South Shields parkrun # 296 External Results
South Shields
19 Jan 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
1NT   Luke Adams  S30MSouth Shields16:2115:43-1.1 
10NT   Graeme Smith  V35MSaltwell19:3719:346.5 
100NT   Anji Andrews  V35WGateshead/GoodGym22:2921:5413.3 
101NT   Peter Clark V40MUnattached    
102NT   Dave Lockney V55MRun Eat Sleep - South Shields    
103NT   Daniel Moore S25MUnattached    
104NT   Kathleen Bancroft  S20WSouth Shields21:4321:248.4 
105NT   Melissa Cain  V35WSouth Shields23:3721:4413.1 
106NT   Dariusz Wisniewski  V40MUnattached24:0321:5314.5 
107NT   Paul Wright V45MUnattached    
108NT   John Brennand  S25MLow Fell18:5918:594.9 
109NT   Vikki Wiltshire S30WUnattached    
11NT   Jeff McGurty  V40MSouth Shields18:3918:392.7 
110NT   Darren Lough  V45MSouth Shields22:4320:5014.7 
111NT   Stephen Wilburn V45MSunCityTri    
112NT   Damon Liscombe  S20MSouth Shields21:0521:057.8 
113NT   Paul Wind V50MUnattached    
114NT   Paul Jukes  V40MUnattached23:4123:4115.1 
115NT   Stephen Grainger V60MUnattached    
116NT   Craig Johnston V40MUnattached    
117NT   Lee Wainwright V35MUnattached    
118NT   Adrian Purvis V45MUnattached    
119NT   Jane Bradshaw V50WUnattached    
12NT   Carly Henderson  S25WSouth Shields20:1120:118.1 
120NT   Michelle Houghton  S25WSunderland Strollers22:0322:0313.1 
121NT   Darren Watson V45MUnattached    
122NT   Michelle Robinson  S30WSouth Shields24:4121:3815.5 
123NT   Mark Hodgson  S30MSouth Shields16:5316:400.4 
124NT   Les Bellis  V55MHeaton24:1919:5116.1 
125NT   Corrinne Dockwray V40WRunning Ninjas    
126NT   Richard Milner V45MUnattached    
127NT   Dennis Stidolph  V70MUnattached25:4225:1717.1 
128NT   Louise Butchart  V45WWashington24:0524:0517.7 
129NT   Nick Butchart V45MUnattached    
13NT   Neil Procter  V45MSunderland Strollers19:5519:556.0 
130NT   Joanne Danby  V50WWashington24:1124:1116.4 
131NT   Glen Williams V35MUnattached    
132NT   Andrew Dowsett V45MUnattached    
133NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
134NT   Lynda Clough  V50WSun City Tri25:4424:5920.2 
135NT   Kevin Purves S30MUnattached    
136NT   Jane Long V40WUnattached    
137NT   Caroline D'ambrosie V45WUnattached    
138NT   James Lowrie V60MRun Eat Sleep - South Shields    
139NT   Ben Dobson  V50MHoughton Harriers25:2520:3518.2 
14NT   Gary Dunmore  V50MSunderland Strollers20:1519:386.9 
140NT   Emma Thompson V35WUnattached    
141NT   Ashley Cave S30WUnattached    
142NT   Stevie G Scott  V65MHoughton Harriers/Unattached26:3122:4718.2 
143NT   Neil Reay  V55MRunning Forever/Unattached26:5925:4020.5 
144NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
145NT   David Miller V60MUnattached    
146NT   Michael McNally  V55MJarrow & Hebburn20:5819:547.8 
147NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
148NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
149NT   Robert Cleverley V40MUnattached    
15NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
150NT   Isaac Borrell U11MUnattached    
151NT   Mark Dixon V35MUnattached    
152NT   David Borrell V40MUnattached    
153NT   Mark Hazell  V45MSouth Shields24:4421:4515.1 
154NT   Graham Faircloth S25MUnattached    
155NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
156NT   Kenneth Kidger  V65MSouth Shields26:2524:4318.5 
157NT   Alison Kidger  V45WSouth Shields26:1023:0118.6 
158NT   Wayne Davison  V40MSunderland Strollers25:2125:2117.3 
159NT   Elish Gray V45WUnattached    
16NT   David Shearan  V35MJarrow & Hebburn/Palestine21:1918:518.8 
160NT   David Anthony Knox V45MUnattached    
161NT   Katrina George V40WUnattached    
162NT   George William Hurst  V65MUnattached27:0221:4319.6 
163NT   Stephen Price V45MUnattached    
164NT   David Adey V60MUnattached    
165NT   Lesley Ann Pearce V50WUnattached    
166NT   Hayley Bennett Stanley S30WUnattached    
167NT   Jeanette Hewitson  V50WSouth Shields28:1124:0819.4 
168NT   David Pink V55MUnattached    
169NT   David Hogg V45MUnattached    
