Cornwall County Championships External Results
11 May 19
800 1500 3000 

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800 SM
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
11:57.0Lewis Cotterill  U20MNewquay & Par/City of Plymouth1:54.981:50.15-4.9 
22:02.7Harris Mier  U20MCornwall AC/Truro School1:58.251:58.2514.3 
32:05.0Alexander McCartney SBU20MNewquay & Par/Truro School2:00.951:59.142.8 
42:05.4Bradley McLellan SBU17MNewquay & Par2:00.792:00.309.4 
52:10.4Luke Hopper PBU20MNewquay & Par2:10.42:10.413.5 
62:11.5Isaac Murray PBU17MCornwall AC2:11.52:11.512.7 
72:11.8William Wright  U20MNewquay & Par2:11.002:11.009.6 
82:11.9Benjy McCartney PBU17MNewquay & Par2:11.92:05.41-1.8 
92:13.6Ceri Whitmore PBV40MCornwall AC2:13.62:13.625.4 
102:20.5Bradley Webb PBSENMNewquay & Par2:20.52:20.524.4 
112:20.7Jack Morris PBU17MNewquay & Par2:20.72:20.723.2 
800 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:12.2Fin Perham PBU15MCornwall AC2:12.22:12.219.0 
22:15.5Jed Hutchings PBU13MCity of Plymouth2:15.52:05.33.5 
32:22.4Alfie Carr SBU15MNewquay & Par2:22.42:20.925.1 
42:40.5Josh Leigh  U15MCornwall AC/Truro School2:35.32:35.321.8 
52:41.4Henry Stevens PBU13MCornwall AC/Truro School2:41.42:41.424.1 
62:43.2Finn Costa PBU13MTruro School2:43.22:43.224.4 
72:46.5Fraser Abbiss  U13MNewquay & Par2:42.612:20.69.2 
82:54.0Willem Lowden PBU13MCornwall AC2:54.02:54.033.2 
92:54.2Lachlan Maclennan PBU13MBodmin Dragons TC/Truro School2:54.22:54.21.2 
102:56.0Isaac Nicholson PBU13MNewquay & Par2:54.822:29.314.7 
800 SW
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:21.4Abbie Milnes  U23WCornwall AC/Falmouth & Exeter SU2:16.802:12.643.1 
22:21.9Choire Lister PBU17WCornwall AC2:21.92:21.914.2 
32:24.3Imogen Wood SBU20WCornwall AC2:24.32:19.85.8 
42:29.2Catherine Groves PBU17WCornwall AC2:29.22:29.224.0 
52:33.3Jessica Spry SBU17WNewquay & Par2:33.32:27.3928.4 
800 U15W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:30.4Kerrie Shanley  U15WNewquay & Par2:26.672:25.0217.6 
22:43.0Morwenna Lister  U15WCornwall AC2:39.62:39.620.3 
32:54.9Aimee Brown PBU15WTruro School2:54.92:54.933.5 
42:58.3Phoebe Andrews  U15WCornwall AC2:57.92:44.334.2 
53:10.3Lexi Craze PBU15WTruro School3:10.33:10.337.1 
800 U13W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:23.4Poppy Northcott  U13WCity of Plymouth2:21.302:21.3020.4 
22:41.5Zoe Williams SBU13WNewquay & Par2:41.52:40.430.0 
32:44.5Kitty O'Halloran SBU13WCornwall AC2:44.52:37.4323.6 
42:53.7Isabelle Pearce SBU13WNewquay & Par2:53.72:42.4819.6 
1500 SX
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:12.1Finn Birnie  U20MNewquay & Par/Truro School3:59.633:53.51-3.5 
24:22.2Lewis Cotterill SBU20MNewquay & Par/City of Plymouth4:22.24:03.24-4.9 
34:32.9Abhik Gupta SBU20MCornwall AC4:32.94:18.928.4 
44:34.6Simon Williams PBV45MSt. Austell/Newquay & Par4:34.64:29.941.8 
54:40.9Matthew Railton PBU20MCornwall AC4:40.94:40.913.1 
64:44.6Grace Brock  U20WCornwall AC4:26.784:26.7814.9 
75:01.6Erin Burt  U20WNewquay & Par4:57.54:30.812.4 
85:10.1Danny Staples PBU17MCornwall AC5:09.275:09.2715.3 
1500 U15M
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:37.4Blake Williams PBU15MNewquay & Par4:24.454:01.02-2.6 
25:02.0Luke Mills PBU15MCornwall AC5:02.05:02.02.3 
35:03.0Jacob Webb PBU13MCornwall AC5:03.05:03.019.0 
45:05.9Dylan Stevens PBU13MNewquay & Par5:05.94:25.4-1.3 
55:08.9Jude Hardy  U15MHayle5:08.55:08.520.5 
65:25.8Harley Coombes  U15MCornwall AC5:19.35:19.318.7 
75:31.4Archie Mallett SBU13MCornwall AC5:31.44:49.720.2 
86:03.1Harry Thomas  U13MCornwall AC5:30.75:30.727.7 
96:13.3Stan Williams PBU13MTruro School6:13.36:13.334.5 
1500 U17W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:03.4Izzie Leigh  U17WTruro School4:53.924:53.9220.8 
25:05.9Holly Reid PBU13WCity of Plymouth5:05.94:42.713.5 
35:08.5Abigail Jose SBU15WCornwall AC5:08.55:03.3821.3 
45:16.8Anna English PBU15WCornwall AC5:04.675:04.6717.8 
55:32.2Abbie Downing  U15WCornwall AC5:27.55:26.627.1 
65:49.7Lauren Webster  U17WNewquay & Par5:48.05:15.417.7 
75:56.1Barley Holloway PBU15WCornwall AC5:56.15:56.131.4 
86:20.7Hebe Charles PBU13WTruro School6:20.76:20.728.0 
96:28.2Evie McIntosh PBU13WTruro School6:28.26:28.239.2 
3000 U17X
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:25.2Edward Mitchell  U17MCornwall AC9:21.38:38.78-2.4 
210:28.8Maisy Luke  U15WCornwall AC10:18.5410:18.5411.4 
312:29.6Connie Frith PBU15WNewquay & Par12:29.612:29.628.3