Cambridgeshire County Championships External Results
St Neots
6 Jan 19

In our version the results have been combined as per the race timetable.
5.8KXC 4.8KXC 2.9KXC 1.7KXC 4.3KXC 10KXC 

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:08Nicolas Harhalakis U17MCambridge & Coleridge1.1 
218:45OJ Parmenter U17MCambridge & Coleridge1.0 
319:00William Newcombe U17MCambridge & Coleridge/Birmingham Uni-2.9 
419:28Casper Hiscock U17MHuntingdonshire7.5 
519:34Thomas Bridger U17MCambridge & Coleridge-3.9 
619:47Victoria Knight V40WCambridge & Coleridge7.8 
719:49Owen Wilkinson U17MNene Valley3.9 
820:01James Orrell U17MBRJ Huntingdon-1.7 
920:02George McLaren U17MCambridge & Coleridge12.1 
1020:23Zoe MacDonald U23WCambridge & Coleridge4.5 
1120:24Jacob Bell U17MEly11.9 
1220:39Benji Davies U17MPeterborough/Corby1.0 
1320:41Harvey Hancock U17MNene Valley0.5 
1420:52Matt Magin U17MCambridge & Coleridge14.4 
1520:54Chloe Finlay SENWPeterborough/Royal Air Force4.4 
1620:57Lisa Marriott V40WRamsey15.6 
1721:03Sam Myers U17MCambridge & Coleridge0.5 
1821:04Keelan Duffy U17MBRJ Huntingdon-0.5 
1921:11Liam Bell U17MCambridge & Coleridge15.7 
2021:23Becky Hair SENWCambridge & Coleridge5.4 
2121:31Sebastian Darnell U17MHuntingdonshire7.8 
2221:33Sam Garner U17MNene Valley10.6 
2321:37Elaine Livera SENWHuntingdonshire5.2 
2421:38Johanna O'Regan V35WRiverside2.5 
2521:43Bethany KunimanSENWEly Runners  
2621:51Lucy Dowsett SENWCambridge & Coleridge/Birmingham Uni7.0 
2721:57Kelley Haniver V40WStubbington Green/Army/City of Portsmouth5.3 
2821:59Caroline Brooks V35WRiverside5.5 
2922:05Rebecca Frake SENWCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge Uni Ha4.8 
3022:12Sarah Caskey SENWPeterborough/Bangor Uni4.8 
3122:17Jess WilliamsSENWRiverside Runners  
3222:39Joshua Goodwin U17MNene Valley17.2 
3322:42Daniella Hart SENWPeterborough14.4 
3422:48Shelley Duffy V40WBRJ Huntingdon5.9 
3522:54Jessica Cocker SENWCambridge & Coleridge8.0 
3622:55Chloe Haines SENWSteel City/Cambridge & Coleridge12.0 
3722:56Kayleigh DeaperSENWYaxley Runners  
3822:57Emma Etheredge U23WCambridge & Coleridge4.1 
3922:58Hope BreyscherSENWCambridge & Coleridge AC  
4022:58Ruth Jones V35WCambridge & Coleridge5.2 
4122:59Rory Bello MatthewsU17MPeterborough AC  
4223:01Matthew Pinney U17MCambridge & Coleridge8.6 
4323:20Rebecca Sharpe U23WEly5.1 
4423:30Rowan Murray U17MRamsey14.4 
4523:45Rachel Porter V40WCambridge & Coleridge9.0 
4623:50Victoria CoeSENWCambridge Tri Club  
4724:00Ellie Piccaver U20WNene Valley10.5 
4824:01Lauren Thomas V35WEly8.1 
4924:10Sophie Pedder U20WCambridge & Coleridge21.6 
5024:10Kelly Crawford SENWHuntingdonshire18.8 
5124:29Ben TaylorU17MRiverside Runners  
5224:41Anna Douglas SENWBRJ Huntingdon15.3 
5324:44Josie Fortune U20WNene Valley21.0 
5424:47Gemma Irvine V35WNewmarket TC13.1 
5524:50Edward Cochrane U17MBRJ Huntingdon11.2 
5624:59Chloe Loosley U20WCambridge & Coleridge20.3 
5725:02Caroline Archer SENWHuntingdonshire18.3 
5825:07Karen Cameron V50WCambridge & Coleridge19.0 
