Poole Runners 5K External Results
16 Oct 09
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:55   Lee Piercy PBV35MBournemouth15:5515:5524.2 
216:10   Fergus O'Reilly PBU17MBournemouth16:1016:1036.0 
316:11   Gareth Beech PBSENMNew Forest Runners/Team Southampton16:1116:1136.0 
416:26   Nick Tauwhare PBU17MPoole Runners16:2616:2634.6 
516:30   Mike Grist  V45MPoole Runners/South West Vets15:5215:104.2 
616:32   Russell Osborn SBSENMTeam Southampton16:3216:1927.0 
716:34   Rob Ineson  U20MPoole Runners16:1116:1116.1 
816:34   Björn Schräder SENMUnatt    
916:54   James Share  U20MPoole Runners16:2215:50-1.2 
1016:58   Leif Chandler  U20MPoole Runners16:1616:1616.5 
1217:06   Claire Nichols PBSENWTeam Southampton/Woking17:0617:0636.0 
1417:16   Simon Ninnim SBU17MTeam Southampton17:1616:5736.0 
2417:48   Simon Way PBV40MBournemouth17:4817:482.7 
2717:52   Emma Caplan PBSENWWimbledon Windmilers17:5217:527.0 
3318:03   Helen Dyke PBV35WTorbay18:0318:0319.9 
3418:03   Malcolm Renyard  V60MHardley17:4917:3010.8 
5218:48   Howard Doe SBV55MNew Forest Runners18:4817:2513.8 
5518:50   Christine Thomas SBV45WPoole Runners18:5018:1936.0 
5718:57   Becky Griffith SBSENWPoole Runners/Royal Air Force18:5718:1412.2 
6619:21   Mick Anglim SBV60MHardley19:2118:5611.5 
6719:23   Geoffrey Scott SBV60MPoole Runners19:2318:3123.5 
7019:29   Daisy Harper-Brown SBU17WBournemouth19:2919:2636.0 
8919:57   Janice Guerrier SBV50WPoole Runners19:5718:4325.6 
10320:31   Jacqueline Goldsmith PBV40WLittledown20:3120:3125.0 
14021:57   Kathy Fooks PBV50WLittledown21:5721:5714.3 
15422:14   Rex Legge  V70MPoole Runners21:5420:1436.0 
17822:43   Mo Emmett SBV50WIndependent Intelligent Fitness/Welsh Masters22:4319:4236.0 
18723:23   Sarah Barrett SBV60WPoole Runners23:2321:5619.4 
19523:45   Charlotte Wells PBU17WUnattached23:4523:45  
25927:50   Sylvia Timms  V70WTotton26:4226:4236.0 
30039:14   Bruce Davidson SBV85MNew Forest Runners39:1431:1036.0