City of Hull AC Champagne League 4 External Results
North Cave
2 Apr 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:22   Gregan Clarkson SBV35MKingston upon Hull21:2220:04-1.3 
221:40   Scott Hargreaves PBSENMBridlington21:3821:38-1.1 
322:02   Matthew Hayes SBV45MEast Hull22:0220:170.6 
422:15   Lewis Suddaby SENMEast Hull    
522:38   Alex Wilson PBU20MKingston upon Hull22:3822:381.3 
622:42   Nigel Sisson SBV45MEast Hull22:4221:411.0 
722:47   Richard Buckle SBV35MEast Hull22:4721:031.5 
822:53   Mark Bissell  SENMEast Hull22:3622:360.8 
923:15   Jack Arnold U20MKingston    
1023:25   Eddie Rex SBV40MCity of Hull23:2522:342.2 
1123:33   Oliver Burnett  U17MEast Hull23:1623:162.1 
1223:40   Adrian Bushby  V50MCity of Hull23:2222:402.4 
1323:54   David Morrison PBV35MBeverley23:5423:543.5 
1424:09   Mark Nettleton PBV50MBarton & District AC24:0924:093.4 
1524:24   Tony Cross PBV35MEast Hull24:2424:244.3 
1624:45   Paul Wray  V45MEast Hull23:5823:584.6 
1724:46   Ben Birtles PBV40MCity of Hull24:4624:465.6 
1824:54   Andrew Johnson SBV50MBeverley24:5423:005.8 
1925:00   Elliot Hakner SBV40MBeverley25:0022:3915.1 
2025:02   Stephen Glenville  V35MCity of Hull24:5824:244.1 
2125:07   Nick Maynard SBV45MCity of Hull25:0724:065.2 
2225:08   Alan Smith  V45MWhite City (Hull)/East Hull24:1923:494.4 
2325:12   Jim Crisp V45MCity of Hull    
2425:18   Paul Cartwright  V60MCity of Hull24:5624:054.9 
2525:21   Austin Smithies PBSENMCity of Hull25:1525:155.7 
2625:22   Tim Pattle SBV35MCity of Hull25:2224:325.6 
2725:31   Paul Nippress  V55MEast Hull24:5823:495.8 
2825:34   Stephen Rennie SBV60MCity of Hull25:3422:133.9 
2925:40   Stephen Logan  V35MBeverley24:4624:402.7 
3025:41   Naomi Bright PBSENWCity of Hull25:4125:416.4 
3125:43   Kristopher Hopkins PBSENMEast Hull25:0625:065.3 
3225:48   Joe Boyes PBSENMCity of Hull25:4825:485.0 
3325:58   James Durham SBV35MBeverley25:5825:086.3 
3426:15   Simon Ellerker  V45MBridlington25:2224:335.7 
3526:21   Dave Playforth SBV55MEast Hull26:2125:517.8 
3626:26   Andrew Hemmings SBV35MCity of Hull26:2623:474.7 
3726:33   Jonathan Manchester PBU20MBarton & District AC26:1026:106.4 
3826:43   Brian Young PBV40MBeverley26:4326:436.6 
3926:51   Matthew Skinns  SENMBeverley26:1626:166.8 
4027:11   Ian McCoid  V55MCity of Hull26:3125:307.4 
4127:15   Martin Hardey SBV40MEast Hull27:1526:259.0 
4227:19   Sophie Lee SBU23WCity of Hull/Leeds Uni27:1923:104.9 
4327:22   Mitch Trainor SBV40WCity of Hull27:2226:337.5 
4427:23   Mark Gronow SBV45MCity of Hull27:2326:128.9 
4527:32   Ian Hird SBV60MCity of Hull27:3224:448.1 
4627:37   James Spurgeon  SENMCity of Hull25:0425:046.3 
4727:55   Mike Beadle V55MCity of Hull    
4828:00   Stephen Hunt  V45MKingston upon Hull27:5124:209.5 
4928:10   Lucy Stamford SBV40WBeverley28:1027:3310.3 
5028:15   Steve Platten PBV40MCity of Hull28:1528:1510.1 
5128:25   Luke Bramley  SENMEast Hull26:3826:388.2 
5228:28   Sandy Milsom V40MBeverley    
5328:32   Rachel Love  V50WCity of Hull28:1828:1810.7 
5428:35   Kate Ayre PBV45WCity of Hull28:3528:359.6 
5528:35   Lee Alcock  V35MEast Hull23:4623:462.4 
5628:37   John Escritt  V60MCity of Hull27:4427:449.3 
5728:44   Rob Alexander SBV40MCity of Hull28:4425:039.8 
5828:47   Andrew Vernon PBSENMCity of Hull28:4728:4710.2 
5928:52   Paul Body SBV45MCity of Hull28:5223:3511.7 
6028:55   Brian Lee  V55MCity of Hull28:3128:3111.8 
