Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
Parc Bryn Bach
20 Oct 19
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTJamie Parry SENMParc Bryn Bach-1.4 
10NTLauren Cooper SENWParc Bryn Bach/Cardiff Uni1.0 
100NTJustin Pocknell V50MCaerleon15.9 
101NTRachel Lewis V40WParc Bryn Bach15.4 
102NTNick Osman V50MParc Bryn Bach8.6 
103NTChris MORGANV40MLliswerry  
104NTRoss Howells SENMChepstow H3.8 
105NTLisa Jeffrey V45WChepstow H7.8 
106NTMark Batten V50MChepstow H16.2 
107NTNeil Profit V35MIslwyn11.3 
108NTBen Gwinnutt SENMCaerleon20.1 
109NTStephen Price V55MParc Bryn Bach8.7 
110NTDaniel Price V35MParc Bryn Bach5.9 
111NTNicole Martin U20WGriffithstown  
112NTMarcus Beard V60MLliswerry  
113NTPeter Rodger V60MCaerleon7.9 
114NTStuart Duncan V55MChepstow H15.0 
115NTHuw Steadman V50MParc Bryn Bach11.2 
116NTJeremy CREASEYV50MMonmouth  
117NTPaul Adams V40MCaerleon15.0 
118NTPeter Welbirg V65MGriffithstown13.9 
119NTMalc Gonnella V65MFairwater14.9 
12NTMartin Thomas SENMParc Bryn Bach0.9 
120NTMartin BLAKEBROUGHV55MMonmouth  
121NTMelissa Pearce V50WParc Bryn Bach16.0 
122NTMichael Barnes SENMFairwater11.8 
123NTShane Baker V35MPont-Y-Pwl7.9 
124NTAndrew North U23MFairwater21.4 
125NTMartin Stark V50MPont-Y-Pwl14.6 
126NTRhys Bebb V40MLliswerry15.2 
127NTKelly Felstead V40WIslwyn18.4 
128NTSarah Lauder V35WLliswerry12.5 
129NTMichelle DAVISV35WMonmouth  
13NTRoss Matthews V35MIslwyn-1.3 
130NTTony Lewis V50MParc Bryn Bach15.2 
131NTEmily HARRISONV35WMonmouth  
132NTRoger Freeman V35MParc Bryn Bach12.7 
133NTRob Beves V55MChepstow H7.6 
134NTMatthew Dawe U23MLliswerry18.8 
135NTNadim Rehman V40MFairwater17.5 
136NTSimon Fish V40MPont-Y-Pwl15.6 
137NTNeil Chipper V55MLliswerry16.0 
138NTJan Morris V50WChepstow H12.0 
139NTElinor Phillips SENWLliswerry20.1 
14NTGavin PATERSONSENMParc Bryn Bach  
140NTMelissa Morgan V35WIslwyn11.1 
141NTIan Grant Harrhy V60MLliswerry15.6 
142NTMartyn Lennon V60MLliswerry  
143NTGrace Bayton U20WParc Bryn Bach17.3 
144NTNicky JAQUESSENWMonmouth  
145NTVicky ROBERTSSENWMonmouth  
146NTMatthew Crowle V35MParc Bryn Bach21.4 
147NTJonathan Kendall V50MLliswerry18.1 
148NTBethan Richardson SENWPont-Y-Pwl13.0 
149NTMike Pobjoy V50MLliswerry10.7 
15NTJonathan Ford SENMFairwater3.4 
150NTJen Watkins SENWPont-Y-Pwl13.7 
151NTRichard Parnell V40MIslwyn9.1 
152NTLiz Richards V50WCaerleon13.5 
153NTPhilip Price V70MLliswerry22.2 
154NTKeith Davies V60MIslwyn18.0 
155NTKeith Langley V60MPont-Y-Pwl16.5 
156NTHannah Davies SENWIslwyn18.7 
157NTSharon Newell V50WParc Bryn Bach15.4 
158NTMark Prosser V45MFairwater16.5 
159NTMichael Probert V50MPont-Y-Pwl11.5 
16NTMartin Norton SENMLliswerry-0.1 
160NTCharlotte Moran V40WCaerleon10.4 
161NTJanet Richards V50WLliswerry17.3 
162NTJeanette Jenkins V55WFairwater/Welsh Masters17.9 
163NTAngela Potter V50WLliswerry10.9 
164NTPaul Seed V60MParc Bryn Bach19.4 
165NTGareth Richards V35MParc Bryn Bach12.4 
166NTDavid, Ronald Kempton V60MParc Bryn Bach19.6 
167NTAndrew HILLISV50MMonmouth  
168NTMartyn Jenkins V55MFairwater22.9 
169NTCathy FLETCHERV45WMonmouth  
17NTDavid Richardson V35MPont-Y-Pwl2.9 
170NTSharon Carrafa V45WIslwyn16.1 
171NTPaul Hancox V55MGriffithstown16.3 
172NTRichard M Bowie V55MFairwater18.0 