5925:09Claire E Piercy V45WYaxley11.5 
6025:16Emma Evans U23WRiverside/Sheffield Hallam Uni13.5 
6125:22Pags ClaudiaousV35WRiverside Runners  
6225:24Caroline King V45WHuntingdonshire14.5 
6325:30Ieva Klavina V35WHuntingdonshire5.3 
6425:35Aiden Painter U17MPeterborough24.1 
6525:41Willem Pye U17MCambridge & Coleridge27.4 
6625:47Chantal Lipscombe SENWRoyston12.7 
6725:49Claire Piper SENWRiverside14.7 
6825:52Amelia Darnell U20WHuntingdonshire7.9 
6926:06Tara Dundon SENWHuntingdonshire23.4 
7026:06Georgia Hill SENWHuntingdonshire19.1 
7126:22Louise Morgan SENWPeterborough22.9 
7226:22Janet Noland V40WEly11.6 
7326:30Samantha Collins-Shirley V45WEly24.7 
7426:31Danielle Hainsby SENWRiverside21.2 
7526:35Wendy FreemanV35WYaxley Runners  
7626:39Celine Prescott SENWEly15.9 
7726:40Alice V Edwards V45WBRJ Huntingdon15.9 
7826:43Sharron Toms V45WYaxley19.3 
7926:44Andrea Cook V40WRoyston13.0 
8026:55Helen Grant V55WCambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters22.6 
8126:57Kathryn HawkswellV35WYaxley Runners  
8226:59Alison OrellV45WBRJ Running & Tri Club  
8327:12Kirsty Middleton U23WRiverside14.8 
8427:13Isabel Marriage V50WRoyston14.5 
8527:17Joanne Carrington V45WRiverside20.7 
8627:32Amanda BrittonV35WYaxley Runners  
8727:42Ellen Ellard U20WPeterborough15.5 
8827:45Sarah Taylor V40WRiverside24.9 
8927:54Ciona Sutton V40WBRJ Huntingdon32.3 
9028:04Charlotte SygmutaV35WEly Runners  
9128:13Claire Littlewood V50WRoyston16.6 
9228:21Lucy Waller U20WHuntingdonshire/Leeds Uni22.6 
9328:35Helena Potgieter SENWYaxley19.7 
9428:42Pauline Stocker V55WHuntingdonshire21.2 
9528:45Libby Mitchell V65WRoyston18.8 
9629:02Marie Williamson V40WRamsey12.5 
9729:06Lucy Boothby V50WRiverside20.6 
9829:40Julie McGreal V65WRoyston21.5 
9930:11Jeni MegginsonV45WBRJ Running & Tri Club  
10030:19Samantha WoolnV35WBodymode Running Club  
10130:24Raeanne ElliottV35WYaxley Runners  
10230:41Diana Braverman V65WCambridge & Coleridge/Newmarket J24.6 
10330:55Gemma Barber V35WBodymode29.4 
10431:07Vicky Burke V40WHuntingdonshire20.3 
10531:14Nichola Serjeant V50WRiverside17.8 
10631:42Karen Freeman V50WYaxley17.7 
10732:05Liz PriestleyV35WCambridge Tri Club  
10833:03Sasha Vail U20WCambridge TC27.7 
10933:28Barnaby Smith U17MHuntingdonshire32.1 
11033:36Michaela Ridley V50WRiverside26.8 
11137:26Sarah Smith V50WHuntingdonshire35.2 
4.8KXC U17
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:45Alex Melloy U15MCambridge & Coleridge-4.3 
217:52Gabriel Parmenter U15MCambridge & Coleridge-0.5 
317:54Samuel Hughes U15MNene Valley/Lincolnshire Schs7.5 
418:05Howard Croft U15MHuntingdonshire8.1 
518:20Corban Wood U15MCambridge & Coleridge10.4 
618:34Isaac Rothwell U15MCambridge & Coleridge-4.2 
718:36Callum MolloyU15MCambridge Tri Club  
818:37Miles Benyan U15MCambridge & Coleridge1.3 
918:37Kai Chilvers U15MNene Valley-1.6 
1018:43Dylan ThomaselliU15MNene Valley Harriers  
1118:49Samuel Oakley U15MNene Valley6.8 
1218:54Shannon Flockhart U17WCambridge & Coleridge0.0 
