Santa's Special 4.5 External Results
16 Dec 18
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
129:42Liam Walker SENMSheffield TC-1.3 
229:43Sam Gilson U15MRotherham0.6 
330:04Austin Frost V45MDark Peak3.6 
430:08Damian Worsdall V40MRotherham1.3 
530:22Michael Harrison SENMKimberworth5.2 
632:02Shaun Wright V40MKimberworth1.9 
732:27Lee Rawson V45MKimberworth/Fell Runners Association6.0 
833:13Kevin Doyle V45MKimberworth1.9 
933:20Steven Lowndes V60MKimberworth4.2 
1033:32Stephen Phillips V55MBarnsley H10.0 
1133:52Philip Martin V60MKimberworth6.4 
1234:36John Comrie SENMRotherham HAC   
1334:41Paul Casson V40MKimberworth4.1 
1435:09Colin Lynch V50MTotley5.5 
1535:10Neil Mason V45MRotherham6.9 
1635:54David Langford SENMDanum Harriers RC   
1736:58David Scully SENMDanum Harriers RC   
1837:08Andrew Lee Chalkley V50MKingstone10.6 
1937:16Lee Archer V50MKimberworth10.7 
2037:26Tom Fryers U17MPenistone6.3 
2137:38Paul Fryers V50MPenistone10.3 
2237:42Jo Bolton V50WKingstone/Kimberworth8.1 
2337:51Gavin Sanderson V40MKingstone7.8 
2437:59Mark Wood V40MBarnsley AC8.2 
2538:20Stuart Jones SENMSteel City Striders   
2638:42Mark Bower SENMDanum Harriers RC   
2739:20Rebecca Hunt SENWKimberworth8.0 
2839:21Martin Hunt V45MKimberworth8.8 
2939:55Lee Weatherall V50MKimberworth9.9 
3039:58Adam Newell SENMSteel City17.0 
3140:09Dave Allemby V60MBarnsley AC11.6 
3240:23Billy Lunn SENMKimberworth Striders   
3340:24Danny Beckitt SENMKimberworth Striders   
3440:31Ian Sutcliffe V55MPenistone9.3 
3540:40Rachael Mayston V45WPenistone12.7 
3640:44Malcolm Senior V65MKimberworth10.6 
3741:28Simon Rayner SENMDanum Harriers RC   
3841:40Kelvin Bowskill V65MPenistone11.1 
3941:43Michael Noone V40MKimberworth12.6 
4042:54Vicky Shaw V35WBarnsley AC8.7 
4142:59Jonathan Brough V55MMaltby14.8 
4243:16Michael Jackson V45MKimberworth16.9 
4343:32Kevin Randall V35MValley Hill11.4 
4443:44Gill Freer SENMRother Valley Swallows   
4544:03Gillian Neal SENWRotherham HAC   
4644:05David Wood V55MKimberworth15.4 
4744:18Gordon Fiander SENMValley Hill Runners   
4844:38Neil Shaw SENMRotherham HAC   
4944:47Helen Andrews V50WBarnsley H20.3 
5044:59Peter Humphries SENMRotherham HAC   
5145:03Caroline Boyd V65WMaltby/Barnsley H18.9 
5245:06Ray Howarth SENMRotherham HAC   
5345:20Phil Harris V55MValley Hill16.9 
5445:23Gail Barber V50WMaltby10.8 
5545:26Lindsay Whittaker SENWUnattached   
5645:35Martin Knight V60MMaltby19.3 
5745:40Mark Hudson SENMDanum Harriers RC   
5845:44Richard Knowles V40MTotley20.7 
5945:50Jessica Dodds SENWKimberworth17.8 
6045:53Brian Lowndes V70MMaltby20.5 
6145:58Julie Wright SENWBarnsley Harriers   
6246:18Ashley Barwick V45MRother Valley Swallows14.5 
6346:24Thomas Charles SENMRotherham HAC   
6446:38Louise Harrop SENWValley Hill Runners   
6546:41John Sellers V55MKingstone20.0 
6647:09David Howes V35MBarnsley H13.5 
6747:56Linda Ross V45WMaltby22.0 
6848:07Jenni Fiander SENWValley Hill Runners   
6948:15Ian Coates V55MRother Valley Swallows20.7 
7048:56Becky Moran SENWKimberworth Striders   
7149:17Philip Butcher V55MKingstone22.0 
7250:01Rebecca Stocks SENWKimberworth Striders   
7350:08Malcolm Rhodes SENMRotherham HAC   
7451:10Peter Taylor V45MValley Hill22.6 
7551:33Lynsey Murray V35WRother Valley Swallows25.6 
7653:02Amanda Wassell V45WKimberworth19.1 
7753:02Darren Wassell SENMUnattached   
7853:06Paul Hewlett V60MMaltby22.9 
7954:25Brian Harney SENMRotherham HAC   
8054:34Paula Wright V55WMaltby30.4 
8154:36Gillian Hewlett V55WMaltby18.9 
8254:38Jamie Lunn SENMKimberworth Striders   
8354:40Vicki Beckitt V35WKimberworth17.6 
8455:00Joanna Tomlinson V45WKimberworth23.8 
8555:34Julie Lindsay SENWKimberworth Striders   
8657:12Christine Stimpson V65WMaltby24.2 
8761:40Susan Bass SENWMaltby RC   
8862:34Tony Redfearn SENMMaltby RC   
8963:33 Michelle Bridgewater V55WKimberworth31.4 
9063:34 Janet Clark V55WKimberworth19.7 
9163:35 Niki Archer SENWKimberworth Striders   
9263:36 Earl Lever V40MKimberworth13.3