173NTCeri Caswell V40WParc Bryn Bach19.1 
174NTDesmond Jones V45MLliswerry16.7 
175NTSophie Gilbert V45WChepstow H39.5 
176NTTim Wright V55MLliswerry12.6 
177NTBarbara Wilkinson V45WLliswerry17.9 
178NTJames Foulger V40MParc Bryn Bach23.6 
179NTRobert Lewis V55MFairwater17.2 
18NTPaul Bruton V40MLliswerry3.0 
180NTDaniella Gormley V45WGriffithstown22.7 
181NTBeverley Jones V45WFairwater26.7 
182NTDebbie SATCHELLV55WPont-y-Pwl  
183NTHoward Martin Attwood V65MLliswerry19.4 
184NTJulie Roche V50WFairwater15.4 
185NTRod WYATTV45MMonmouth  
186NTKelly Morris SENWLliswerry21.9 
187NTSheryl Clark V45WIslwyn23.2 
188NTJane Lewis V50WFairwater16.4 
189NTStacey Anne Morgan V50WPont-Y-Pwl16.8 
19NTJohn Evans V40MParc Bryn Bach2.3 
190NTAled Wynne V35MIslwyn16.2 
191NTLucy Atkin-Smith SENWParc Bryn Bach24.7 
192NTStella Symons V55WFairwater25.0 
193NTNicola Brunnock V50WPont-Y-Pwl16.7 
194NTSian Richardson V40WLliswerry23.1 
195NTNicky MARSHALLV55WChepstow  
196NTRob Rist V45MParc Bryn Bach19.7 
197NTDafydd Player SENMParc Bryn Bach34.4 
198NTPamela Suter V45WChepstow H20.8 
199NTStuart Salvage V45MLliswerry18.1 
2NTJeff Wherlock V50MLliswerry1.4 
20NTBen Sinclair V40MPont-Y-Pwl4.9 
200NTGraham TAYLORV60MChepstow  
201NTAndrew Baker V40MFairwater17.7 
202NTMichelle Bates V50WParc Bryn Bach26.0 
203NTRebecca FOSTERV40WMonmouth  
204NTLinsey HOLTV40WMonmouth  
205NTCallum Turner SENMCaerleon16.9 
206NTDee Thomas V50WLliswerry17.3 
207NTPeter Roberts V60MGriffithstown25.0 
208NTKathleen Jervis V60WParc Bryn Bach26.9 
209NTLouise KIRBYV50WParc Bryn Bach  
21NTMichael Richardson V40MLliswerry3.3 
210NTMalcolm Cox V75MGriffithstown22.1 
211NTDavid Davies V50MCaerleon19.2 
212NTSarah ARNOTTSENWMonmouth  
213NTJohn Hill V65MLliswerry22.8 
214NTMichelle Clabon V55WCaerleon18.1 
215NTJayne Rist V45WParc Bryn Bach21.7 
216NTTeresa Davies V50WParc Bryn Bach22.4 
217NTMike KELLYV60MParc Bryn Bach  
218NTJohn Howarth V70MParc Bryn Bach19.0 
219NTEllie Jones SENWLliswerry13.7 
22NTAnthony MARSHALLV55MChepstow  
220NTElizabeth Kenward V55WLliswerry18.8 
221NTNick Smith V55MParc Bryn Bach19.9 
222NTDaniel Pearce V40MParc Bryn Bach15.4 
223NTSarah Webster U23WLliswerry18.0 
224NTKate Allen V45WPont-Y-Pwl26.3 
225NTSian Steadman V50WParc Bryn Bach25.1 
226NTNikki Hancox V45WGriffithstown19.6 
227NTAlan Pritchard V65MParc Bryn Bach21.8 
228NTLaura Edwards V35WLliswerry20.8 
229NTNicola DEANV40WLliswerry  
23NTAndy DEANV45MLliswerry  
230NTLaura McLoughlin V45WLliswerry16.6 
231NTCatherine Price V40WParc Bryn Bach23.9 
232NTGary Willcox V55MPont-Y-Pwl24.1 
233NTDenise Evans V55WForest of Dean AC/Chepstow H16.8 
234NTLisa Nicholls V50WLliswerry18.1 
235NTAlexander BURNNETTV35WParc Bryn Bach  
236NTSarah Eaton V35WParc Bryn Bach22.6 
237NTAnn Timbrell V45WCaerleon21.0 
238NTMarisa Benjamin V35WPont-Y-Pwl17.3 
239NTAlison Davis V50WFairwater21.0 
24NTJonathan Carter V50MChepstow H3.2 
240NTJayne Jones V45WParc Bryn Bach26.6 
241NTAysima Harper V40WLliswerry28.7 
242NTCarl Peacock V50MParc Bryn Bach26.7 
243NTBernadette Davies V45WCaerleon24.8 
244NTSusan Gray V50WParc Bryn Bach28.9 
245NTSusan Webster V55WLliswerry40.2 
246NTAnna Smith V40WParc Bryn Bach32.0 
247NTCeri Williams V55MGriffithstown23.2 
248NTMichelle GOOCHV50WPont-y-Pwl  