17NT   Daniel Gregg V40MUnattached    
170NT   Stephen Tennet V65MUnattached    
171NT   Helen Collins V50WUnattached    
172NT   Paul Westcott V50MUnattached    
173NT   John Johnson V70MUnattached    
174NT   Paul Haustead  V40MSunderland Strollers27:1627:0619.8 
175NT   Colin Reay V55MUnattached    
176NT   Victoria Borrell V40WUnattached    
177NT   Matthew Jordan S30MUnattached    
178NT   Victoria Steinson V50WUnattached    
179NT   Liam Rochford V35MUnattached    
18NT   Gordon Stutchbury  V55MSun City Tri20:0319:129.1 
180NT   Liam Pearce S20MUnattached    
181NT   Lisa Seales V35WUnattached    
182NT   Kenneth Jardine V65MUnattached    
183NT   Diane Barker V60WUnattached    
184NT   Jill Hurst V50WUnattached    
185NT   Jo Dowsett V45WUnattached    
186NT   Luke Nixon S25MUnattached    
187NT   Rachael Graham S20WUnattached    
188NT   Zoe Wilkinson S20WUnattached    
189NT   Janice Wilkinson V50WUnattached    
19NT   Michael Orr V35MUnattached    
190NT   Gary Kinghorn V55MUnattached    
191NT   Shaun Kinghorn V55MUnattached    
192NT   Elise Wiegmann V45WUnattached    
193NT   Margaret Jukes V40WUnattached    
194NT   Lee Stafford  V35MGateshead 23:2732.1 
195NT   Sean O'Brien V50MRunning Ninjas    
196NT   Kim Lancaster  V35WSouth Shields22:3321:2312.0 
197NT   Lee Hetherington  V45MSouth Shields20:1719:507.6 
198NT   Andrew Flynn S25MUnattached    
199NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2NT   Richard Harrison V35MRun Eat Sleep - South Shields    
20NT   Daniel Baxter S30MUnattached    
200NT   Clare Forsyth  V40WUnattached29:0229:0221.6 
201NT   Denis Hargrave  V70MSunderland Strollers29:0126:1324.0 
202NT   Carol Stutchbury V55WSunCityTri    
203NT   Susan Eileen Nixon V55WUnattached    
204NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
205NT   David Parkin V45MUnattached    
206NT   Gary Younger V35MUnattached    
207NT   Carly Swinney V35WUnattached    
208NT   Anne Brind V40WUnattached    
209NT   James Brown V45MUnattached    
21NT   Alan Knebel  V45MSunderland19:0418:115.5 
210NT   Paul Foreman-Baggaley  V40MSouth Shields29:4525:3725.8 
211NT   Jack White S20MUnattached    
212NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
213NT   Tim Mulford  V40MUnattached30:3828:5823.9 
214NT   Mark Lloyd  V40MUnattached27:2322:3521.0 
215NT   Jemma Hutchinson S30WUnattached    
216NT   Caroline Blakie S25WUnattached    
217NT   Henry Pearce V50MUnattached    
218NT   Katie Davison  S25WSouth Shields26:3626:3619.8 
219NT   Matthew Chaganis S30MUnattached    
22NT   Lorna Hubbard  S30WKeighley & Craven21:1221:129.6 
220NT   June Tinwell  V50WUnattached32:1126:1029.1 
221NT   Trevor Philpott V70MUnattached    
222NT   Ashley Webb S25WUnattached    
223NT   Ian Hall V40MUnattached    
224NT   Adam Wilson U15MUnattached    
225NT   Corinne Walton V40WUnattached    
226NT   Dawn Tennet V35WUnattached    
227NT   Christine Addison V55WThese Girls Can Run    
228NT   Paul Melvin V40MUnattached    
229NT   Terry Oliver V60MUnattached    
23NT   Lewis Monaghan S30MUnattached    
230NT   Heather Barbour V35WUnattached    
231NT   Evan Nixon U11MUnattached    
232NT   Michelle Loftus  V50WSouth Shields29:3327:3524.6 
233NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
234NT   Susan McNally V55WUnattached    
235NT   Angus Wear V50MUnattached    
236NT   Bridget Romano V50WUnattached    
237NT   Anna Hambling V40WUnattached    
238NT   Shaz Webster V55WUnattached    
239NT   Jamie Brown V50MRayleigh RAT Runners    
24NT   Ian Walton  V40MSouth Shields21:1320:508.1 
240NT   Charlotte Rolfe S25WUnattached    
241NT   Lynn Ailano V45WUnattached    
242NT   Kenneth Henderson  V75MSouth Shields32:4728:0928.0 
243NT   Gerry Donnelly V55MCSSC Sports & Leisure    
244NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
245NT   Pauline Brown V55WUnattached    
246NT   Darren Holt V40MUnattached    
247NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
248NT   Scott Baker S30MUnattached    
