Dunbartonshire AAA Championships External Results
Balloch Castle Park
24 Nov 18

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:43Saul McGlennan U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.6 
211:12Gregor Smith U13MKirkintilloch17.0 
311:15Charlie TreharneU13MGarscube Harriers  
411:26Finlay WatersU13MVPCOG AC  
512:05Crawford Smith U13MKirkintilloch-0.7 
612:13Kyle Flockhart U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.6 
712:15Fionn Leeson U13MMaryhill Harriers24.8 
812:22Ewan McCartney U13MHelensburgh42.4 
912:25William Scott U13MHelensburgh10.4 
1012:30Jamie MacPhersonU13MClydesdale Harriers  
1112:30Matthew Gall U13MHelensburgh16.6 
1212:56Cameron Williams U13MHelensburgh31.5 
1313:06Reece Hamilton U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow33.6 
1413:11Theo FieldU13MHelensburgh AAC   
1513:17Daniel LoganU13MHelensburgh AAC   
1613:33Archie Orr U13MClydesdale34.9 
1714:15Alistair DalbyU13MClydesdale Harriers  
1814:33Joshua McLaren U13MClydesdale39.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:35Amiya Patel U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.3 
212:28Sophie Sinclair U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow29.8 
312:46Rebecca Barnett U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow28.0 
412:50Maddie Rooney U13WHelensburgh28.8 
513:21Chrissie FrancisU13WVPCOG AC  
613:51Erin Downie U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow24.2 
713:58Rowan Mair U13WHelensburgh24.5 
814:43Aine DohertyU13WGarscube Harriers  
914:45Zoe Loughrey U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.7 
1014:49Amy Byrne U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow29.3 
1115:09Millie Robertson U13WClydesdale36.1 
1215:19Molly Ferguson U13WHelensburgh27.9 
1315:36Lucy Denholm U13WClydesdale28.9 
1415:59Maria Mcgilp U13WMaryhill Harriers46.7 
1516:57Erin PriorU13WMaryhill Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
119:10Iona Wilson U15WHelensburgh27.1 
220:50Jenny Scott U15WHelensburgh16.1 
322:17Roisin Cameron Coyle U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Strathclyde Uni9.6 
422:57Orla Doherty U15WGarscube40.1 
523:03Polly Anderson U15WClydesdale26.4 
623:14Isabella FailU15WMaryhill Harriers  
723:23Lucy YeadonU15WVPCOG AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:10Fraser Gilmour U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-4.3 
218:24Callum Paterson U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow8.3 
318:36Sholto Kinghorn U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow17.7 
418:45Josh McNicol U15MClydesdale19.4 
518:55Ruairidh Allen U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow19.0 
619:47Dillon GrayU15MHelensburgh AAC   
720:43Alistair McCartney U15MHelensburgh24.4 
822:40Fraser McKechnie U15MClydesdale27.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:03Callum BryneU17MVPCOG AC  
218:33John Docherty U17MClydesdale22.9 
318:38Bryn Davies U17MHelensburgh22.4 
419:03Jake MacPhersonU17MClydesdale Harriers  
519:43William Wright U17MHelensburgh27.8 
624:47Kyle Paterson U17MKirkintilloch7.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:23Hannah Paton U17WKirkintilloch28.4 
221:47Emma Gilmour U17WVictoria Park City of Glasgow23.4 
322:01Rhain CallanU17WVPCOG AC  
7KXC M60
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:26Alexander Chisholm V60MGarscube9.4 
224:39Gordon McCaffrey V60MWesterlands14.9 
325:19Andrew Law V60MVictoria Park City of Glasgow9.3 
425:20John Harrison V60MDumbarton23.1 
526:12Don Reid V60MWesterlands12.9 
626:22Gordon KingV60MHelensburgh AAC  
728:25Hugh Laverty V60MClydesdale17.0 
831:24Peter A Dow V50MGarscube/Unattached13.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:29Katie White V35WGarscube3.7 
