FNB Guernsey League External Results
30 Nov 19

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2MXC U15
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:55Thomas Merrien U13MGuernsey5.1 
213:10Charlie Hynes U13MGuernsey3.2 
314:09Rupert Wilson U13MGuernsey7.4 
414:21Darcey Hodgson U13WGuernsey3.0 
514:44Pierce Le PoidevinU13MGuernsey  
615:53Samuel Montgomery U15MGuernsey27.4 
718:06Niamh Conlan U13WGuernsey  
819:45Oliver Blake U13MGuernsey  
925:26Luca Gaudion U13MGuernsey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:14Thierry Le CheminantU15MGuernsey  
220:22Summer Woodhead U15WGuernsey16.6 
320:53George Montgomery U15MGuernsey15.3 
421:35Ryan Moroney U15MGuernsey21.1 
521:51Lottie Smith U17WIpswich Jaffa/Guernsey18.0 
622:46Shane Gaudion V45MGuernsey5.5 
722:57Caroline E Creed V50WGuernsey23.4 
822:58Torryn Armstrong SENMGuernsey  
924:31Rebecca Whitmore V40WGuernsey  
1024:32Jeremy Mew V45MGuernsey27.6 
1124:34Joe Armstrong SENMGuernsey  
1224:35Bob Green V55MGuernsey27.1 
1324:36Kristin Dowling V35WGuernsey27.3 
1424:39Paul Domaille V55MGuernsey  
1524:43Adam Creed U23MGuernsey26.6 
1624:47Brett Bewey V40MGuernsey19.2 
1725:01Ben O'Brien V35MGuernsey  
1825:06Belinda Smith V45WGuernsey  
1925:10Craig Collins V35MGuernsey  
2025:21Helene Herve SENWGuernsey20.4 
2125:24Jez Le TissierV50MGuernsey  
2225:25Paul Ferbrache V55MGuernsey  
2325:39Joseph Truelove V45MGuernsey9.5 
2425:50Stuart Mauger V50MGuernsey  
2525:51Gina Rowe V50WGuernsey16.7 
2626:15Gareth Ashmead V55MGuernsey  
2726:17Joely Culverwell SENWGuernsey  
2826:18Jon Coyde V45MGuernsey  
2926:36Sarah Eagles V40WGuernsey/United States8.8 
3026:44Alan Donaldson V55MGuernsey26.5 
3127:01Katie Norris V35WGuernsey  
3227:22Luc Blanchard SENMGuernsey  
3327:28Declan Gilman U20MGuernsey33.4 
3427:40Sam De KookerV35MGuernsey  
3527:53Alec Bain V45MGuernsey  
3627:55Gregory Josey V50MGuernsey  
3728:06Paul James V45MGuernsey  
3828:11Jon Lowe V50MGuernsey  
3928:12Desmond Gorman V50MGuernsey19.9 
4028:19Alison Gavey V50WGuernsey15.6 
4128:38Richard Tostevin V45MGuernsey34.1 
4228:49Jeanne Svejstrup V45WGuernsey  
4328:52Gareth O'Neill SENMGuernsey39.3 
4430:31Sam Sexton V45WGuernsey  
4531:13Laura Clayton V35WGuernsey  
4631:16Terry Harnden V60MGuernsey28.1 
4731:18Berni Gilman SENWGuernsey31.9 
4831:38Sue Lawrence V50WGuernsey  
4932:05Emma Shearer V45WGuernsey  
5032:32Rick Mann V65MGuernsey  
5132:58Alun Williams V60MGuernsey24.7 
5233:02Sam Ingrouille V50WGuernsey22.3 
5335:39Catherine Griggs V50WGuernsey  
5438:28Ray Scholes V75MGuernsey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:22Chris Bain U17MGuernsey-2.6 
226:22Sarah Roe SENWGuernsey3.2 
326:28Henry Lister U17MGuernsey8.3 
426:29Jenny James V35WGuernsey7.7 
526:51Tom Nichols SENMGuernsey2.1 
626:56Ethan Woodhead U20MGuernsey-0.3 
727:21Danny Blake V40MGuernsey2.5 
827:36Ian Scholes V50MGuernsey17.9 
927:41Tim Coates V35MGuernsey27.3 
1027:55Sean Galpin V55MGuernsey7.6 
1127:59Ove Svejstrup V40MGuernsey10.3 
1228:07Anton Goovaerts U20MGuernsey19.6 
1328:09Tom Shaw V35MGuernsey7.6 
1428:26Louis Le CheminantU20MGuernsey  
1528:27George Nichols SENMGuernsey  
1628:31Ryan De JerseyV35MGuernsey  
1728:46Toby Mann V35MLondon Heathside0.6 
1828:49Stuart Le NourySENMGuernsey  
1928:56Andrew Zabiela V35MGuernsey  
2029:30Louise Perrio V35WGuernsey16.9 
2129:36Munyaradzi Munzwembiri SENMGuernsey18.8 
2229:37Matthew Jamieson V40MGuernsey1.0 
2329:40Michael Way V50MGuernsey14.8 
2429:52Tim Wilson V40MGuernsey10.1 
2530:13Jamie O'Connor V35MGuernsey  
2630:16Mark Naftel V45MGuernsey12.8 
2730:29Nicole Petit SENWGuernsey3.6 
2830:32Nathan Ward V40MGuernsey  
2930:36Terry Garnham V55MGuernsey  
3030:39Amy Critchlow V40WGuernsey13.5 
3130:52Emma Beardsell V45WGuernsey13.7 
3230:54Steve Marquis V35MGuernsey  
3330:58Russ Smith V40MGuernsey  
3431:15Christopher O'Neill V65MGuernsey11.5 
3531:16Emily Squire V40WGuernsey TC17.8 
3631:17Jon Smith V50MGuernsey  
3731:21Mel Nicolle V35WGuernsey9.4 
3831:25Jason Powers V45MGuernsey13.9 
3931:28Adam Skinner SENMGuernsey  
4031:42Jordan Smith SENMGuernsey  
4131:58Laura Quayle V35WGuernsey10.7 
4232:06Daniel Brehaut V40MGuernsey10.2 
4332:24Dave Hockey V45MGuernsey15.4 
4432:50Vanessa King SENWGuernsey7.7 
4533:11Ruairi Harnden SENMGuernsey  
4633:16Tim Le TissierV35MGuernsey  
4733:25Stephen Wilson SENMGuernsey  
4833:49Chris Markham V40MGuernsey  
4937:29Darren Pipet V35MGuernsey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
135:35Richard Friedrich V35MGuernsey/Germany10.0 
235:44James Priest SENMGuernsey-1.6 
338:16Carl Holden V35MGuernsey1.5 
440:08James De Garis V40MGuernsey4.0 
540:17Lee Garland V40MGuernsey/Welsh Masters4.8 
640:22Ben Wilen SENMGuernsey7.3 
740:35Richard Hann V35MGuernsey13.0 
840:41Nick Mann V35MGuernsey5.5 
1041:03James Travers SENMGuernsey3.6 
941:03William Bodkin SENMGuernsey/Surrey Uni8.5 
1141:32Isaac Powers U20MGuernsey5.0 
1243:21Warwick Helps V40MGuernsey/Welsh Masters12.2