249NT   Stephanie Sinclair S25WUnattached    
25NT   Steve Tinwell  V55MSunderland Strollers20:1518:487.1 
250NT   Lianne Muckian-Mann S30WUnattached    
251NT   Joy Tennet V35WUnattached    
252NT   Kate O'Doherty V50WUnattached    
253NT   Alice Grainger U15WUnattached    
254NT   Paul Grainger V50MUnattached    
255NT   Diane Glancey  V60WUnattached34:1634:1627.3 
256NT   Claire Hewitt V45WUnattached    
257NT   Steve McGarey V55MUnattached    
258NT   Anna Coombs V35WUnattached    
259NT   Alice Chapman S30WUnattached    
26NT   Craig Tomlinson V40MRun Eat Sleep - South Shields    
260NT   Sonia Lynch V50WUnattached    
261NT   Ginette Hanson V50WUnattached    
262NT   Julie White V50WUnattached    
263NT   Brenda Archer V70WUnattached    
264NT   Lynne Barber V50WUnattached    
265NT   Ruth Anderson  V80WSouth Shields45:1433:0834.3 
266NT   Nichola Sinclair S25WUnattached    
267NT   David Cleveland V70MUnattached    
268NT   Carol Turnbull V55WUnattached    
269NT   Amardeep Sudan V55WStart 2 Finish Running Groups    
27NT   Liam Telford S20MUnattached    
270NT   Mark Haggart V50MUnattached    
28NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
29NT   Matthew Platten S25MUnattached    
3NT   Paul Andrews  V40MGateshead18:5718:145.3 
30NT   David Robertson S30MUnattached    
31NT   Stephen Addison  S25MElswick/Tyne TC19:0319:035.8 
32NT   Andrew Birtles V35MUnattached    
33NT   Amy Heptinstall  S25WElswick20:4920:498.8 
34NT   Mark Philpott V45MNE31 Tri Club    
35NT   Jemma Amin  V35WSouth Shields20:4720:477.7 
36NT   Fraser Hardie  V50MKeighley & Craven22:1820:4716.9 
37NT   Darcey Tullis  U11WJarrow & Hebburn20:2020:209.1 
38NT   Paul Emmerson  V40MSouth Shields19:2719:166.5 
39NT   Dean Phillips  V50MSunderland20:2219:447.2 
4NT   Luke Mccormack  V35MSunderland Strollers18:0518:052.0 
40NT   Liam Richardson V35MUnattached    
41NT   Gillian Ritchie  V35WSunderland Strollers20:4320:258.0 
42NT   Chris Elliott S25MUnattached    
43NT   Tony Walker V50MUnattached    
44NT   Mark Joyce  V50MUnattached22:0020:5812.6 
45NT   Michael Howe  V45MWashington21:2421:0811.1 
46NT   Neil Turner  S30MSouth Shields23:1119:1015.6 
47NT   Ian McAlpine V40MUnattached    
48NT   Barry Mordue V50MUnattached    
49NT   Alastair King S30MUnattached    
5NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
50NT   Daniel Nixon V35MUnattached    
51NT   David Roberts  V50MSouth Shields23:0522:2112.2 
52NT   Andrew Thornton T36  S30MJarrow & Hebburn20:0918:427.3 
53NT   Peter Walker  V65MSouth Shields21:3919:4310.7 
54NT   Ronnie Kidger  V60MSouth Shields22:5319:4812.0 
55NT   Lydia Palmer V35WUnattached    
56NT   Claire Diamond-Howe  V40WLow Fell21:5020:5910.8 
57NT   Tim Coid V40MRunning Ninjas    
58NT   Gary Hargrave  V50MSunderland Strollers21:3319:139.2 
59NT   Chris Scullion  S30MJarrow & Hebburn24:0622:2416.2 
6NT   Carl Mowatt  V55MSouth Shields19:4619:045.8 
60NT   Paul Henderson V40MUnattached    
61NT   Michael Rice V45MUnattached    
62NT   John Coates V45MUnattached    
63NT   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
64NT   Stephen Boddy V35MUnattached    
65NT   Stuart Robson V60MUnattached    
66NT   Neal Hedley  V40MUnattached22:0120:4511.3 
67NT   Jack Gillespie U18MUnattached    
68NT   Jalal Amin  V40MSouth Shields22:1722:0710.4 
69NT   Robin Clough V50MUnattached    
7NT   Gary Rowell V50MUnattached    
70NT   John Corcoran  V55MSunderland Strollers23:1422:2813.9 
71NT   Phil McCluskey  V50MHoughton Harriers22:5922:5110.5 
72NT   Steven Davis  V45MSouth Shields23:5621:5113.4 
73NT   Gordon Wilson  V60MSouth Shields23:4323:1515.2 
74NT   Dave Morland V55MUnattached    
75NT   Paul Sams V40MUnattached    
76NT   Jon Bell  SENMUnattached24:4222:2415.3 
77NT   Joe Haws V40MUnattached    
78NT   Duncan Storey  V35MRunning Forever23:0419:5412.6 
79NT   Christopher Pearson V35MUnattached    
8NT   Adam Burgess U20MUnattached    
80NT   Craig Robe  V35MSouth Shields20:1419:498.2 
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