Poole Runners Winter 5K Series External Results
5 Mar 10
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:30    Lee Rodriguez SBV35MPoole Runners15:2814:3733.8 
215:54    Alan Murchison PBV35MWinchester15:5415:5416.4 
316:00    David Knapman SBSENMWinchester16:0015:5536.0 
416:02    Tad Dicker PBV40MFleet & Crookham16:0216:028.9 
516:03    Rob McTaggart SBSENMBournemouth/Poole AC16:0315:39-2.1 
616:09    Andrew Morgan-Lee  V40MSalford H/Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Southampton RC15:4115:001.3 
716:11    Robert Standley PBV40MLittledown/Bournemouth16:1116:1136.0 
816:19    Mike Grist SBV45MPoole Runners/South West Vets16:1715:103.4 
 17:2717:27   Jim Bennett PBV35MSouthampton RC/Southern Counties Vets17:2717:274.7 
 17:2817:28   David Jones PBSENMPoole AC17:2817:281.3 
1417:42    Colin Reynolds PBV45MPoole Runners17:4217:4236.0 
1617:52    Claire Nichols  SENWTeam Southampton/Woking17:4617:0636.0 
 17:55    Wayne Walford Jelks PBSENMLittledown17:5517:5512.6 
1817:55    India Lee PBU23WWinchester/Southampton Uni17:5516:528.0 
1917:59    Peter Merritt  SENMSouthampton RC17:5316:271.3 
2218:15    Malcolm Renyard SBV60MHardley18:1517:3011.2 
2418:25    Natalie Burke PBU23WSouthampton RC/Southampton Uni18:2518:2517.0 
2918:42    Abigail Jones  U17WPoole AC18:2218:2223.1 
3118:46    Lauren Licietis PBU23WMarshall Milton Keynes/Loughborough Students18:4618:4636.0 
3318:52    Valeria Sesto PBV35WNew Forest Runners/Argentina18:5218:524.0 
4019:11    Emma Risbey SBSENW 19:1117:235.1 
5019:43    Geoffrey Scott SBV60MPoole Runners19:4318:3122.9 
7420:57    Janice Guerrier SBV50WPoole Runners19:3818:4329.5 
 21:0821:08   Raymond Ngai PBSENMUnattached21:0818:3514.7 
8221:21    Heather Khoshnevis SBV45WLittledown21:2120:0511.1 
 21:3121:31   Nick Solomon PBV55MWimborne21:3121:3113.8 
9221:56    Rex Legge SBV70MPoole Runners21:5620:1436.0 
10822:35    Mo Emmett SBV50WIndependent Intelligent Fitness/Welsh Masters22:3519:4236.0 
 22:4722:47   Jeff Butt PBV45MIndependent Intelligent Fitness22:4722:4718.1 
 23:1023:10   Diane Buckley PBV45WNew Forest Runners23:1023:1029.0 
16326:51    Jackie Jenkins  V65WNew Forest Runners26:3023:5817.8 
17428:45    Colin Barrett  V75MSouth West Vets28:2525:5736.0 
17728:55    Sylvia Timms  V70WTotton27:4026:4236.0 
23430:10    Elizabeth Hopkins PBV60WPoole Runners30:1030:1031.0 
19142:41    Bruce Davidson  V85MNew Forest Runners42:2231:1036.0