222:54Lesley Bell V40WGarscube2.7 
323:36Suzanne Gilmour V40WVictoria Park City of Glasgow21.0 
423:52Stefanie Tucker U20WGlasgow University Hares & Hounds0.2 
523:57Lindsey Currie V45WDumbarton22.0 
624:02Steph Lawrie SENWVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.6 
724:07Becky Dunphy SENWVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Queen Margaret Uni7.3 
824:24Dominique LynchSENWGU Hares and Hounds  
924:28Helen LeighSENWHelensburgh AAC  
1025:31Aoife Carr U20WShettleston/Glasgow Uni3.4 
1125:39Melissa Wylie V50WDumbarton13.9 
1226:05Charlene Kelly V35WDumbarton9.5 
1326:08Sophie Chisholm U20WGlasgow University Hares & Hounds6.6 
1426:27Holly MaciverSENWGarscube Harriers  
1526:35Chloe McAdam V35WGarscube13.2 
1626:43Yvonne Burgess V40WGarscube22.6 
1726:47Pamela McCrossan V55WClydesdale/Scottish Vets H11.0 
1827:35Lynsey Lennox SENWDumbarton16.0 
1927:36Martha Lovatt SENWGarscube9.7 
2028:06Suzanne Shaw V40WKirkintilloch10.4 
2128:33Matilda Cornall U23WShettleston/Glasgow University Hares & Hounds11.5 
2228:35Debbie Martin-Consani V40WGarscube11.1 
2329:02Aileen Wilson V45WGarscube12.4 
2429:34Vera MariaU20WGU Hares and Hounds  
2529:46Donna Finlayson SENWVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.9 
2630:23Marina McCallumV40WKirkintilloch Olympians  
2730:25Debbie Savage V40WHelensburgh18.7 
2830:32Ausrine Ward V40WKirkintilloch21.7 
2930:35Amy Cromarty SENWGarscube16.5 
3030:36Lynsey Parker V40WMaryhill Harriers12.7 
3130:57Ada Stewart V55WKirkintilloch/Scottish Vets H15.9 
3231:02Mairi LathanV40WGarscube Harriers  
3331:09Vivien Fraser V45WKirkintilloch24.1 
3431:26Tara Walker U20WGlasgow University Hares & Hounds7.1 
3531:38Audrey O'BrianV40WWesterlands CCC  
3631:52Linda Sinclair V45WMaryhill Harriers18.6 
3731:55Shirley MacNab V50WKirkintilloch25.8 
3832:17Toni RobertsonSENWClydesdale Harriers  
3932:31Janet Fellowes V60WHelensburgh29.3 
4033:03Margaret Peebles SENWMaryhill Harriers24.8 
4133:43Carole Barrie V50WHelensburgh29.9 
4233:56Muffy Calder V60WWesterlands43.5 
4334:10Victoria ShepherdSENWHelensburgh AAC  
4435:50Caroline Hever V55WMaryhill Harriers36.9 
4536:45Caroline DowV60WGarscube Harriers  
4637:50Liz ShortV40WGarscube Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
131:08Martin Hayes SENMVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Uni2.0 
232:54Michael Miller U20MClydesdale0.0 
333:09Stephen Porteous V35MGarscube19.9 
433:20Tom Callan U23MGlasgow Uni1.0 
533:26Mark Walsh V40MDumbarton1.1 
633:32James McLaughlin V40MDumbarton19.3 
733:36Jason Bell U23MHelensburgh4.6 
833:40John Coyle V45MGarscube0.7 
933:46James Macleod V35MGarscube-0.4 
1033:59Peter Currie V45MDumbarton15.8 
1134:21Stuart McGillivray V35MDumbarton3.7 
1234:27Barry Queen V40MHelensburgh10.4 
1334:29Daniel Scroop V45MGarscube1.4 
1434:45Rory ClarkSENMMaryhill Harriers  
1535:01Marco Consani V40MGarscube11.0 
1635:17Duncan McKellar V35MGarscube9.5 
1735:20Craig Johnstone SENMVictoria Park City of Glasgow5.1 
1835:23David Shaw SENMDumbarton3.2 
1936:01Gavin Hinde V40MGarscube9.0 
2036:07Iain Robertson V40MClydesdale/Scottish Vets H6.6 
2136:41Robert Morrison V50MGarscube21.2 
2236:47Craig Perrie V45MMaryhill Harriers9.4 
2337:01John Mclean SENMDumbarton21.4 
2437:12Norman Mcneill V40MKirkintilloch15.0 
2537:16Gavin Harvie V45MGarscube7.7 
2637:40John Gordon Murray V40MGarscube7.1 
2737:44Gareth Wilson V50MHelensburgh24.4 
2837:44David AllsoppSENMKirkintilloch Olympians  
2937:51Stuart BarnettV40MVPCOG AC  
3038:03Mark Welsford V45MKirkintilloch12.4 
3138:07David Calder V55MWesterlands13.3 
3238:09Alex PotterV50MVPCOG AC  
3338:10Mattia Mancinelli SENMGarscube/Italy4.2 
3438:12Ian Thurlbeck V55MWesterlands13.8 
3538:17Simon Lennox V40MDumbarton9.5 
3638:25Eddie McLooneSENMKirkintilloch Olympians  