6128:59   Amanda Dean SBV60WWest Hull28:5925:3510.8 
6229:07   Andrew Tate  V55MBeverley27:3624:579.4 
6329:10   Lee Fletcher V45MCity of Hull    
6429:11   Brendan Matthews SENMCity of Hull    
6529:13   Paul Davis SBV45MCity of Hull29:1328:4212.0 
6629:21   Shaun McManus  V60MWhite City (Hull)27:2227:229.7 
6729:27   Martin Manchester PBV50MBarton & District AC29:2729:2712.5 
6829:29   Stephen Richmond SBV60MBeverley29:2928:2212.2 
6929:33   Paul Andrews SBV50MEast Hull29:3325:1712.5 
7029:34   Steve Parkinson  V55MBeverley/Barracuda TC29:3025:3511.6 
7129:36   Stuart Buchan  V55MCity of Hull29:0822:4211.5 
7229:37   Rupert Wilks PBV45MCity of Hull29:3729:379.4 
7329:37   Corinna Emily Turner SBSENWCity of Hull29:3726:409.8 
7429:40   Emma Artley SBV40WBridlington29:4028:0113.3 
7529:43   Nick Frere PBV40MCity of Hull29:4329:4313.4 
7629:44   Paul Hutchings PBV35MCity of Hull29:4429:4411.7 
7729:47   Tom Aitchison SENMKingston    
7829:49   Helen Horrobin SBV35WEast Hull29:4927:0413.1 
7929:55   Colleen Thundercliffe PBV50WCity of Hull29:5529:5511.8 
8029:58   Dale Marriott V55MCity of Hull    
8130:18   Louise Shafel V55WCity of Hull    
8230:19   Martin Hutchinson  V50MBridlington27:5927:599.7 
8330:20   Saskia Berkin PBSENWBeverley/Humberside Schs30:2030:2025.8 
8430:27   Kevin Penny PBV60MCity of Hull30:2730:2712.0 
8530:28   Aaron England SENMCity of Hull    
8630:36   Anna Wilbor V35WBeverley    
8730:41   Keith Conkerton SBV55MEast Hull30:4128:1213.8 
8830:54   Ian Ferguson V45MCity of Hull    
8931:04   Ian Tasker SBV45MWhite City (Hull)31:0427:2813.2 
9031:09   Amy Brewster PBSENWWest Hull Ladies/West Hull31:0931:0913.3 
9131:10   Andy Steel  V45MKingston upon Hull29:0929:0910.7 
9231:13   Stephen Coveney SBV65MCity of Hull31:1324:4215.7 
9331:18   Patrick Walker SBV45MCity of Hull31:1828:5914.6 
9431:19   Fiona Holland SBV45WBeverley/Pocklington31:1930:2816.4 
9531:29   Uel Webb SBV35MBeverley31:2930:0114.9 
9631:31   Martyn Precious V50MCity of Hull    
9731:32   David Rivers SBV50MKingston upon Hull31:3229:0113.6 
9831:39   Mike Baggott V60MCity of Hull    
9931:43   Andrew Dickerton V55MKingston    
10031:44   Anushka McCann SENWKingston    
10131:45   Lois England PBSENWCity of Hull31:4531:4515.2 
10231:45   Christopher Moody SBV35MCity of Hull31:4528:5514.7 
10331:49   Philip Jennings V50MCity of Hull    
10431:52   Helen Penn  V40WCity of Hull30:5430:5412.6 
10531:54   Wayne Murtagh SBV40MCity of Hull31:5427:3510.4 
10631:55   Shaneen Platten PBV40WCity of Hull31:5531:5516.2 
10731:57   Dean Field V55MBeverley    
10831:58   Robert Wilkinson PBV70MCity of Hull31:5831:5814.8 
10931:59   Tony Payne SBV70MEast Hull31:5928:2714.1 
11032:10   Brian Long SBV55MKingston upon Hull32:1031:5714.8 
11132:12   Dinah Ashbridge  V45WCity of Hull31:4931:4913.4 
11232:13   Andrew Naylor PBV40MCity of Hull32:0032:0014.9 
11332:15   Graham Naylor  V65MWhite City (Hull)30:4928:0912.8 
11432:18   Sally Precious V45WCity of Hull    
11532:20   Andrea Keen SBV45WCity of Hull32:2031:5316.2 
11632:38   David Monaghan PBV50MCity of Hull32:3832:3817.1 
11732:40   Debbie Smith SBV45WWhite City (Hull)32:4031:1115.5 
11832:56   Victoria Nettleton  U17WBarton & District AC32:4732:4717.4 
11933:03   Philip Powditch SBV70MBeverley33:0329:2219.2 
12033:05   Adam Thompson SBV50MKingston upon Hull33:0529:0616.0 
