Reading AC Friday Night Development Open Series External Results
22 Mar 19
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800 U15X 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:45.4Mia Corbin  U13WReading AC2:35.962:35.9611.2 
22:48.9Georgina Langdon  U13WReading AC2:45.52:45.510.6 
32:49.9Charlotte Ashby  U13WReading AC/Oxford City2:39.452:39.4516.0 
42:50.7Khadijah Gaye  U13WReading AC2:37.862:37.8612.3 
52:51.3Molly Barnes  U13WReading AC2:44.62:44.613.1 
62:52.1Rachel Burchardt PBU13WReading AC2:52.12:52.115.4 
72:56.9Lexie Thompson PBU13WReading AC2:56.92:56.918.2 
82:58.2Raissa Kaninda PBU13WReading AC2:58.22:58.218.6 
92:58.3Nina Lawson  U13WReading AC2:53.82:53.819.0 
102:59.7Caitlin Havisham PBU13WReading AC2:53.72:53.713.6 
113:12.4Kimberley Ellery  U13WReading AC2:57.62:57.621.8 
800 U15X 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:42.0Louie Bellanti PBU13MReading AC2:42.02:42.013.6 
22:43.1Tommy Elson  U13MReading AC2:40.92:40.97.9 
32:50.1Spencer Pengraeve PBU13MReading AC2:50.12:50.113.1 
42:53.1Charlie Elguezabal  U13MReading AC2:48.82:48.814.4 
52:57.9Charlie Wills  U13MReading AC2:57.42:57.418.0 
63:51.2Reece O'Dwyer PBU13MReading AC3:51.23:51.230.0 
7DNFSam Smith  U13MReading AC  24.0 
800 U15X 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:28.2Oli Snoxall  U15MReading AC2:12.222:12.222.1 
22:31.2Jemima Crocker PBU15WReading AC2:24.22:24.27.3 
32:31.4Katie Barnes  U15WReading AC2:25.552:25.558.1 
42:38.1Holly Haldane  U15WReading AC2:32.432:32.435.8 
52:38.3Nicholas Haldane  U15MReading AC2:33.52:33.57.0 
62:41.7Talia Painting PBU15WReading AC2:36.802:36.8010.1 
72:41.9Elizabeth Ryan PBU13WReading AC2:35.82:35.88.7 
82:42.4Lydia Godfrey  U15WReading AC2:32.72:32.79.7