3738:31Andrew StevensonSENMMaryhill Harriers  
3838:36Mark ThistlethwaiteSENMGarscube Harriers  
3938:46Damien TheakerV55MWesterlands CCC  
4038:50Chris Furse V50MWesterlands9.7 
4138:50Finn Boyd U20MMaryhill Harriers5.4 
4239:27Robert Rogerson V55MKirkintilloch23.8 
4339:33Gary Goldie SENMGarscube18.5 
4439:41Phillip SummerV40MHelensburgh AAC  
4539:42Gary Shaw V40MKirkintilloch9.7 
4639:57Stephen CraigSENMGarscube Harriers  
4740:28Thomas Connolly U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow9.2 
4840:30Ryan Nelson SENMClydesdale17.3 
4940:35Graham WattersSENMDumbarton AAC  
5040:56Charlie MurrayV50MVPCOG AC  
5140:56Ade Kearns V55MGarscube26.3 
5241:03Daniel Smith U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Strathclyde Uni17.4 
5341:06Christopher Mckiddie SENMWesterlands6.6 
5441:12Alan McintoshSENMGarscube Harriers  
5541:27Paul Mckendry V55MClydesdale12.2 
5641:52Peter McNabSENMWesterlands CCC  
5742:20Craig Brown V45MGarscube5.8 
5846:46Andrew FullwoodV50MWesterlands CCC  
5946:48James Prior V40MMaryhill Harriers11.8 
6047:36Chris Hever V55MMaryhill Harriers20.2 
6147:56Eddie BlackV40MDumbarton AAC  
6249:04Alan CameronV40MClydesdale Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:51James AlexanderU11MGarscube Harriers  
27:01Rory TreharneU11MGarscube Harriers  
37:07Rory Beaton U11MGarscube22.3 
47:27Theodore StalinU11MGuest HSOG  
57:31Colin NicolU11MGarscube Harriers  
67:37Rupert KEATING U13MHelensburgh38.4 
77:39Callum Mathew U11MGarscube20.5 
87:45Finlay HannahU11MGarscube Harriers  
97:45Andrew Muir U11MKirkintilloch28.6 
107:50Alfie Cairns U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
117:53Lewis Cameron U11MHelensburgh9.3 
128:03Henry Moogan-Sharratt U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
138:07Matthew Dodson U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow16.5 
148:17Ross BlakerU11MVPCOG AC  
158:20Harris Maclean U11MHelensburgh29.3 
168:25Craig Marshall U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow31.3 
178:29Connor McKayU11MMaryhill Harriers  
188:46Ethan Murrison U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow11.5 
198:53Martin Ferrie U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
2010:00Cairn ConsaniU11MGarscube Harriers  
2111:44Fraser AlgarU11MHelensburgh AAC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:32Lucy Blaker U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow32.8 
27:33Olivia HamiltonU11WVPCOG AC  
37:40Jessica Donnelly U11WLaw24.5 
47:56Carys Murrison U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.2 
57:58Erin Burnett U11WScottish Schs5.7 
68:08Isla Donnelly U11WLaw25.4 
78:19Hannah McDermottU11WVPCOG AC  
88:23Eve Morrison U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow9.2 
98:35Emily Brown U11WClydesdale32.4 
108:47Jan DoyleU11WVPCOG AC  
118:51Niamh DaltonU11WVPCOG AC  
129:04Anna Kelly U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Springburn34.3 
139:07Isla RennieU11WVPCOG AC  
149:12Catriona McAllister U11WHelensburgh34.3 
159:14Martha WatersU11WVPCOG AC  
169:19Ava Heasley U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
179:20Emily Ferguson U11WHelensburgh41.9 
189:22Rebecca McCaffrey U11WLaw40.5 
199:36Rachel Moulding U11WHelensburgh  
209:37Kirsty Hastie U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow29.2 
219:40Ellis ConnollyU11WVPCOG AC  
229:41Millie Dallas U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow42.0 
239:44Daisy Gildea U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.1 
249:55Holly Kenhard U11WHelensburgh49.9 
2510:26Taylor BrooksU11WClydesdale Harriers  
2610:27Amelie Curtis U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
2710:29Libby BoyleU11WMaryhill Harriers  
2812:28Lucy RobertsonU11WGarscube Harriers