12133:40   Mike O'Brien SBV60MCity of Hull33:4030:4718.0 
12233:52   Angela Davis PBV40WCity of Hull33:5233:5217.8 
12333:56   Jacqui Ker  V35WCity of Hull32:5929:5518.1 
12434:03   Suzie Hilton-Bell  V45WCity of Hull33:2833:2817.6 
12534:04   John Smith  V60MCity of Hull27:3727:378.2 
12634:29   Stacy Foxworthy SBV35WWest Hull Ladies/West Hull34:2931:0911.6 
12734:31   Anna Cartwright  SENWWest Hull Ladies/West Hull28:0728:0711.2 
12834:37   Tim Simpson V40MEast Hull    
12934:43   Megan Chown  SENWBeverley32:1532:1515.5 
13034:45   Nicky Rudland V40WEast Hull    
13134:53   Helen Duncan SBV35WCity of Hull34:5332:2519.8 
13234:55   Rebecca Johnson PBSENWWest Hull/West Hull Ladies32:3232:3216.4 
13334:56   Elaine Julian SBV55WBeverley34:5633:1617.6 
13435:02   Tom O'Brien SENMCity of Hull    
13535:26   Sarah Frost PBV35WWest Hull35:2635:2618.0 
13635:31   Kate O'Brien SENWCity of Hull    
13735:38   Claire Louise Nimmo SENWKingston    
13835:47   Jacqueline Edwards  V60WBeverley33:1433:1417.0 
13935:59   Rebecca Manchester PBU17WBarton & District AC35:5935:5915.5 
14036:06   AN Other         
14136:22   Rachel Whittaker SBV40WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies36:2233:4318.1 
14236:22   Sandra Holdsworth SBV60WWest Hull36:2230:0719.9 
14336:39   Stella Dinsdale  V65WWhite City (Hull)36:0030:4818.1 
14436:49   Joanne Drysdale PBV45WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies36:1636:1621.2 
14536:51   David Foster SBV60MBridlington36:5128:1922.5 
14637:15   Dawn Oades  V40WEast Hull35:4535:4520.3 
14737:20   Jeffrey Copping  V70MCity of Hull36:5333:1121.6 
14837:22   Kim McBirnie PBV45WCity of Hull37:2237:2223.5 
14937:23   Jane Allen SBV35WWest Hull37:2336:5021.2 
15037:40   Kathy Cuckoo V45WCity of Hull    
15137:48   Sheila Maddison  V55WEast Hull37:4437:0321.7 
15237:57   Kevin McManus  V65MCity of Hull37:4330:2722.6 
15337:59   Janet Ainley PBV45WWest Hull Ladies/West Hull37:5937:5922.7 
15438:02   Karen Scott  V45WCity of Hull34:4234:4218.4 
15538:12   Lyndsey Harris V35WWest Hull Ladies    
15638:48   Penny Darmody  V55WEast Hull36:1130:3723.3 
15738:56   Eileen P Henderson SBV60WCity of Hull38:5632:1622.6 
15839:05   Paul Clarke  V70MKingston upon Hull38:2738:2724.0 
15939:07   Fay Giles PBV50WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies37:3237:3221.6 
16039:07   Jill Hood PBV55WWest Hull Ladies/West Hull39:0739:0719.7 
16139:21   Catriona Williamson SBV60WBeverley39:2138:3125.6 
16239:39   Phillip Atkins SBV55MCity of Hull39:3934:2521.7 
16339:51   Vivienne Williamson V70WBeverley    
16439:52   Carol Cooke SBV55WBeverley39:5238:2825.2 
16540:56   John Pawson  V70MCity of Hull37:5133:0922.4 
16641:01   Sue Reast SBV50WCity of Hull41:0133:4122.1 
16741:01   Samantha Wishart SBV40WCity of Hull/West Hull Ladies41:0140:0221.3 
16841:23   Janet Wardale SBV60WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies41:2338:0525.7 
16941:45   Chris Gibson PBV55MBeverley41:4541:4529.6 
17041:48   Antonia O'Mullane V40WWest Hull Ladies    
17142:04   Penelope Booth  V60WBeverley41:2736:3624.4 
17244:38   Katie May  V55WCity of Hull44:1535:2127.7 
17346:54   Rachael Benson SBV40WWhite City (Hull)46:5435:5630.0 
17447:32   Frank Harrison SBV75MCity of Hull47:3234:4029.0 
17549:18   Suzanne Clarkson  V60WWest Hull49:1442:4231.6 
17650:15   Mary Carrick  V70WEast Hull/Beverley48:3739:3630.9