1318:59George Keen U15MCambridge & Coleridge-4.1 
1419:08Joseph RiendelU15MNene Valley Harriers  
1519:24Jorge Aguilar-ArgonU15MCambridge & Coleridge AC  
1619:28Gethin RodgersU15MCambridge & Coleridge AC  
1719:30Ciaran Burke U15MHuntingdonshire7.7 
1819:31Daniel Zailer-Fletcher U15MCambridge & Coleridge2.3 
1919:43Joseph Wheeler U15MCambridge & Coleridge10.3 
2019:47Frances Haines U17WCambridge & Coleridge9.6 
2120:00Markus Downhill U15MHuntingdonshire7.1 
2220:02Scarlet Dalrymple U17WBedford & County/Riverside8.9 
2320:19Oliver Mills U15MHuntingdonshire-0.9 
2420:31Joe WilsonU15MRiverside Runners  
2520:36Kyan Mayo U15MHuntingdonshire8.3 
2620:41Jeff Newham U15MBRJ Huntingdon22.0 
2720:43Joe Garner U15MNene Valley19.2 
2820:45Katie Tasker U17WNene Valley13.2 
2920:57Matilda Taylor U17WCambridge & Coleridge11.9 
3021:00Harry Hiscock U15MCambridge & Coleridge14.3 
3121:17Joshua Vail U15MCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge TC11.1 
3221:41Ethan RigbyU15MCambridge Tri Club  
3321:48Sasha ClarkeU17WCambridge & Coleridge AC  
3422:01Ben Joyce U15MRiverside23.3 
3522:10Louis Harhalakis U15MCambridge & Coleridge20.4 
3622:12Olivia Mead U17WNene Valley/Ramsey11.1 
3722:20Oliver Beasley U15MPeterborough14.7 
3822:22Jack Jackson U15MNene Valley6.4 
3922:31Maxwell BuchananU15MCambridge Tri Club  
4022:31Max KellenU15MCambridge Tri Club  
4122:50Alex Mitton U15MBRJ Huntingdon4.3 
4222:52Layton Duffy U15MBRJ Huntingdon21.2 
4323:41Joslin Carter U15MHuntingdonshire22.9 
4423:51Conner Cassar U15MPeterborough13.7 
4523:53Niall White U15MCambridge & Coleridge18.9 
4623:55Katie Wright U17WHuntingdonshire25.4 
4724:14Kate McLoughlin U17WNene Valley17.6 
4824:50Hannah Williams U17WRiverside17.2 
4926:20Harry Clarke U15MCambridge & Coleridge40.1 
5026:37Tilda Guest U17WPeterborough25.2 
2.9KXC U13M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:20Isaac Morris U13MCambridge & Coleridge-2.1 
29:33Liam Conway U13MBRJ Huntingdon-0.7 
39:53Matthew Smith U13MCambridge & Coleridge2.5 
49:55George Green U13MCambridge & Coleridge5.9 
59:59Alex Roberts U13MNene Valley21.3 
69:59Cosmo Benyan U13MCambridge & Coleridge10.5 
710:05Alex Blake U13MCambridge & Coleridge5.2 
810:09Ryan Howe U13MCambridge & Coleridge6.0 
910:11Dominic Pauley U13MBRJ Huntingdon1.2 
1010:23Lewis Wiles U13MPeterborough8.5 
1110:30Simon Courtois U13MCambridge & Coleridge16.9 
1210:31Jacob Preston U13MHuntingdonshire3.9 
1310:35Sam Russell U13MCambridge & Coleridge13.5 
1410:42George Christmas U13MCambridge & Coleridge-0.6 
1510:43Livio Mosca U13MHuntingdonshire17.9 
1610:45George Jennings U13MHuntingdonshire4.1 
1710:47Tom Bullock U13MCambridge & Coleridge2.2 
1811:07Isaac Pembery U13MCambridge & Coleridge10.0 
1911:20Jack Bull U13MNene Valley24.6 
2011:21Jonty Bridger U13MCambridge & Coleridge7.8 
2111:26Kyle Molloy U13MCambridge & Coleridge2.3 
2211:27Elijah Goodwin U13MThorney3.6 
2311:28Felix Bowling U13MNene Valley0.2 
2411:30Max Webb U13MCambridge & Coleridge20.5 
