnock North19.2 
410:12Sarah Forbes U17WKilbarchan20.6 
510:44Abigail CampbellU17WBellahouston Harriers  
611:06Abbie Tosh U17WGreenock Glenpark20.4 
711:57Leila Hickey-Fugaccia U17WGiffnock North25.4 
1.5MXCL U17W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:39Kirsten O'donoghue U17WGiffnock North15.1 
210:54Belle Mccormack U17WKilbarchan21.2 
311:15Eva Chong U15WGiffnock North17.6 
412:30Olivia TrainerU17WGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1.5MXCL U17W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:44Louise Hastie U17WKilbarchan4.5 
210:22Helen Chong U17WGiffnock North15.5 
313:25Anna Docherty U17WGreenock Glenpark40.4 
1.5MXCL U15W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:46Kirsty Wylie U15WGiffnock North13.9 
210:34Ailsa Carrigan U15WKilbarchan20.1 
310:40Mary McInally U15WNorth Ayrshire/Kilbarchan20.7 
410:46Nuala O'Donnell U15WGiffnock North16.9 
511:08Orla Mcgeehan U15WInverclyde24.5 
611:13Sophie Campbell U15WGreenock Glenpark22.7 
711:32Mia McBain U15WGiffnock North22.2 
811:54Kaitlyn Laou U15WKilbarchan22.6 
914:15Abbigael CrawfordU15WGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
1.5MXCL U15W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:57Evie LivingstonU15WKilbarchan AAC  
210:12Tuscany Wright U15WGiffnock North7.2 
310:59Katie Johnson U15WGreenock Glenpark20.3 
411:04Ruby White U15WGiffnock North26.2 
511:07Abbie FlowerU15WGiffnock North AC  
611:12Ellie Nayar U15WKilbarchan19.6 
1.5MXCL U15W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:39Abbie Alemu U15WKilbarchan17.7 
210:17Kiara Meiklejohn U15WGiffnock North8.9 
310:20Ruby McGill U15WGreenock Glenpark8.0 
410:54Isla Marshall U15WKilbarchan20.1 
511:03Ella Youngs U15WGiffnock North16.3 
611:05Emma McLennan U15WGiffnock North5.0 
1.5MXCL U13W L1
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:31Freya Campbell U13WGiffnock North3.3 
210:16Iris Paterson U13WInverclyde13.7 
310:23Emma Gribben U13WKilbarchan19.0 
410:28Cara Mcminn U13WKilbarchan7.2 
510:30Isla Ross U13WGiffnock North19.8 
610:50Caitlin McGeachy U13WGiffnock North7.5 
711:08Erin McEleny U13WGreenock Glenpark15.5 
811:47Summer Taggart U13WGreenock Glenpark13.1 
912:01Ella McWilliams U13WGiffnock North10.1 
1013:07Emilia Hickey-Fugaccia U13WGiffnock North29.7 
1113:43Freya Gilmour U13WKilbarchan37.4 
1214:50Eva Carvil U13WKilbarchan28.6 
1.5MXCL U13W L2
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:42Zara Redmond U13WKilbarchan2.2 
210:25Amy Vincent U13WGiffnock North16.4 
310:56Maria McCabe U13WGreenock Glenpark16.4 
411:16Molly-Rose Mcloughlin U13WKilbarchan9.9 
511:38Lauren McPherson U13WGiffnock North6.7 
611:50Isla Munro U13WGiffnock North7.2 
712:45Grace McArthur U13WGiffnock North25.7 
813:32Lexie Martin U13WGiffnock North18.1 
913:44Iona Hartley U11WKilbarchan33.6 
1.5MXCL U13W L3
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:27Adele Street U13WKilbarchan11.0 
29:57Ava Beaton U13WGreenock Glenpark6.3 
310:13Hazel O'Donoghue U13WGiffnock North11.2 
410:26Charlotte Clark U13WKilbarchan19.6 
511:37Ruby Neilson U13WGiffnock North22.2 
611:45Gabrielle Paddison U13WGiffnock North23.3 
713:18Hannah Sluman U13WGiffnock North13.4 
814:34Daisy O'MalleyU13WKilbarchan AAC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:26Freya Milford U11WKilbarchan12.9 
27:32Pearl Paterson U11WInverclyde15.7 
37:39Freya Scobie U11WGiffnock North5.3 
48:06Mirren McConnellU11WGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
58:12Emily Jackson U11WGiffnock North36.3 
68:31Olivia Taylor U11WKilbarchan23.6 
78:34Maisie SpeirsU11WBellahouston Harriers  
88:38Evie Mcardle U13WKilbarchan24.5 
98:40Beth Adams U11WGiffnock North12.6 