249NTJenny Bradfield V45WGriffithstown28.4 
25NTLizzie DIMONDSENWLliswerry  
250NTDick Finch V70MChepstow H27.7 
251NTMorwenna Phillips SENWLliswerry27.0 
252NTJane Bayliss V65WChepstow H23.6 
253NTGeoffrey Bayliss V70MChepstow H28.9 
254NTDeborah Brown V60WIslwyn28.2 
255NTSheree Mann V50WFairwater24.7 
256NTPat Richardson V65WLliswerry22.1 
257NTWilliam Barrie Lewis V65MIslwyn22.9 
258NTKirsty Richardson V45WLliswerry  
259NTLyndon Sutton V65MIslwyn29.5 
26NTMatthew Lawson V50MChepstow H8.8 
260NTMarc Cross V35MGriffithstown10.1 
261NTVal Clare V60WLliswerry35.1 
262NTCheryl Hill V45WLliswerry24.5 
263NTMarion Norris V45WLliswerry37.4 
264NTKerry Sweetman V35WLliswerry32.1 
265NTSuzanne Williams V50WFairwater31.4 
266NTEigen Halpin V40WPont-Y-Pwl21.6 
267NTJoanne KIRBYV45WParc Bryn Bach  
268NTDawn Davis V45WCaerleon21.5 
269NTGwyneth Howells V65WCaerleon30.7 
27NTDafydd LAMBETHV45MIslwyn  
270NTArlene Osman V50WParc Bryn Bach33.3 
271NTBethan Coles V35WLliswerry27.2 
272NTCatherine Louise Spencer V50WGriffithstown43.5 
273NTWendy Hiscocks V45WGriffithstown34.6 
274NTClive Cooksey V75MParc Bryn Bach39.3 
28NTAlun Wood V35MMynydd Du/Pont-Y-Pwl14.5 
29NTSandra Chipper V45WLliswerry3.5 
3NTLloyd Cottrell U23MLliswerry2.0 
30NTPhilip Boorman V50MLliswerry6.4 
31NTSteve Davies V60MGriffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl5.5 
32NTNicky Collin SENWLliswerry5.2 
33NTSimon Lewis V50MParc Bryn Bach14.9 
34NTMark Hobbs SENMGriffithstown2.2 
35NTSteven Matthew Lane V45MIslwyn5.6 
36NTStephen Williams V55MParc Bryn Bach8.3 
37NTNick Webb V45MParc Bryn Bach12.3 
38NTShane Roberts V45MFairwater5.3 
39NTNicholas Chard V40MParc Bryn Bach14.7 
4NTJames Blore SENMChepstow H2.9 
40NTStuart PENNYV55MMonmouth  
41NTRobert Davies V45MLliswerry11.1 
42NTAndrew Wright V50MCaerleon7.6 
43NTDavid Wheeler SENMChepstow H7.8 
44NTMatthew Lloyd V35MFairwater9.3 
45NTAndrew Watts V40MChepstow H5.1 
46NTJames Mcloughlin V45MLliswerry8.5 
47NTJoshua Jones SENMGriffithstown11.4 
48NTMike CLEAVERV40MLliswerry  
49NTHaydn Hartnell V55MParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters6.8 
5NTHywel Diplock SENMParc Bryn Bach9.4 
50NTSarah Bell V40WChepstow H5.7 
51NTPhillip JONESSENMIslwyn  
52NTChristopher Goodwin V40MChepstow H7.9 
53NTMatthew Tooby V35MCaerleon6.5 
54NTAdrian Murkin V50MPont-Y-Pwl6.0 
55NTDamian Caswell V45MParc Bryn Bach9.9 
56NTOwain Williams SENMParc Bryn Bach19.2 
57NTJamie Goddard V45MChepstow H6.3 
59NTNiki Morgan V50WChepstow H5.3 
6NTPaul Murrin V45MChepstow H2.5 
60NTAlex WILSONV40WMonmouth  
61NTColin Wilmott V60MGriffithstown8.2 
62NTMatthew Trinder SENMParc Bryn Bach15.5 
63NTVictoria Hobbs V35WLliswerry10.3 
64NTRussell Wareham V45MIslwyn12.8 
65NTJamie Edwards SENMPont-Y-Pwl5.8 
66NTJulian HOWEV45MMonmouth  
67NTSimon Gill V35MLliswerry6.1 
68NTEmma Price Stephens SENWFairwater8.2 
69NTOwen Davies SENMLliswerry16.4 
7NTSam Jones SENMParc Bryn Bach-1.7 
70NTDavid WATERV45MLliswerry  
71NTPaul Wright V45MChepstow H12.7 
72NTSteve Owen V65MChepstow H7.6 
73NTRobert Walker SENMPont-Y-Pwl7.2 
74NTIan Line V45MParc Bryn Bach7.7 
75NTIan Davies V55MParc Bryn Bach12.1 
76NTRobert NELSONV45MMonmouth  
77NTEmma Wookey SENWLliswerry5.0 
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