2511:33Tobias Goodwin U13MThorney-0.9 
2611:36Jake TaylorU13MRiverside Runners  
2711:41Edward Linsdell U13MNene Valley5.4 
2811:46Henry Day-Small U13MRoyston23.7 
2911:48Aedan Lydon U13MRiverside-0.1 
3011:51Jeremy White U13MEly12.2 
3111:56Mike Sells U13MRiverside4.3 
3211:59Samuel Munford U13MRamsey17.4 
3312:04Thomas GibbonsU13MRoyston Runners  
3412:05Leo d'Ayala U13MEly18.0 
3512:05Rupert Raven U13MHuntingdonshire/Cambridge & Coleridge24.2 
3612:10Alexander NewU13M   
3712:12Joseph Lewey U13MBRJ Huntingdon24.7 
3812:22Tom CoxU13MCambridge Tri Club  
3912:28Leif MayerU13MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
4012:34Joeseph BrownjohnU13MRoyston Runners  
4112:35William SmithU13M   
4212:36Kieran Still U13MHuntingdonshire4.1 
4312:44Ethan ColeU13M   
4412:44George SallowsU13MCambridge Tri Club  
4512:50Jack StoneU13MCambridge Tri Club  
4612:51Oliver HardingU13MMarch AC  
4712:51Connor RylanceU13MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
4812:54Sam KellenU13MCambridge Tri Club  
4913:18Aaron Hawkins U13MHuntingdonshire3.6 
5013:27Isaac Broughton U13MRoyston10.6 
5113:43Isaac Goodwin U13MNene Valley/Thorney12.7 
5214:03Jacob MeginsonU13MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
5314:07George JuckesU13MCambridge Tri Club  
5414:09Gaige Duffy U13MBRJ Huntingdon20.3 
5514:18Kylo BrackleyU13M   
5614:23Elliot MegginsonU13MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
5714:27Eddie Cook U13MRoyston24.2 
1.7KXC U11M
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:44Alasdair Large U11MHuntingdonshire12.2 
26:46Tom RichardsU11MHunts AC  
36:51Toby Day-Small U11MRoyston17.1 
46:56Leo Rothwell U11MCambridge & Coleridge6.7 
56:57Edward Jennings U11MHuntingdonshire7.3 
67:00George Harrison U11MHuntingdonshire15.6 
77:05Joshua Wiles U11MPeterborough12.3 
87:06Joshua LeeU11MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
97:07Adam JohnsonU11MCambridge Tri Club  
107:08Oliver Loveday U11MHuntingdonshire/Cambridgeshire Schs5.5 
117:08Alexanda HelemeU11MRoyston Runners  
127:13Raphael Buchallet U11MCambridge & Coleridge6.1 
137:16Dan Pumfleet U11MRoyston28.6 
147:19William Crowther U11MHuntingdonshire9.4 
157:20Daniel Brook U13MBRJ Huntingdon21.9 
167:21Samuel GibbonsU11MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
177:27James Loosley U11MBRJ Huntingdon10.4 
187:28Nathaniel Clifford U11MNene Valley4.5 
197:29Eddie BowsteadU11MCambridge Tri Club  
207:31Alexander SmithU11M   
217:32Alfie Till U11MHuntingdonshire30.1 
227:36Dylan Jenkins U11MRiverside30.6 
237:40Thomas Hughes U11MNene Valley9.7 
247:42Christopher Scott U15MBRJ Huntingdon13.0 
257:43Leo WebsterU11MCambridge Tri Club  
267:45Silas WeightU11MCambridge Tri Club  
277:46Tim JuckesU11MCambridge Tri Club  
287:47Thomas d'Ayala U11MEly26.8 
297:48Ryan RylanceU11MBRJ Running & Tri Club  
307:50Lucas Oakley U11MNene Valley13.6 
317:51Oliver AiboneU11MRiverside Runners  
327:53Samuel RigbyU11M   
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