108:44Olivia Cooper U13WKilbarchan23.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:21Edie Campbell U11WGiffnock North17.6 
27:30Lula NeilsonU11WGiffnock North AC  
37:30Amy Gallagher U11WGiffnock North6.6 
47:41Tanith MacLeodU11WKilbarchan AAC  
58:04Olivia Law U11WInverclyde23.0 
68:11Isla Miller U11WKilbarchan21.9 
78:39Beth DochertyU11WGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
88:52Grace Farquhar U11WKilbarchan33.3 
98:59Amy JacksonU11WBellahouston Harriers  
109:19Ailidh Lawrie U11WKilbarchan39.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:58Sarah McNulty U11WGiffnock North4.5 
27:45Mairi Nicholson U11WKilbarchan13.4 
37:51Anna RobertsonU11WKilbarchan AAC  
48:01Rose Costello U11WGiffnock North13.9 
58:12Lucy McLean U11WKilbarchan18.0 
68:25Islay Newsome U13WGreenock Glenpark28.1 
78:40Roisin Shiels U11WGiffnock North32.9 
88:40Sophie GrahamU11WBellahouston Harriers  
98:44Sophie James U11WKilbarchan36.4 
109:10Rebecca Cameron U11WInverclyde38.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:11Gregor Yates V35MBellahouston Harriers-3.9 
212:23Callum Matthews SENMKilbarchan/Glasgow Caledonian Uni-2.3 
312:35Jon Hammerman V35MInverclyde0.8 
412:45Mark Doherty V35MInverclyde-3.7 
512:51Stuart Kerr SENMKilbarchan3.2 
612:53Steven Campbell V45MGreenock Glenpark2.1 
713:32Scott Mason V35MBellahouston Harriers0.5 
813:34Luke Chamberlain V45MGiffnock North11.3 
913:39Nick Boyle U20MGiffnock North3.9 
1013:40Bruce Carse V40MBellahouston RR2.9 
1113:48David ShawV40MGiffnock North AC  
1213:50Ben NicholSENMInverclyde AC  
1314:24Garry Sturgeon V45MGiffnock North7.7 
1414:29Alan Digweed V40MBellahouston RR5.6 
1514:53Robert Dolan V45MGreenock Glenpark7.9 
1615:07David Ferguson V40MBellahouston RR7.6 
1715:35Tom Ferris V50MBellahouston RR10.8 
1815:37Paul Gordon SENMBellahouston RR11.0 
1915:45Paul Houston V50MBellahouston Harriers13.1 
2015:51Christopher Logue V40MBellahouston RR18.6 
2115:56Danny McLaughlin V60MGreenock Glenpark8.0 
2216:01Derek ScottSENMGlasgow Caledonian Uni  
2316:01Saul GibsonSENMGlasgow Caledonian Uni  
2416:24Damien MallettSENMInverclyde AC  
2517:21Scott HillV50MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
2617:31Simon Mcdougall V40MBellahouston Harriers15.1 
2718:30Stuart Macdonald V55MBellahouston Harriers17.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:49Stuart Miller SENMBellahouston Harriers3.4 
212:50Dylan Crawford U20MInverclyde-0.2 
313:03Daniel Doherty V35MGreenock Glenpark2.9 
413:06Iain Carroll V40MGiffnock North-1.3 
513:09Robert Quinn V50MKilbarchan17.6 
613:17Bryan Mulgrew SENMBellahouston RR0.5 
713:37Jordan Orr U23MGiffnock North1.8 
813:45James Weir SENMBellahouston Harriers4.0 
913:52Alan HendersonSENMInverclyde AC  
1014:04James Battye SENMBellahouston RR11.6 
1114:06Scott Wilson V45MGiffnock North9.2 
1214:41Gerard Scullion V50MBellahouston RR5.8 
1314:43Stephen Hanley SENMGreenock Glenpark2.1 
1414:45Tom Jamieson V35MInverclyde6.4 
1515:09David EamesSENMBellahouston Harriers  
1615:21Rob Crusher V50MGiffnock North5.0 
1715:23Henry Merriweather V45MBellahouston RR15.0 
1815:27Timothy WongSENMGlasgow Caledonian Uni  
1915:40Jamie ShuttleworthSENMGlasgow Caledonian Uni  
2016:03Scott MacIntoshV40MBellahouston Road Runners  
2116:34Fraser MeekSENMGlasgow Caledonian Uni  
2216:57Aidan HudnerV40MBellahouston Road Runners  
2317:15Steven SmithV50MGreenock Glenpark Harriers  
2417:23Graham McMillanV45MBellahouston Harriers  
2520:04Tom Keenan V60MBellahouston Harriers21.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:40Rudi Paul U20MBellahouston Harriers5.2 
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